William Barr’s Adjudication Of Spygate Will Determine His Legacy

By Patrick J. McShay

Since the Democrats’ failed attempt to impeach President Trump we’ve entered a period where the Left is now stepping up their attacks on Attorney General Barr’s credibility in case he is actually going to indict the criminals in the attempted coup and spying on the Trump Administration. In a recent article on CNN’s website that hilariously took 4 writers, including Zachary Cohen, Jeremy Herb, Dana Bash, and Jim Acosta to put together their most recent hit job and planned distraction of more fake Russian interference.

They quote Trump’s election security Czar, Shelby Pierson, who was appointed by Dan Coates, who I believe worked against Trump until his ouster, and I assume from Pierson’s statement that “Russia is already interfering in the 2020 election”, she too is working against President Trump.

Pierson warned that Russia’s efforts include hacking, weaponizing social media, (whatever that means) and attacks on our election infrastructure, without offering any proof of these outrageous claims. They claim their sources say Russia is already interfering in the 2020 election offering no intelligence, no phone intercepts, nothing! Trump glibly called it “Hoax # 7”.

According to CNN, President Trump, who hit Russia with a series of brutal sanctions the last 3 years, killed 200 Russian troops in Syria, and even closed a Russian consulate, throwing dozens of Russian diplomats out of the country after the Skripal poisoning, is the Russians choice for re-election? Does anyone, except those with a pea-size brain, really buy this “Russia loves Trump” nonsense?

Predictably, Adam Schiff has already put out a statement saying, “Trump is jeopardizing our efforts to stop election meddling, exactly as we warned he would do”. This appears to be another attempt to shamelessly further denigrate the President in the same way they have attempted to denigrate Barr in the run-up to the election.

Bill Barr recently whined that Trump’s Tweets were “making it impossible to do his job”. Really, Bill? So the President asking why Roger Stone is being railroaded by the same people at the FBI and the DOJ that lied about Russian collusion and tried to take down his presidency is making you uncomfortable Mr. Barr? Too bad!

Stone’s whole case revolved around Russian collusion that didn’t exist. There was nothing illegal about communicating with Wikileaks, yet the FBI and Mueller’s team used a perjury trap to ensnare Stone who appears to have been targeted because of his longtime friendship with Trump.

The “Russian Hoax” was in fact debunked over 2 years ago by NSA Whistleblower Bill Binney when he proved there was no Russian hack. Until compelling evidence of Russian interference is presented to the American people, they will no longer accept the word of James Comey, James Clapper, John Brennan, or Shelby Pierson!

As more lies are exposed, more are spun by the criminals on the Left. They build a narrative, and then they leak the narrative to a friendly reporter like Mike Isikoff, who was one of the reporters involved in the leaking and subsequent circular reporting of the now-debunked Trump dossier.

Amy Berman Jackson, the judge in the Stone and Manafort cases, is an Obama-appointed, Trump-hating, liberal judge who treated Manafort like a murderer and revoked his bail; while information in Roger Stone’s case was being leaked, she gagged Stone so he couldn’t defend himself or make a living.

In a case involving a friend of the Bidens and John Kerry, things turned out much differently. Another Obama-appointed judge Ronnie Berman was on the bench for Devon Archer’s trial. Archer’s name may be familiar to those who followed the Hunter Biden/Burisma Energy case. Devon Archer was a business partner of Hunter Biden and John Kerry’s stepson Chris Heinz, who after meeting with Joe Biden at the White House in 2014 was also named to the board of Burisma Energy.

Jim Hoft with thegatewaypundit.com reported that in 2018 Archer was found guilty along with 3 others of securities fraud by defrauding a Native American tribe, but it was overturned by a Mueller-connected judge. It turns out Judge Berman is married to Greg Andres, one of Bob Mueller’s thuggish team of prosecutors. This is D.C. Justice, a double standard that has existed for decades!

In a blatant act of censorship, two days before WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange’s extradition hearing, Twitter shut down WikiLeak’s official account with 5.4 million followers. While we are distracted, freedom of speech is dying and we hear no solutions from our leaders.

While Greta Thunberg scolds the country about climate change, our controllers are installing 5G towers in cities across the land. Vaccines are being mandated despite it being unconstitutional, and the LGBT agenda is now being pushed on children as young as 5, despite the objections of parents, and shoved down their throats by unelected bureaucrats!

Meanwhile, Americans, who still believe in the rule of law and watched Bill Barr refuse to indict former FBI Director James Comey and his Assistant Director Andrew McCabe who were both caught lying to Congress, leaking information to the media, and being part of the conspiracy to take down an American President, are wondering, like our President, what, if anything, is going to happen to the Traitors we already know are guilty?

Getting a conviction in these cases will be no easy feat as most of the D.C. judges are Obama-appointed, Trump-hating judges and on top of that the jury pool in D.C. is made up of a majority of Trump-hating Democrats which is why these traitors should be tried by a military court.

Many people are concerned that, with the election less than 9 months away, there has been no Grand Jury convened by US Attorney John Durham. Durham was assigned the case 10 months ago and was handed a roadmap to the criminals and the conspiracy in the Horowitz report. Why is a grand jury not currently hearing testimony? When will we see some of the Obama criminal gang SWAT-teamed and frogmarched in chains?

Trump is still surrounded by traitors in his FBI and DOJ, some of whom still work there despite being involved in the coup against him. Bruce Ohr, Michael Atkinson, Joseph Pientka, and others continue to work there!  How do these people still have jobs? Why hasn’t Director Wray fired these traitors? Why hasn’t Trump fired Wray? I’m surprised Trump has been this patient.

Much was made about Trump’s pardons yesterday, especially the pardon of former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich. If Trump were to pardon Roger Stone, which I believe is coming, I’m afraid the misinformed and unhinged dopes on the Left will lose their minds, so a little history of presidential pardons is in order.

Since Jimmy Carter’s Presidency 40 years ago the following are the number of pardons by each President:

*Jimmy Carter – 566

*Ronald Reagan – 406

*George HW Bush- 77

*Bill Clinton – 459

*George W. Bush – 200

*Barack Obama – 1926

*Donald Trump – 26

*Barack Obama alone had more pardons than the other 6 combined!

*Number of pardons by Democrat Presidents in the last 40 years – 2952

*Number of pardons by Republican Presidents in the last 40 years- 706

At 26 pardons, I don’t think the Democrats should have anything to complain about with the gaudy number of pardons the Kenyan extended, but that will make little difference if Stone is pardoned the Democrats will assure us it’s the end of days!

In the meantime, Rudy Giuliani, who leveled serious charges against Joe and Hunter Biden, has been silenced by the media while they continue with these ridiculous debunked Russian interference charges against Trump.

Giuliani has documents showing that Joe and Hunter Biden were both named in a criminal complaint in Ukraine. The prosecutor in the case, which involved money laundering, was Victor Shokin, the same prosecutor that Joe Biden insisted be fired over his investigation into Burisma Energy.

Rudy says, “They want to put Roger Stone in prison for 9 years but they don’t want to investigate a money laundering case that’s proven by documents to the tune of $14 million by the son of the Vice President who’s in a conflicted position that might lead to more corruption, gives you a sense of the double standard that’s going on in this country”.

Tucker Carlson argued that Stone’s activist judge, Amy Berman Jackson deserves to be impeached and calls her a Democrat activist judge. The truth is that most Democrat judges want to throw out the Constitution and in many important cases are defying the U.S. Constitution in their rulings.

It is imperative that Trump stick to an America first agenda. With recent events in the Middle East I expect things to heat up again in Syria real soon. If Barr is going to save America he must bring the perpetrators of “Spygate” to Justice, and like Trump, the American people are getting impatient as well, Mr. Barr.

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