Why did Google produce ‘date of assassination’ as the search result to ‘When did Kobe Bryant die’?

Google search for ‘When did Kobe Bryant die’ no longer lists Jan. 26 as ‘date of assassination’

Kelly Tyko

UPDATE: The Google search for “When did Kobe Bryant die” no longer lists Jan. 26 as “date of assassination.” It now says “date of death.”

A Google search for “When did Kobe Bryant die” on Sunday night, listed Jan. 26 as the former NBA star’s “date of assassination” rather than “date of death.”

The result, which mentions the “date of assassination” is for a Wikipedia page about Bryant’s life and career. The word “assassination” did not appear on the Wikipedia page, which does have a note that it is “being heavily edited because its subject has recently died.”

Bryant died Sunday in helicopter crash near Malibu that killed nine people.

“Knowledge about the circumstances of the death and surrounding events may change rapidly as more facts come to light. Initial news reports may be unreliable, and the last updates to this article may not reflect the most current information,” the Wikipedia page noted.

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A Google search for "When did Kobe Bryant" die lists a "date of assassination" rather than "date of death" early Monday.

Google and Wikipedia could not immediately be reached for comment.

A Google search for “when did George H.W. Bush die” lists the day the 41st president died as “Date of death.”


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