Inspector General Michael Horowitz: Another Corrupt and Lawless Obama Holdover in the D.C. Swamp

Is Inspector General Michael Horowitz just another corrupt member of the Obama DC Swamp?

By Col Jim Waurishuk, USAF (Ret.), National Security Analyst

There is another aspect of the investigation itself that pretty much everyone has failed to recognize or understand⏤Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz seems to have demonstrated he is likely just another corrupt member of the Obama DC Swamp!

My article on the IG Report on Comey entitled, Mr. Comey is not out of the woods yet! Here is why – I discuss the unspoken actual mission, role, and responsibility of the Justice Department Office of the Inspector General⏤mainly being an internal watch dog agency, which has non-prosecutorial authority within the Justice Department and answers directly to the Attorney General. 

There are a number of other little known critical people that could prove to be either problems or telltale turncoats to provide states evidence to the FISA portion of the Justice Department Inspector General investigation. By now, they may have already done so, or could be waiting in the wings to save their own skin by talking and revealing internal actions, the likes of which include former FBI Director Comey and former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, as well as others within the FBI and the Justice Department.

First, let’s look at the Justice Department Inspector General himself, Mr. Horowitz. If you are not aware, Mr. Horowitz is in fact an Obama administration appointee. 

Horowitz has been there since 2012, and no doubt making him an Obama loyalist, despite what others have said. Understand to be politically appointed or nominated to a key position during the Obama administration, you had to have been an Obama stalwart and partisan.

Secondly, deeper inside the organizational structure of the Justice Department, the FBI, as well as the FISA Court system, there are potentially other loyalists, hence the Deep State who hold or who have held internal keys, so-to-speak, that provide critical knowledge, information, and insight of how things went down and how actions transpired. This pertains to a number of officials coordinating with or internal to the FBI and Justice Department who were involved in obtaining and or authorizing both the Carter Page FISA warrants, as well as the other warrants. These people remain to date in the department and or still working within the system.

One key individual is Dana Boente, another Obama political appointee who is now the current general counsel in the FBI, now under and answering directly to FBI Director Christopher Wray. Going back to the April 2017 FISA renewal (remember Donald Trump was then President) was in fact approved by Mr. Boente and former FBI Director James Comey, who was harshly criticized in the first separate report released on Thursday. Note that Mr. Boente later resigned in October 2017 from the Justice Department six months after he approved the illegal FISA warrant, one has to wonder why⏤was the pressure too much, or was it fear of possible accessory to the felonious FISA approval act. But surprisingly, he was back within 3-months in his current role as general counsel to the FBI Director.

Notwithstanding, there are two people of interest, who need to be heard from when the forthcoming FISA-related version of the Justice Department Inspector General report is released. The two individuals that need to be heard from in order to better understand what the presiding judge of the 11-member FISA Court are Rosemary Collyer. I believe it is imperative to hear from Judge Collyer to get an idea of how the people who “lied” to the FISA Court be dealt with, what will happen to them? The other person we will want to hear from is none other than Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts, who by the way makes appointments to the FISA Court. Further, he is also responsible for the supervision of the Court. While I believe all have been interviewed, what they revealed remains to be seen.

The big question at this juncture⏤How much does President Trump and Attorney General Barr already know?

If anyone believes that both President Trump and Attorney General Bill Barr are void of the facts at this point of the scandal⏤well let’s just say they’re ignorant. Trust me, the President and Mr. Barr know everything⏤I can for the most part guarantee they are closely watching every development in real time.

I’ll take it one step further and say thisPresident Trump and Attorney General Barr didn’t casually decide to see what IG Horowitz does with the investigation…they no doubt are anxious to see how Horowitz plays it all out! 

Perhaps Trump and Barr decided that by letting Horowitz conduct the investigation, and how the evidence is revealed and presented, it just might reveal where his loyalties are⏤be it to Obama and the Swamp, or to the Constitution and to U.S. Law. It also might reveal who else might be contributing to the effort to embarrass and hurt President Trump’s reputation.

Once again, as I continue saying, never underestimate Donald J. Trump, he is quite shrewd and masterful in how he conducts business and is very good at keeping critical information and more so what he is doing, very close to the vest.

If I could add one further witness to be heard from it would be Admiral Mike Rogers, USN (Ret.) the former Director of the National Security Agency (NSA). The organization that conducts all-source electronic and communications surveillance and the collector of information directed by the FISA warrants. It was Admiral Rogers who during the end of the Obama Administration to which he worked, secretly met with President-Elect Trump to inform him that he was the target of the Obama administration and revealed to him what the Obama Administration was up to in Spygate and the illegal FISA effort against him.

Admiral Rogers is a Patriot⏤he had the integrity and spine to stand up to the intelligence community and the Obama administration.

With the outcome and findings of the first version of the Inspector General report now fully out in public and already analyzed to the n’th degree by all sides, Mr. Horowitz it appears, has unfortunately forsworn his Oath to the Constitution and to America … perhaps? Or course we will see…

I believe in the end, Mr. Trump and America will have the last laugh, in fact, I guarantee it!


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