Bloomberg/Clinton “Dream Ticket” Is A Political Nightmare Doomed For Failure in 2020!

Isla Vista, CA
February 15, 2020

by Rich Scheck

This sounds to me more like a SNL satirical skit than a well-thought out plan by the DNC elite:

The proposed Bloomberg-Clinton “dream ticket” being floated in the press today is more like a nightmare scenario virtually guaranteed to fail in November!

It’s a wet-dream fantasy concocted in the minds of the same smug Hollywood Elite and DC Swamp Creatures that cost the Dems the election in 2016.

The Always-Trumpsters, Berniacs and Deplorables in fly-over country can smell a contrived tag-team of limousine liberals a mile away.

The geniuses behind this plan continue to rely on the same failed formula that saw them lose the Kavanaugh fight, the hoax RussiaGate investigation and the recent Impeachment battle.

These decrepit DC denizens from the corrupt intelligence community, powerful Think Tanks and Halls of Congress keep lying about Trump in the hope of making him out to be Orwell’s Big Brother (Goldstein).

They turn to the MSM for endless reams of Fake News, “parodies” and outright lies they hope will fuel enough hatred of the incumbent to propel them back into the White House.

Sorry folks but it ain’t gonna work! Trump Derangement Syndrome sufferers can’t see beyond their own “woke” status and self-importance as Progressives to discern how deep is the distrust of the masses for the political establishment.

That distrust was what got The Donald elected in 2016! Looking to a political pygmy and a shrill warmonger in a Hail Mary effort to once again steal the nomination from Bernie Sanders shows a lack of imagination by the DNC bordering on dementia.

It was disgust with the corrupt duopoly’s Washington Consensus for endless wars including HRC’s role as an advocate for Neocon policies promoting regime change interventions more than love for Trump that was the key to his upset victory.

The Dems are still in denial about that as evidenced by this latest desperate move that once again demonstrates their blind hatred of him.

The good news for those like myself who have long been in contempt of the entire political system is that the Bloomberg/Clinton “dream ticket” is likely to trigger a huge backlash leading to the formation of a new party such as the one I proposed 4 years ago:

The swiftly changing electoral tides that now see former front-runners Joe Biden and Liz Warren on the verge of oblivion, make it difficult to predict a viable scenario for the 2020 face-off.

Suffice it to say that Trump would enthusiastically welcome a presidential campaign against the former NYC Mayor with HRC as his VP sidekick, especially considering all the baggage she brings to the election table. It might readily lead to a landslide like Nixon vs. McGovern in 1972 or Reagan vs. Mondale in 1984.

Bloomberg and Clinton would do very well in California, New York, DC, perhaps Oregon and a few areas in the North East. Other than that they could do poorly in swing states where Democratic defections swell the ranks of protest voters who will readily reject the Billionaire Boys (and Girls) Club entrants as being “straight out of Wall Street” rather than being true representatives of their interests in this latest DNC manipulation of the tainted nomination process.

Forecasters predicted 2020 would be an amazing and portentous year. Less than 2 months into its start with Impeachment (kinda) behind us and so many more dramatic developments inevitably on the way, the Roller Coaster Ride that has been the Trump Administration will have more ups and downs in the coming days.

Buckle up, folks: wild ride ahead!

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