BIOENGINEERED CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC: An elaborately staged global, false-flag, bioterror operation using real bioweapons aimed at multiples targets and with numerous NWO objectives


State of the Nation

It’s time to do a serious reality check on the Wuhan Coronavirus pandemic.

FACT: The Wuhan coronavirus, identified by WHO as COVID-19, is a highly complex pathogenic microorganism that causes an extremely contagious disease process.

FACT: This particular strain of coronavirus was created in a technologically advanced bioengineering laboratory and designed, not only to kill on a mass scale, but also to sustain a global pandemic.

FACT: This extremely virulent form of coronavirus was released in Wuhan, China during the same year that the city was designated a 5G demonstration zone which indicates the intention to commit genocide.

FACT: The coronavirus bioweapon could only have been launched and successfully covered up by an exceedingly powerful group of state actors, corporate entities and transnational institutions that subscribe to the New World Order globalist agenda.

FACT: The Wuhan coronavirus pandemic is an unusually premeditated depopulation event that the world’s power elite have been assured they are protected against.

FACT: This bio-terrorist attack could very well evolve into a full-blown Extinction Level Event where even the wealthy elites and well-connected VIPs are incapacitated by the coronavirus disease, or worse.

$64,000 Question

Who was the prime mover?  And, why did they really let the genie out of the bottle?


Think about it!



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