HAVE NO FEAR, PATRIOTS! The U.S. Supreme Court has original jurisdiction to gather and hear evidence much like a trial court.

Friend of the Court: Original Jurisdiction


Much distraction has come with state level hearings and corrupt panels in the so-called swing states during the US Presidential Election. The Trump Legal team has two layers at work. The first is visible to the public, led by Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell in the front lines. The second is working with the Supreme Court, led by Jay Sekulow, where petitions arrive in a steady stream. The swing states, also called the battleground states, are lined up having certified a Biden victory after an unprecedented chapter of voter fraud which will go down in US History. However, the other more honest states have the option to file suit to the Supreme Court. They can halt the Electoral College process, with a complaint that their own state votes would be diluted by the profound fraud managed by the corrupt swing states. The concept of Original Jurisdiction places the Supreme Court in the position to decide via guidelines on what constitute valid and legal votes. The high court will not decide the election, but rather force the states to do so, in a manner that abides by the US Constitution.


Elite attorney Jay Sekulow has served as chief counsel of the American Center for Law & Justice for the last 30 years. He worked as President Donald Trump’s attorney in defense of the flimsy seditious impeachment trial. He leads the Trump legal toward the US Supreme Court during this election, replete with historically unprecedented voter fraud, which has interrupted a Trump victory in 2020 which should have been recorded by at least 20% to 40% margin. The legal team in the field, operating where the corrupt states run their flagrant gaming, include Rudy Giuliani, Sidney Powell. Lin Wood, and Jenna Ellis. The Supreme Court has made an unusual assignment of several justices to sit temporarily on the Circuit Court bench in order to preside over proceedings, which relate to the battleground states of Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Georgia. These are the locations of the most egregious and flagrant bold and salacious voter fraud activities, the great majority of which have been captured as evidence under control. Some extremely important steps are in progress. The states have shown their true corrupt colors, evidence of conspiracy, activities, threats, doxxing, and coverup of election fraud.

The process which leads to the Supreme Court is not simple, as many have become confused by it. The fact that Chief Justice Roberts remains in his catbird seat on the high court is disturbing, given his compromised position with respect to Epstein and Lolita Island frivolity and vile antics. The next several days might prove to be highly revealing, following today December 8th. Examine some steps in sequence, which reveal the concept of Original Jurisdiction. Within the concept, the Supreme Court could likely preside over the election results, or guide its final determination. The Trump legal team has completed its dance before the state level hearings in order to fine tune their evidence and its presentation. An observer might claim that state level hearings were a distraction for the inevitable Supreme Court sessions. The more astute observer might claim that the entire civil procedures conducted before the courts are a distraction for the hidden military extractions and inevitable tribunal chapter, to deal with treason on a widespread scale never seen before in US history.

The next few days are critical. Note some code, as Gov means governor, and Rep means Representative, and SOS means secretary of state, AG means attorney general, and SC means Supreme Court.


On December 1st, Republican Representative Michael Kelly from Pennsylvania requested that the Supreme Court issue an emergency order to block his state from taking further action in certifying its election results. Gov Thomas Wolf had certified that candidate Joseph Biden won the state and its 20 Electoral College votes, showing a state level victory over President Donald Trump.

Rep Kelly filed an earlier lawsuit in PA arguing that the Governor and SOS acted unconstitutionally when they themselves versus the state legislature, went around current state election law, which eliminated many of the state’s ballot safeguards. Kelly is now asking the Supreme Court for an emergency application for a temporary injunction to prevent the state of PA from selecting (seating) its electors.

Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito originally asked the state to respond by 9:00am on December 9th, only to move the filing of the State’s brief response to Tuesday the 8th at 9:00am. Doing so beats the noon safe harbor deadline time where states can begin selecting electors. It appears that Justice Alito moved this up because it signals that the conservative justices WILL take the case and wanted to head off or nullify any media or counter argument that the SC acted AFTER the safe harbor deadline.


It appears the Supreme Court WILL act almost immediately after this brief is filed at 9:00am tomorrow and could rule that they will enjoin (halt) the state of PA from seating any electors until such time that the SC can rule on the merits of Kelly’s original lawsuit. This brings the situation to a critical point. Next comes the ingenious part, calling into usage the principle of Original Jurisdiction. It kicks into gear when two or more states are locked in a dispute, whereby the Supreme Court has original jurisdiction to gather and hear evidence much like a trial court.

Therefore, what could happen between 9:00am and 12noon tomorrow is, multiple states where President Trump won overwhelming with friendly Gov and state AG is, these states file suit against ALL of the six battleground states asserting if these swing states are allowed to select their electors under alleged election irregularities, it will dilute their state’s votes. Thus these Pro-Trump states are asking for a temporary injunction to stop the seating of these six state’s electors until such time that the SC can hear all of the evidence. The brilliance of this approach is evident. In a single shot, they can move all six states into the control by the SC, and into their chambers, and temporarily halt the seating of their electors, all by possibly noon tomorrow and all beating the safe harbor deadline.

If the seating of electors has been temporarily halted with no one presidential candidate having the required 270 electors, then attorney Jay Sekulow and team can present to the SC all the evidence that Rudy Giuliani, Sidney Powell, Lin Wood, and Jenna Ellis have been collecting in each of the six swing states. It appears they may have been working as a team feeding all of this evidence into the upper level Sekulow team, which have been compiling it specifically for this ultimate presentation at the Supreme Court.

This is where Sekulow and team can introduce not only voter fraud evidence and how various state governors and SOS decided election law without state legislature approval, but also presenting possible ELECTION fraud evidence via the alleged machine vote count manipulation by Dominion and even the fractional vote counts. The sequence of actions taken by the top level team presents a possible play, which if indeed is the case, it would be pure brilliance. While many have been frustrated with a display which seemed like unsuccessful attempts and discombobulated synergy by Rudy, Sidney, Lin, and Jenna at the individual swing state level, the reality is they may have all just been collecting MASSIVE amounts of evidence within the six states knowing Original Jurisdiction was ALWAYS going to be the play. It immediately consolidates all of the swing states with many of the loyal President Trump states like Florida, for example, where a very friendly Governor resides, which did not corrupt its state election. These red pro-Trump states have the right to file suit against the rogue swing states, in response to the widely perceived fraud.


Here is the best part about Original Jurisdiction cases. Because it is the highest court in the United States, the Supreme Court’s decision in original jurisdiction cases is final, with no right of appeal. Prepare to hear the term Original Jurisdiction and watch if many pro-Trump states choose to immediately file suit post 9:00am tomorrow. Perhaps they could already have them queued up, just waiting to hit the electronic file button.

Observe a very genuine possibility whereby the Supreme Court stops the electoral votes from all six disputed swing states, one after another as the cases come through. The Original Jurisdiction action would put everything together into one big case. Rudy Giuliani has also hinted at this strategy, for those who have been listening. The SC is not going to decide the winner or loser of this highly disputed presidential election. The SC will pass judgment that only LEGAL and VALID votes will be counted, whereby the high court will provide the definition of LEGAL and VALID guidelines as per Federal Laws. The Supreme Court will have the ultimate role of essentially upholding the Constitution, for which the Deep State and its vassal state officials have been showing the most objectionable and egregious disrespect.


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