Are these hope porn artists a product of the CIA’s MK-ULTRA, London’s Tavistock Institute or both?

MK Ultra? Who Are These Personalities? Michael Jaco, Charlie Ward, Juan O Savin, Scott McKay, Simon Parks…

By Josey Wales (Reporter)

This is no sh!t, how many times will you allow your hopes to get smashed?

These people have been leading people astray.

There are no Documents/Proof to verify anything they say.

Yes, everything they say should be happening to those responsible for selling America out to the New World Order.

But it’s never going to happen.

The cabal owns the world, you’re either with them or against them. Clinton Urainium Sales, Bengahzi, Holder Gun Running, Seal Team 6… the list is to long, research it, don’t take my word for it.

They have even infiltrated many of our Local, County, and State Law Enforcement Organizations throughout the country.

The military movement you are seeing may not be here to protect you, did you ever think of that?

Every President since I can remember has had a major event take place, to set the political stage, during his first term. This event usually happens their first year in office. Each event is designed to eliminate more of our constitutional Right/Freedoms.. What’s Freedom of Speech, as an example…

The powers that be, control everything, and have for a very, very, long time…

Joe Biden is their “Disposable President”, once the major crisis is created, I predict Joe Biden will disappear…

What will be the crisis to define Biden’s first term? EMP Grid Down Event? WWIII? An Even Bigger Outbreak?

If you can accept that they control everything, then the next question should be why are they allowing Americans to make record gun and ammo sales for 12 years running? You’re never going to have a chance to use them, that’s why… They manipulate all of us, they kno.

These overnight internet sensations come and go. They just tell you what you want to hear to build your hope again. Each time an election takes place, there’s a new group of Michael Jaco, Charlie Ward, Juan O Savin, Scott McKay’s, Simon Parks, QAnon’s….

They do not want people to Unite, Talk, Organize and call their bluff. The American people surely do not want violence, so they accept whatever these people tell them to accept, then nothing happens, a new election, a new president/agenda and new internet sensations building your hope that this time things are different.. Trump was one of them!!!.

Trump calls Patriots to the White House on Jan 20th, knowing full well what was going to unfold. Why did they storm the White House Successfully?  To Paint The Picture That Patriots Are The Enemy Of The State? Think People…

So here we sit. Misery Loves Company!

One more thing, they removed symbols of our heritage by removing the statues of our past that commemorated our accomplishments as a United People, as a nation… Blood, Sweat and Tears, those statues were erected so we would never forget…

The White House Is our largest symbol of Freedom, how much longer before they remove the White House too? It’s Coming!

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