Wuhan coronavirus outbreak was not triggered by just one bioterroist attack…

… This bioengineered coronavirus is now being launched as a bioweapon by stealthy bioterrorists around the globe at whoever the perpetrators target with their genocidal biowarfare.

State of the Nation

Everything now point to the fastidiously staged coronavirus pandemic using a meticulously bioengineered bioweapon capable of being released virtually anywhere on planet Earth.

This correct and critical understanding cast the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic under a whole new light.  What follows is a brief overview of what’s really going on with this ongoing series of bioterrorist attacks against humanity.

SPECIAL NOTE: The Wuhan bio-attack appears to be
just one in a series of ongoing biological attacks being
conducted throughout mainland China.  This Zio-Anglo-
American bioterrorist operation is being stealthily
perpetrated to give the appearance that the national
epidemic started with a single case in Wuhan City, when
it’s still being surreptitiously spread in other Chinese
cities via similar modes of propagation. Because the
vectors of dissemination of this weaponized coronavirus
are mapping worldwide at rapidly expanding rates, there
are quite likely multiple methods of proliferation which
are being cunningly implemented to confuse the medical
investigators as well as to avoid detection.

Source: Wuhan Coronavirus Bioterrorist Attack Is China’s 9/11, Same Perps)

Only with this crucial knowledge will governments around the world be able to approach the many bioterrorist crime scenes in an appropriate and effective manner.  Should government officials and medical authorities not become aware of this stark reality post-haste, this intentional depopulation event will proceed with all deliberate speed.

So, just to be clear: the many new cases of coronavirus popping up all around the globe are quite likely separate acts of bioterrorism where the coronavirus bioweapon has been stealthily released so as to carefully avoid detection.

Because of the extreme virulence of this particular strain of coronavirus, the perpetrators can rely on nearly everyone to falsely assume that all new cases stem from the original case in Wuhan, China.

However, the mainstream media-hyped mapping of the ever-expanding coronavirus contagion indicates otherwise.  The way that the cruise line coronavirus outbreaks were handled were also a dead giveaway that they were caused by separate bioterrorist acts.  That all the passengers were then quarantined on those cruise ships, many of whom then caught the dangerous frankenvirus, proves that a sinister agenda was at work.  Each infected passenger was eventually released and will travel back to their homes as carriers where they will further spread the contagion.

Where is the Alt Media?!

What’s particularly remarkable is that even the Alt Media refuses to acknowledge the obvious.   Whether they are experiencing coronavirus fatigue, disaster burn-out or some other distracting phenomena, the entire Alt Media is AWOL concerning this dire matter.


The Alt Right now spends 90% of its time banging China, just like the Alt Left is always banging Russia.

In the meantime, do you see how the NWO globalist perps are getting away with this blatant bioterrorism IN BROAD DAYLIGHT?

Nobody watching them!

State of the Nation
February 29, 2020

Part II of this new coronavirus series will connect the dots, which proves that each nation that has this far been victimized by this bioterrorist crime spree, were purposefully targeted by the perpetrators, especially Iran, Italy, Ukraine, South Korea, Japan, Germany and Singapore.

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