SEX FEST SCANDAL: Indiana University Goes Full Bore with Cultural Marxist Agenda

Indiana University Holds Three-Day ‘Sex Fest’ featuring BDSM Demos, Sex Toys, ‘Kink’ Workshop

by Cassandra Fairbanks
The Gateway Pundit

Indiana University is holding a three day long “Sex Fest” that featured a workshop on “kink,” sex toy tables and a woman being publicly whipped as part of a BDSM demonstration.

Students who attend the school’s festival are given t-shirts that say “I love sex.”

Campus Reform has obtained shocking photos and videos from the events that have taken place so far, including the “kink workshop.” The photos they published show tables at the event full of whips, paddles dildos, and other sexual objects. “One table contained a flyer that listed different types of ‘nipple toys’ which included a ‘clothespin,’ ‘nipple pump,’ ‘nipple lasso,’ ‘magnetic clamp,’ ‘adjustable clamp,’ ‘clover clamp,’ ‘nipple tweezer,’ and ‘hand.’”

“Another flyer asked attendees to ‘circle things you know you want’ and to ‘cross out things you know you don’t want,’” Campus Reform reported. “Among the options to either circle or cross out in the ‘bondage’ category were ‘rope,’ ‘leather/cuffs,’ ‘cages,’ ‘collar/lead.’ In the ‘sensation play’ category, ‘electricity,’ ‘hair pulling,’ ‘scratching,’ ‘mind fucks,’ and ‘exhibitionism’ were among the options.”

A video posted to Twitter by an upset student also shows a woman in her underwear being whipped while tied up in a dorm hall.

The university has defended the event, saying that learning about BDSM safety has been requested by students.

“One of the topics most requested by students was how to practice BDSM safety,” Indiana University spokesperson Chuck Carney told Campus Reform. “Our public health researchers have found some evidence to suggest that people are engaging in a broader range of sexual activities and as a result, it is the IU Health Center’s mission to make sure they practice it safely, following the BDSM community’s principal tenets of ‘safe, sane, and consensual.’”

Carney also confirmed that the event is being paid for by the university, saying “…the money comes largely from grants and research funding, but also two student organizations.”


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