Wuhan Coronavirus: What the heck is going on?

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I am stimulated by Jon Rappoport’s discussion below, which focuses on the Center for Disease Control (CDC) as a criminal organization that lies  a lot.

New China virus, Swine Flu hoax, history matters

From where I sit, there are multiple possibilities, none exclusive, in rough order of probability:

  1. Xi Jinping is taking this seriously
  2. Virus jumped from animals, a normal evolutionary mutation, this too will pass — infection spreads with spit, wearing a mask is a sufficient precaution
  3. Routine Chinese acceptance of unsanitary conditions — my top specialist in animal to human disease transmission says that putting various different species of animal in close proximity as in the markets at Wuhan is a surefire way to get disease outbreaks
  4. The international media, controlled by MI-6 and CIA, is hyping the story to attack the Chinese with fake news
  5. CDC is lying as a budget-building exercise
  6. CDC is rushing an experimental untested vaccine into being, using the fake virus alarm as a means of taking vaccines toward genetic manipulation and control (DNA active vacines). UPDATE: Inovio chosen to execute the scam.
  7. Chinese stole the virus from Canada’s bioweapons lab, and it escaped from there
  8. CIA or US military spread the virus to spark havoc within China

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UPDATE: CDC is a criminal organization and Inovio has no clue how to create a coronavirus vaccine, this will be a cover for pushing a new generic engineering vaccine out on the public, partly as a budget-building scam for CDC, partly as a preamble to mandating genetic-engineering vaccines for the whole population (less the elites that use house doctors to “exempt” themselves and bribed law enforcement to avoid being held accountable.  Vaccines are neither necessary nor Constitutional — they should be opposed by all citizens. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. appears to be one of the few people President Donald Trump can trust, at some point in the second term CDC needs to be investigated, people sent to jail, and the whole endeavor rebooted (along with the dismantling of the unconstitutional vaccine “court” that covers up for the pharmaceutical industry and denies aggieved citizens, parents, and children their rights under the Constitution to a fair trail with a jury.

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