Here’s why Hillary can’t have Tulsi assassinated for the searing defamation lawsuit!

Really, why?  Because of this perhaps?
The Clinton body count is simply way
too many dead bodies now.  Plus, so
many folks know about the Clinton’s
capital crime spree known as Arkancide.
It’s also gotten to the point of finding
enough space to bury all the dead bodies
in Arkansas.

There are also way too many suicides close to the Clintons whereby the Arkancide victim had to 2 or 3 bullets in the back of the head … … … and that was after they slashed both wrists while sitting a running vehicle in a closed up garage after taking 3 bottles of aspirin.  WOW!

There’s even a very credible and highly detailed website dedicated to delineating all the known facts about the “Clinton body Count” HERE.  Screenshot of their home page follows:

Very few folks are aware, but It looks like the mysterious NYPD deaths are connected to Clinton via Weiner’s laptop.

Which brings US to the $64,000 question: Just how many bodies are there?!?!?!

Please be aware that even the following list is not current and, therefore, probably a significantly truncated list of all the murder victims.

The Clintons: Just how many bodies are there?

The good news here, especially for the courageous Tulsi Gabbard, is that there are now so many Arkancide memes that the Internet will serve as the best insurance policy Tulsi could ever have.

Go get her, Tulsi!  We the People are totally behind you on this one.

Submitted by a longtime Clinton Crime Family Investigator
January 31, 2020



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