Everything you ever wanted to know about COVID-19 but were afraid to ask.

What We’re Learning From COVID19
a/k/a Corona, SARS/COV2, Wuhan Flu, CCP Virus

Those who do not learn from their mistakes are condemned to repeat them.
Don’t be misled by Fake News from the DeepState and “fact-checkers”.

Share to help everyone understand how to stay healthy and fearless. Take these actions if exposed, or sick.
Give this Disclosure Form to your employer NOW, in anticipation of imminent Forced Vaccination.
Religious exemption covers all school kids.
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Worldwide study shows Ivermectin pill safe and effective for prevention and treatment.
Innoculation  no longer needed
We typically add our latest discoveries at end of each section.


  • We don’t know what we DON’T know. Challenge your own beliefs. Be careful of  “experts” & doctors who speak with great authority, but whose training lacks latest research in nutrition, gut microbiome, genetics, vaccines, immune response.
  • “In an abundance of counselors, there is wisdom.” These researched links present broad education in REAL science, beyond official Pharma/government/media doctrine.

Your Immune System

    • Focus on building your IMMUNITY.
    • We must take personal responsibility for our OWN immune system.
    • Nurture your gut, not your belly!
    • We each need to learn more about our gut microbiome that contains 80% of our immune system.
    • Stop chasing one virus or another, and prepare your immune system to handle ALL attacks and variants.
    • Two-time Nobel Prize Winner Dr. Linus Pauling: “You can trace every sickness, disease and ailment to a mineral deficiency.”
    • Even Hippocrates (father of medicine) said “All disease starts in the gut.” (lack of good nutrition)
    • Be careful not to kill beneficial viruses, bacteria, and fungus or your gut microbiome and immune system will suffer.
    • Biological Engineers estimate 280 trillion viruses in you, and your body is DESIGNED to keep the bad ones under control.
    • Biologists estimate 3 billion viruses per ounce of normal seawater. They are no all bad.
    • Children build their immune system with exposure. (remember ChickenPox parties?)
    • Non-government Epidemiologists say exposure to diseases when your immune system is young and able to purge it quickly is preferable to getting it later when your immune system is less capable (like measles, mumps, chicken pox when we were young).
    • Exercise! Large muscles (butt/thighs) release anti-inflammatory immune-protective mytokines per Nature Reviews.
    • New hypothesis suggests that people who did not have various childhood diseases have a greater incidence of chronic diseases.
    • Dr Axe’s book Eat Dirt, discusses training your immune system.
    • Infections may play a paradoxical role in cancer development with chronic infections often being tumor precursors and acute infections being antagonistic to cancer.
    • Epigenetics studies suggest that your microbiomes control which genetic predispositions get switched on.
    • We need to nurture our immune system by cutting sugar and carbohydrates, and supplementing with vitamins and minerals that are no longer in our food.
    • New research indicates a SINGLE microbe may be responsible for making a nutrient bioavailable. What happens if you kill it?
    • Fungus mycotoxins can destroy your microbiome. Fungus thrives on sugar and carbs.
    • Antibiotics and steroids can destroy your gut microbiome; use only in extreme cases.
    • Doctors over-prescribe antibiotics without warning patients of dire consequences. Antibiotics kill bacteria; flu is a virus.
    • Med school does not adequately train doctors on nutrition science.
    • Researchers greatest pique is that the medical community embraces OLD, and rejects new research.
    • Doctors practice Medicine, not health. They typically treat symptoms, not causes, as admitted by PhysiciansWeekly
    • Doctors naively rely on Big Pharma influenced sites that disparage any natural medicine or its advocates as quacks. Believe Pharma at your peril.
    • Social sites admit they remove and discredit competition for Big Pharma drugs.
    • The biggest Wuhan Flu death-risk factor is obesity. 45% of American adults are obese (evidence of a bad microbiome and diet).
    • Your immune system is designed to prevent bad pathogens (attackers) from entering your cells and replicating.
    • Vitamins A, C, D (partly from sunshine), Selenium, Niacin B3, Iodine, and Zinc boost the immune system.
    • Dr Mercola reveals why Selenium and Niacin make Zinc more bioavailable.
    • Preventatively, Green Tea (quercitin and EGCG) helps Zinc get through cell walls to fight renegade viruses. Mechanism looks similar to HydroxyChloraQuin.
    • In early Feb 2020 Dr Michael Savage pointed to a 2014 study confirming Green Tea as a natural booster, because quercitin is a potent antiviral in its own right.
    • Quercitin is also in apple peel, and may aid brain health neurogenesis (rebuilding).
    • Video on why Vitamin D and other nutrients are critical to your immune system (starting minute 30). Another meta analysis. There are many more in their notes.
    • The worst enemy of Vitamin D in your blood is High Fructose Corn Syrup per same doctor/professor in meta analysis above.
    • Dr Lee Merritt, Former president Assn of American Physicians and Surgeons says Vitamin D is critical to your immunity. Focus there first. Blood levels should register between 80 – 100. Get tested.
    • Chronic inflammation leaves you immune-compromised. Turmeric is the best anti-inflammation herb you can put in your mouth. See Dr Axe and more research.
    • It is not the Covid virus that kills you, it is your body overreacting to it with inflammation and clots.
    • Inflammation and poor microbiome underlies most disease. Dr Martindale MD, PhD in nutrition says Cipro is the #1 cause of c.diff sepsis, kills 75% of gut diversity in 12 hours, leaving you vulnerable.
    • Intravenous Vitamin C at 10g is routinely given to Wuhan Flu patients in hospitals to calm the cytokine storm inflamation.
    • Cross-immunity from related corona viruses may be why many infected people are not symptomatic, and 95% of prisoners show no symptoms.
    • Countries south of the equator (summer) initially had markedly lower deaths per million population, suggesting sunshine (vitamin D & ultraviolet) limits infection.
    • Malaria-prone countries sell HCQ over-the-counter, and have (up to 90% in sub-Sahara Africa) lower incidence of Covid.
    • Staying indoors is counterproductive. The sun provides ultraviolet light that kills germs, and stimulates your Vitamin D production.
    • Flattening the curve might prevent overwhelming hospitals, but prolongs the curve and destroys the economy. It set the stage for recurrence in October 2020.
    • We will have a recurrence next season because this flu was not allowed to run its natural course says eminent epidemiologist Dr Wittkowski
    • ONLY immune-compromised people need to limit their contacts with possible disease carriers. Dr Wittkowski
    • On May 7, 2020 I finally found someone who tested antibody positive. After being required to test by employer, and with underlying health issues, she remembers having a dry throat a month ago.
    • Food service employees should wear face masks during flu season, and receive annual infection control training.
    • Telemedicine is convenient, and reduces cost when appropriate.
    • Dr Shiva, PhD Microbiology Engineer, explains your natural immune system, how vaccines work, why mRNA may be dangerous.
    • Dr Shiva diagrams how mRNA works, how to understand what is going on, and a newer Systems Approach to health.
    • Social Distancing and fear negatively impacts your immune system. Science Magazine 1988 and Dr. Shiva
    • Ventilator intubation causes a reaction called Cytokine Storm that overwhelms the immune system and kills. Less extreme measures are the Standard of Care, but get reimbursed $20k less by government.
    • Dr Simone Gold, ER physician, America’s Frontline Doctors. Their video summarizes treatment issues and what you must know to stay healthy and free. (much more)
    • Dolores Cahill, Immunologists, Molecular Genetics, Biotechnology at World Doctors Alliance joins in warning COVID has effective treatments. Stands against fake plandemic.
    • Women of childbearing age should NEVER take an experimental substance. ZERO testing was done, not even on pregnant rats.
    • Dr Michael Yeardon, former head of a Pfizer research team, warns that mRNA targets a spike protein very similar to placenta.
    • Testimony of couple with extreme reaction to mRNA
    • Courageous Virologist Dr Judy Mikovits says Pine Tea (Suramin) is a potential antidote for those who took the jab.


  • Why would anyone take an experimental shot against a disease that is 99.9% survivable, that has many proven interventions?
  • We have excellent interventions and immune boosters, so informed doctors & scientists say no inoculation is needed.
  • Ultraviolet C-band light is used in operating rooms and in A/C systems to sterilize air and surfaces.
  • UV-C is required in federal building A/C since the Anthrax scare in 2001.
  • Scientists are exploring 220nm wavelength UV-C to not penetrate skin or eyes, but still kill germs on surfaces.
  • Work is underway on an LED that could produce tuned UV-C220 on cel phones.
  • Lancet medical journal retracted their still-quoted May 22 article against HCQ, and admitted on June 5 they could not verify results.
  • JAMA published a fraudulent study where 2.5 times the lethal overdoses of HCQ was given, alleging HCQ doesn’t work. Criminal investigations ensued in Brazil. Dr John Campbell cites details.
  • One persistent talk show host and practical doctor (Hannity & Oz) saved more sick people (by introducing HydroxyChloraQuin HCQ) than government and the medical establishment combined!
  • Yale epidemiologist, Harvey Risch MD, PhD presented evidence 7/23/20 that HCQ is the key to defeating Covid and the medical profession violates its oath declaring otherwise.
  • HCQ (from quinine for malaria) has 91% success rate, with zero risk in practice, pre & post exposure, but Fauci, the Press, and DeepState Pharma demonizes it.
  • HCQ is a lysosomotropic agent under investigation for wide application including cancer, hypertension, hyperglycemia.
  • HCQ has a 65-yerar safety record and FDA approval for arthritis, malaria and lupus, and is very inexpensive.
  • HCQ is used in many countries to prevent malaria. Their Covid numbers are extremely small.
  • HCQ is so effective as a preventive (400mg/wk), President Trump took it regardless of hyper-criticism. He became slightly sick after getting shamed into quitting,
  • Leading physician Dr Valadimir Zev Zelenko first proposed HCQ-Zinc-Azithromycin protocol that President Trump took.
  • Many other world leaders now admit to taking HCQ prevention.
  • NIH Virology Journal endorsed HCQ prophylactically for SARS & Cov-1 predecessors.
  • On July 27 a large contingent of courageous PRACTICING DOCTORS advocating for your CHOICE to use this 40-yr SAFE lifesaving intervention, got their press conference BANNED by mal-practicing non-doctors at Tweetie, FB, and UTube.
  • A July 30 interview with Stanford lawyer and ER Dr Simone Gold, founder of Americas Frontline Doctors discusses political fraud against HCQ.
  • Dr Simone Gold got fired for prescribing HCQ and zinc. Hospital protecting their financial self-interest.
  • Dr Gold was fired August 2 to send a warning to anyone who challenges the #DeepState.
  • Charlie Kirk interviews nine of Americas Frontline Doctors on tyrannical, statist overreach.
  • FTC tyranny against doctors getting superior results using Vitamin A,C,D,Iodine, plus nebulized hydrogen peroxide and iodine.
  • Masks are not benign. No studies prove effectiveness. People ignorantly feel it gives them control.
  • Masks increase touching the face, which puts germs where they get ingested.
  • Dr Jerome Corsi’s free eBook alleges that Fauci has a financial interest (as previously proven) in the next vaccine, and works to stifle any competition.
  • Natural Cures for Killer Germs, Dr Cass Ingram 2004, analyses the last pandemic and predicted COVID2019, showing that Oregano kills coronavirus.
  • Ingram says “Natural substances, made by a Power that is unfathomable, offer hope for humankind against plagues of its own making“.
  • Dr. Richard Bartlett says this $200 inhaled steroid, Budesonide, stops symptoms & deaths 100% when given EARLY.
  • NAC dietary supplement was ordered off shelves one month after a report touting effectiveness against COVID phlegm.
  • Scientists are investigating colloidal/ionic silver as a virus killer. Silver inhibits replication. You can kill virus, bacteria, fungus, I do.
  • In 2006 ionic silver was found to effectively deactivate human coronavirus 229E (a virus linked to SARS) in 2 hours.
  • Fearful of a loved one’s insistence on vaccination? Get a copy of the package insert for informed consent, and read it! Shocking.
  • Get HCQ now (as malaria prevention for a pending trip to Honduras), so you can start taking it IMMEDIATELY if symptoms arise.
    This absolves the doctor from tyrannical wrath of FDA. Fill prescription at a LOCAL compounding pharmacy, NOT a chain.
  • Many studies show Ivermectin effective in the prevention, virus, and inflammation stages due to multiple methods of action.
  • Outpatient Primaguine, Clindamycin, and HCQ was 100% effective when started within 3-4 days of symptoms.


On June 7, 2021, I had to stop thinking “Ivermectin is just for multi-million dollar horses”. We too can be “Healthy as a Horse”.

People in Egypt Bangladesh, Argentina, India, Peru, Brazil, and Paraguay have been successfully and safely using generic Ivermectin in 3.7 Billion doses, for many years, against parasites, dengue, Zika, HIV, yellow fever.
Researchers now study its anti-cancer uses.

In Bangladesh there were NO INFECTIONS recorded among the 788 health care workers who took weekly Ivermectin prevention, whereas 58% of the 407 controls became ill. Studies of severely ill patients are equally remarkable.

Merck rightfully bragged about Ivermectin’s safety record (click to enlarge insert) — until the patent ran out. It was on the W.H.O .list of essential medications, and won the developer a Nobel Prize. Now Merck claims it is unproven! Big Pharma’s partners at FDA refused to run large-scale studies of effectiveness on COVID strains because by federal law, that would revoke the Emergency Use Authorization on Pharma’s experimental dangerous DNA “therapy”.

If you take an anti-coagulant blood thinner like Cumadin, Warfarin, maybe Plavix, Eliquis, Xarelto, etc. do NOT take IVM without a prescription. The interaction could cause serious bleeding.

Looks like criminal collusion to block the world from assisting our natural immune system in preventing a wide range of diseases. Huge worldwide meta analysis includes safely in pregnant women, children, and infants. It gives doctors all they need to prescribe a preventive routine for your family. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC8088823/

The study was first published 4/22/21. Keep an eye on how long Pharma is able to ban this paradigm-shifting news from mainstream press. Demand prosecution of the cover-up leading to serious injuries and death.

Two 0.3 mg/kg doses of Ivermectin 72 hours apart and repeat the dose monthly is common. My wife and i called immediately, got prescriptions, filled them at a LOCAL Compounding Pharmacies.  Or check goodRX.com where it is advertized at $31.62 for 20 tablets of 3mg . Telehealth visits are as low as $20, and get prescription within the hour.
Mexico now requires prescription. In Brazil each 6mg  tablet costs 18 cents over-the-counter.

Notably, one dose prevention was not found to be protective in this study. Based on both their study and the Egyptian prophylaxis study, the All India Institute of Medical Sciences instituted a prophylaxis protocol for their health care workers where they now take two 0.3 mg/kg doses of ivermectin 72 hours apart and repeat the dose monthly.

Doctors: Mechanism of Action.  On 2/11/21 NIH dropped opposition to Ivermectin in bureaucratic terms: “insufficient data for the COVID-19 Treatment Guidelines Panel to recommend either for or against the use of ivermectin”. Crooked Media has STILL not reported it.

Update 7/29/21: FLCCC strongly endorsed with dosage recommendations.

Save lives. Blue Insert above shows 365 times safer than Tylenol.  Help people dispel their fear, improve their overall immune system against multiple diseases and “variants”, and reject the jab,

If you distrust ALL pharma meds, use Duck-Duck to search “anti-malarial Wormwood (artemisinin) in coffee”.

Personal Actions

If you have close contact with anyone who is sick, use the preventive protocol I follow when exposed to grandchildren who picked up some bug at school:

  • Don’t touch your face. Take a shower & shampoo, and put clothes in the wash.
  • Spray colloidal silver in eyes, snort into sinuses, spray under tongue.
  • Get in the sun! Disinfect car, phone, keys, wallet, anything on your person. I use Silver and UV-C light, you can use Lysol or disinfecting wipes.
  • Boost immune system with higher doses than normal of Vitamin A, C, D, Zinc, green tea, turmeric.
  • Eat or drink Oregano leaves, or oil, or Oregacyn to kill  possible virus in the stomach.
  • Above all, reject fear, reject the virus, and do not take mental ownership of it (NEVER say “I have [any malady]“).
  • If you have a relationship with Jesus, thank Him for God’s Word that says “No weapon formed against me shall prosper“.

If feeling like you have flu, here’s what I would do:

  • Take charge of my health by studying; never defer my decisions to doctors constrained by regulations.
  • Find a doctor more concerned about my health than fear of lawsuits for not following official “Standard Of Care”.
  • Take an extra dose of Ivermectin immediately.
  • Use a nebulizer, or vaporizer hourly to get colloidal silver deep into lungs.
  • Immediately use my prescription for HCQ (purchased as “malaria prevention” for a pending trip to Honduras), plus give to my wife & kids. This absolved my doctor from tyrannical wrath of FDA. We filled prescription at a LOCAL compounding pharmacy, NOT a chain.
    Search: “hydroxychloraquin online prescription” here, or Telehealth visits, or on a non-Google search engine.
  • Eliminate all sugars, fructose, corn syrup.
  • Consider getting a new doctor if prescribed an antibiotic which kills crucial bacteria in gut microbiome immune system.
    Doctors are required to follow this “just in case” protocol not backed by latest science.
  • Research whether I should reduce my intake of 1 tsp turmeric, and when to resume or increase it to manage inflammation.
  • Take supplement N-AcetylCysteine (NAC) for phlegm prevention
  • Demand a prescription for Budesonide if lungs still start to get congested.
  • Welcome the fever (up to 104 degrees). It helps your body heal.
  • If hospitalized, ask doctor to take this Masterclass on SARS COV2 to be sure I get valid advice.
  • Realize getting tested is not a badge of honor, you will probably get a false positive on fraudulent PCR. Just get healthy.
  • The inventor of the PCR test warns it creates too many false-positives at 40 cycles as recommended by FDA.
  • Video of Fauci July 2020 admitting PCR test over 35 cycles amplification is unreliable, just dead nucleoids
  • German courts ruled PCR test 96%

Vaccines (the jab)

  • Vaccines (weakened pathogens) seemed to work for smallpox, but don’t work for flu viruses because they mutate quickly. Flu vaccines are produced according to a “best-guess” of what strain will be prevalent next season.
  • Smallpox worked because it does not infect animals as a repository for humans.
  • Corona viruses are native to chicken eggs. Flu vaccines are grown in chicken eggs.
  • Seasonal  flu has a vaccine, yet flu kills 45-65,000 in the U.S. every year.
  • By late June 2020 there were 243 Covid19 mutations. You cannot inoculate against all of them.
  • Medical schools spend 1/2 day on vaccines. Your doctor is likely ignorant of latest research.
  • George Washington was killed by well-meaning ignorant doctors.
  • Harvard Pilgrim Health Care report found that less than 1 percent of vaccine adverse events were reported in VAERS. They are now actively suppressed.
  • Vaccines contain neurotoxic mercury as a stimulator but call it a preservative to avoid disclosure.
  • EPA classifies Mercury as hazardous waste at 200 parts per billion in liquid.  50,000PPB is the mercury concentration in most Thimerosal-containing vaccines; 250 TIMES more toxic than HAZARDOUS WASTE!
  • Dr. Exley shows vaccines contain aluminum to stimulate the immune response; and mechanism by which it invades your BRAIN.
  • Aluminum is acknowledged as an ingredient by FDA and in Congressional testimony attempting to eliminate religious exemptions.
  • There are still NO placebo-controlled, double-blind studies to prove ANY vaccine is safe, yet they get approved.
  • Government has NO studies of vax versus non-vax children. The skewed control group gets dangerous adjuvants and additives.
  • America’s Frontline Doctors Whitepaper on this Experimental “Vaccine”
  • Debate between liberal attorney Alan Dershowitz and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr – Scathing expose of fraud, corruption, and mandatory vaccination.
  • Early Polio vaccine CAUSED 40,000 infections. W.H.O. admits half the worldwide polio cases today are vaccine-induced.
  • If you already had Covid, why is government insisting you get “vaccinated”? What other ingredients does government want in your bloodstream?
  • Don’t believe us? Read the mandatory-disclosure pamphlet that accompanies vaccines (they are banned on corrupt social media).
  • Is it acceptable to just fortify your immune system and intentionally get a mild case of Covid to obtain a Certificate of Compliance? Why not?
  • Doctors were coached by Jacobson at Mayo clinic to persuade rather than inform patients resisting vaccines.
  • Pharma is the biggest campaign donor to CONgress – by far.
  • A special declaration in COVID-19 PREP Act created a new immunity from suit and liability under Federal and State law.
  • Pharma has NO liability for most vaccine outcomes; taxpayers pay for tragedies after victims sue the “Justice” Department in a secret Vaccine Court that shields Pharma with sovereign immunity.
  • Virologist Whistleblowers from Merck filed suit, but kangaroo Vaccine Court is a prerequisite to seeking relief in a traditional suit, Reuters reported stonewallingRest of story/
  • Between 2006-2018 7000 claims resulted in 5000 payments.
  • The vaccination Trust Fund has paid over $4billion to injured parties per Congressman Bill Posey. (He gets ZERO contributions from Pharma).
  • The January 2021 version of National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP) Vaccine Injury Table states reasons why COVID “vaccines” are NOT included without mentioning that mRNA are not even a vaccine, by definition.
  • FDA says “Get compensated under the Countermeasures Injury Compensation Program (CICP)”.
  • Over 113 vaccine developers were indicted, and $33Billion paid in fines for falsifying data, bribing doctors, and lying to the public.
  • Vaccine DANGERS, National Vaccine Information Center
  • Dr. James Lyons-Weiler, PhD vaccine and Covid-fraud research
  • Vaccine danger per internist and kidney physician Dr Suzanne Humphries
  • Liberal icon Robert F Kennedy, Jr exposes behind-the-scenes corruption.
  • Doctors revealing corruption.
  • CDC guidelines specify 30 vaccines in 70 doses for every child (some administered before immune system develops) without regard to individual physiology or toxic mercury & aluminum ingredients.
  • Childhood vaccine exemptions vary by state. See chart.
  • I applied to be a test subject in order to get their 28-page Informed Consent Form. Shocking.
  • Clinical vaccine trials excluded anyone who is not PERFECTLY healthy; and if anyone dies, they are removed because the departed “did not complete the study”.
  • The British National Health Service warns against giving Pfizer jab to people with a history of significant allergic reactions, and the drug should only be administered “in facilities where resuscitation measures are available.”
  • Will a doctor note suffice as exemption from inoculation? Can doctors exempt themselves? No.
  • A Pentagon readiness study revealed 36% increased likelihood to get Covid if you had a flu shot.
  • Pathogenic Priming (a/k/a ADE Antibody-Dependent Enhancement) can cause enhanced adverse reactions to wild virus after getting a vaccine. Ferrets and cats that got SARS-1 vaccine all died when exposed to wild virus.
  • Potential infertility caused by this DNA modification affecting synctiotrophoblast layer on placenta needs more exploration.
  • Which vaccines are grown using aborted baby cells made immortal (cancerous) so the cell can live in a lab environment?
  • A growing number of doctors warn that mRNA is not really a vaccine, and does not prevent transmission. So what is really in it?
  • Dr Tenpenny – Science behind why mRNA is critically dangerous – mRNA eventually encodes all your cells with the spike protein.
  • DeepState can use gain-of-function chimera viruses and vaccines to change your DNA. NIH article on VMAT2 the “God Gene”.
  • DeepState defenders label as “Conspiracy” a leaked 2005 Pentagon Briefing Video – Dangerous proposal to use a Virus to modify behavior of religious fundamentalists (of which I am one).
  • Hydrogel nano-lipid technology creates an envelope around the reverse transcripting enzyme to keep your immune system from killing the injected mRNA.
  • Prevent Disease is a valid Stage 4 vaccine testing outcome. Merely “Producing Antibodies” (the FDA standard for mRNA) is not.
  • German nursing home deaths over age 80 increased 4 to 8 times since the jab.
  • Renowned vaccine developer Geert Bossche, risks his career to warn that mRNA destroys your natural immune system.
  • Double-vaccinated are now 60% of patients who need ER or ICU
  • Research Doctor Bridle on COVID Vax: “We Screwed-Up. We didn’t realize the Spike Protein is a TOXIN” that spreads to the brain, heart, ovaries, etc. Spike protein, on its own is the cause of the vascular, neurodegenerative, problems.
  • Prestigious Salk Institute article shows The COVID Shot Spike Protein is Dangerous. It binds disrupted ACE2 molecular signaling to artery mitochondria (every cell’s power center), causing damage & fragmentation.
  • Reiner Fuellmich leads1,000 Lawyers and 10,000 Doctors in filing a Lawsuit for violations of all 10 articles of the Nuremberg Code
  • Google the words PubMed. MagnetoFection Is that new technology in the jab?
  • Dr Jane Ruby exposes connection between magnetoFection and PCR test manufacturer
  • Studies say SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) is actually a denial of vaccine injury. Do your research.
  • Dr Vernon Coleman was first to recognize that when spike proteins cause blood clots, it depletes clotting factor, causing bleed-out.
  • Inventor of mRNA warns about injection dangers in most alarming comprehensive video on this website.
  • Multiple labs confirm the Covid virus has never been isolated anywhere in the world. Complete fraud!
  • Dr Andrew Kaufman on Infowars 7/27/21 timestamp 2:55:00 explains fake testing. The PCR EUA application is being withdrawn because when it expires, there is no basis for approval! No PCR validation studies exist. No diagnostic test has ever been compared to the NIH “Gold Standard” which is VIRUS ISOLATION (which still does not exist). Instead computer models produce inconsistent “variants”). Covid genome sequencing is also theoretical.


What You Can Do


ANY discrimination on the basis of
Vaccination Status is prohibited.

650,700 signatures so far.

  • Work to protect this fundamental right: Any discrimination on the basis of Vaccine Status is prohibited.
  • Florida and other states say they can FORCE vaccinate you “by any means necessary”.
  • Government and the Press completely fail to focus on building natural IMMUNITY. Why?
  • The focus is on compliance – first masks, and ultimately the innoculation.
  • There has never been such a massive propaganda campaign in the history of the world to do anything like “Get Vaccinated”. That alone is suspicious.
  • The 2020 worldwide death rate is .014 which is exactly the same as prior flu years.
  • The jab is “voluntary” – until it isn’t. You can now be vaccinated by any  means necessary. Read the law.
  • How can we protect ourselves against mandated “Vaccination Certificates”? See insert box. Use this Disclosure.
  • The objective of the biggest propaganda/advertizing campaign in history is to get people to demand a “vaccine”, then demand YOU take it too.
  • Repetition is the most potent propaganda tool.
  • People rely on TV “experts”, their own limited experience, government, and the Press instead of doing their own research, even on life-sustaining issues. You are reading. Congratulations on your diligence.
  • Shaming and Virtue Signaling works to bully low-information people into acceptance.
  • Government gets corporations to enforce rules that would be unconstitutional if mandated by government.
  • Hospitals will require doctors, staff and vendors to get vaccinated, even if they have the Covid19 titer (antibody sufficient to repel attack). What is REALLY in the jab?
  • The inoculation will wane, and viruses will mutate. Boosters will facilitate increasing access to your DNA.
  • There is no pandemic exception to the Bill of Rights according to the first of many Deprivation of Rights lawsuits to come.
  • “NO” is government’s most potent power, justifying Draconian shutdowns, destroying dreams, livelihoods and savings.
  • CDC and FDA fight for bureaucratic control regardless of overwhelming evidence of effectiveness of re-purposing HCQ, a cheap 50-year-old proven-safe medicine.
  • Swine flu 2009 infected 500 times more people without a worldwide shutdown.
  • CDC estimates were intentionally high (projected 2 million deaths vs 250,000 normal flu season) to create panic, and now falsely portrays itself as hero.
  • Governments ignore good science and dictate edicts so they can appear compassionate and in-control.
  • Politicians who claim compassion to save every life will escape accountability for their psychological and economic disaster by blaming federal guidelines.
  • Dr Ben Carson, head of HHS, says “This economic crisis is intentional”
  • Virologist Dr Judy Mikovits in her book Plague of Corruption, and video Plandemic accuses Fauci and NIH of extreme corruption in autism, AIDS, and Corona.
  • Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has done nothing to cure or PREVENT disease since its inception in 1942. They just study, and block competition for Big Pharma by controlling funding.
  • FDA intervenes to stop remedies compounded at pharmacies so Pharma can sell branded medicines instead.
  • CDC refuses to do ANY comparisons of vaccinated vs un-vaccinated children. It would confirm higher incidence of vaccinated infections and deaths.
  • The CDC and FDA actually INHIBIT rapid development of preventions and cures, especially those based on nutrition.
  • There is no funding to verify which NATURAL cures and preventions work. Not patentable = no funding. This must change.
  • Taxpayer funds should focus on nutrition and natural cures over drugs that benefit Big Pharma. Stop subsidizing Pharma’s research, fund doctoral studies in NATURAL medicine.
  • Why are there no intensive studies on colloidal silver, oregano, turmeric, black pepper, pro-biotics, pre-biotics, or neurotoxic aluminum & fluoride? Researchers say they must be independently funded, or wealthy, to pursue investigation because university sources get cut off. We must fix this.
  • Privately funded world-renowned aluminum researcher Dr.Chris Exley, was shut down by Gil Bates.
  • Do natural substances, made by an unfathomable power beyond the human realm, offer hope for plagues of our our own making?
  • Georgetown University found an oregano compound proved superior to Vancomycin against drug-resistant staph.
  • Drs. Fauci and Birx are Deep State shills for Pharma, who fail to educate taxpayers on building a strong immune system through good nutrition.
  • Fauci leads a political agenda for shutdown and Universal Mandatory Vaccination.
  • Fauci peddled death estimates of 2 million from discredited Imperial College London that estimated deaths of 200 million from Bird Flu where a few hundred died.
  • Whistleblower Dr Judy Mikovits, PhD was jailed after discovering deadly virus delivered thru vaccines. Expect her to be demonized by Deep State.
  • Intense testing makes industrialized countries (U.S.) cases look much higher than other countries. Use tests per million population as a denominator.
  • Subsequent tests of infected patients got counted as additional cases.
  • Watching statistics, it is obvious that cases should either show up as deaths or recoveries in 15 days or so. Recoveries were seriously underreported.
  • Doctors report getting bullied into adding “suspected COVID” to death reports like shootings and car accidents.
  • Diagnosis and deaths are boosted upward by financial incentives to hospitals that get $13,000 for a COVID diagnosis, and $39,000 if the patient is put on a ventilator.
    Whistleblowers complain that records got “doctored”, a criminal act (Died WITH vs. Died FROM).
  • Deaths in Democrat-controlled states are 3x greater than those in Republican states. Stats below
  • The Villages (at 123,000, largest over-55 community in the world ) did not close outdoor activities, had ZERO admissions for COVID. Contrast with Democrat Cuomo in New York that
    1. forced nursing homes to take infected people, and 2. drove stats upward by forcing folks to ‘stay indoors’. Accountability is deflected.
  • As of July, up to 81% of U.S. Covid deaths were in nursing homes.
  • Censorship against real remedies resulted in financial rescue of drug companies, and removal of the oldest Americans from Social Security – by death. .
  • DeepState marshaled the forces of government to protect BigPharma.
  • NY governor admitted May 7 that 66% of new patients were sheltering at home.
  • Democrats deliberately took the wrong health measures, to prolong shutdown and damage the Trump economy.
  • Cal governor (with low incidence) threatened martial law. Most Democrats did the wrong thing, despite lack of a big problem.
  • HCQ is non-prescription in malaria-prone countries. Governors and bureaucrats in the U.S. are criminally and morally corrupt for prohibiting HCQ prophylaxis and intervention.
  • A small virus mushroomed into a partisan media attack on the spectacular Trump economy.
  • Wuhan Flu then morphed into training sheeple to accept, even demand, Universal Mandatory Vaccination.
  • Schools and employers will mandate vaccination. This is a Civil Liberties issue.
  • “In an abundance of counselors, there is wisdom”. But Trump listened exclusively to Fauci and Birx, not superior epidemiologists.
  • Virus tracing is the latest excuse to Expand the Surveillance State
  • Forced Contact Tracing capability is included in the latest iPhone update iOS13.5
  • CONgress proposed The TRACE Act  HR6666 to allocate $100billion for Forced Contact Tracing
  • The China instituted a mandatory phone app that controls the freedom of its citizens, constantly tracking the location of each cell phone and comparing it to the proximity and health of those nearby. The owner’s ranking must be displayed before entry into public spaces. It even dictates if they are required to quarantine for weeks.
  • NIH’s phony tests will administer Budesonide inhaled steroid too late to “prove” it doesn’t work.
  • In late August CDC was forced to admit only 6% of deaths were purely Covid. Statistics are inflated.
  • Investigators in August estimate 72% of Covid fatalities were a ‘pull forward’ of those who would have died later in the year.
  • Deaths resulting from lockdown (postponed diagnosis & treatments, suicides) needs serious investigation.
  • Peruvian Appeals Court decided that Chinese Coronavirus is the product of a “criminal elite around the world”, making Gates, Soros, and Rockefellers criminally liable.
  • Title 18 USC Section 242 prohibits Deprivation of Rights under Color of Law with severe penalties. Lawsuits will be filed against governors, mayors, and judges for illegally closing & restricting businesses, preferential treatment, prohibiting lawful assembly, requiring unhealthy masks, etc.
  • Florida Senator Joe Gruters proposed SB364 to Prohibit government discrimination on the basis of personal health information (vaccine status), but employers are still allowed to stomp on your personal freedom. It was windowdressing; he did not even work to get a companion bill in the House.
  • Greg Glaser is a health freedom lawyer in California focused on Health Freedom.
  • Persecution of truth-tellers, and a doctor working to help those injured by the jab
  • New England Journal of Medicine: The current status of these mRNA is EXPERIMENTAL and therefore prohibited by the international Nuremberg Code.
  • Researchers grow increasingly concerned about “shedding” that reduces sperm, erection, and interferes with menstruation even in those who refused the jab. Mechanism under investigation.
  • On May 11, 2021 Fauci admitted to Congress that only 60% of his staff had been “vaccinated”. What are they afraid of?
  • Federal law says Emergency Use Authorizations are only legal when there are no alternatives, and the use is less risky than the disease. The EUA should have been revoked once these facts developed. It is now illegal and must be revoked.
  • Academic researchers charge that CDC should have looked to Harvard for a more accurate DNA profile used to identify COVID19.
  • Antibiotic corruption and incompetence at FDA has increased bacterial & microbe resistance, leading to the next global health crisis.
  • Emails reveal Fauci is actively covering up outsourcing illegal gain-of-function research to the people most likely to use it against us.
  • Court prohibits NY hospital from denying Ivermectin. Patients recovered quickly. Lesson: Never let tyrannical hospitals and judges dictate your health. Ask family to smuggle the meds.
  • Follow cardiologist Richard M. Fleming, PhD, MD, JD smoking-gun criminal evidence that US government illegally conducted, and funded, chimera gain-of-function research in China after warnings. This violation of Biological Weapons Convention Treaty is greater than Nazi Germany.
  • After years of off-the-shelf use in Mexico, Ivermectin is now restricted to prescription so people can’t get it easily.



  • The “vaccine” is voluntary – until its NOT!
  • Florida’s Religious Exemption is simple – you sign a form at the Health Department. Full explanation and map of exempt states.
  • Criminal complaints filed in Germany charge intimidation and forced vaccination by military and nursing home. Whistleblower documents 8 of 31 seniors dead 14 days after Pfizer/Comernaty vaccination.
  • Dr. Fleming calling for Nuremberg-type trials for crimes against humanity. Fleming defends attacks on him by Pharma.
  • Call your representatives and educate them. Demand action, not windowdressing!
  • You generally have 3 years (2yrs if death, 8yrs for newly-covered incidents) to file a Vaccine Injury Compensation Program claim. This is a gold mine for lawyers, so be careful to choose a true champion of our cause. Only hire a vaccine specialist recommended by Americas Frontline Doctors
  • FDA confiscation of private Ivermectin shipment from India. Receiver lost $280 on 300 pills.
  • Orange County Florida bureaucrat Dana Dotson 407-254-9954 campaign against religious exemptions.



  • CONgress got stampeded into FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real) Wuhan flu is like every other flu says many epidemiologists and virologists.
  • CONgress bought votes by sending money to retirees, and welfare recipients, and those already on unemployment, whose income was not affected.
  • CONgress cannot be trusted to put Americans interests ahead of buying re-election with taxpayer money and burdening our children and grandchildren with unconscionable un-payable debt.
  • CONgressional Democrats insisted on funding non-COVID “pork” in order to earn kickbacks that fund campaigns. Republicans did not object, so $1 trillion became $2.2 trillion.
  • CONgressional extreme borrowing ($25Trillion admitted) will enable 7 Federal Reserve governors to control the entire country by dictating policy.
    By raising interest rates back to normal 6%, they can confiscate 100% of federal income tax.
  • CONgress demonstrated eagerness to avoid accountability by agreeing to voice-votes, while lacking a quorum, to vote on the biggest $2.2 trillion spending bill in world history without even reading it.
  • CONgress, and especially Pelosi (3rd in line to presidency) failed to make ANY contribution to SOLUTIONS, preferring to snipe at President Trump.
  • CONgress irresponsibly preferred to divert money to their theaters, museums, and political insiders instead of $2 billion to protect the vulnerable electrical grid that could plunge America into darkness for years with an ElectroMagneticPulse bomb, or solar flare EMP.
  • Congressman Crenshaw video details the worldwide timeline of discovery and actions taken, debunking lots of Fake News, false criticism.
  • CONgress is shirking its responsibility to investigate criminal violations of prohibitions on chimera research, production of bio-weapons, and traitorously giving the technology to China (the country most likely to use it against us) to circumvent our laws (NIH grants RO1A1089728 & RO1A1110700).



  • China exported multiple flu epidemics due to unsanitary dangerous customs, and vermin they eat.
  • ANYONE arriving from China during flu season (Oct to Feb) should be medically screened, then checked again in 15 days.
  • Chinese Communist Party prohibited Chinese travel in & out of Wuhan, but allowed international travel (430k to U.S.) AFTER they discovered the disease.
  • A community of Chinese in north Italy broke out the first major infection upon returning from a major holiday in China.
  • We were over-reliant on China for essential medicines, and components of critical products. Supplies can be cut off.
  • 100% amino acid similarity to a bat virus means it was reverse-engineered, not natural. Best documentary vid on origin at Epoch Times.
  • Shi Zhengli (the bat lady) headed the Wuhan lab Chimera virus research that made it human-compatible (Chimera was a part-human Greek god).
  • China began destroying evidence Jan 1, six weeks after first discovery.
  • Was World Health Organization (WHO) complicit in China delaying this first notification by 6 weeks?
  • Shocking CBN video Outbreak exposes Dr Shi Zhengli (the bat woman) who runs the Wuhan lab doing dangerous weapons research that would be illegal in the U.S.
  • Dr. Lee Merrit,  BioWarfare expert, explains her belief that America is currently facing biological warfare.
  • Tucker Carlson reported Aug 3, 2021, China paid NY Times $100k/mo to write favorable articles. Paid $20mil to LA Times, Chicago Trib, Wash Post, Twitter. Politico hired a full-time CCP shill.



  • The Deep State is testing the limits of Americans compliance; we are ripe for dictatorship. Count the sheeple wearing masks.
  • Microsoft’s international Patent wo/2020/060606 filed in the World International Patent Organization on 3/26/2020 Cryptocurrency system using body activity data(like vaccination status). fits the Revelation 13:17 Mark of the Beast. To download click the Documents tab and Initial Publication. I was skeptical because the 666 reference is so obvious, but this is REAL.
  • Watch as Congressman Posey gets Fakebook to admit censoring vaccination safety info.
  • Fauci’s career is dotted with ethics, safety controversies inside NIH.
  • Dr Scott Atlas, Hoover Institute at Stanford disputes outrageous abuses of statistics, used to instill irrational fear.
  • Dr Jay Bhattacharya at Stanford, Md and PhD in Economics originally warned of hype.
  • American & German lawyer Reiner Fuellmich documents planned worldwide use of false fear to develop government ability to eliminate dissent.
  • Proposed forced morality pills (like fluoride in water) or Universal Mandatory Vaccination to ensure compliance.
  • Fauci and Collins (at NIH) cannot show ONE warning about the gain-of-function bioweapon they funded in China. A huge and growing body of evidence shows a criminal cover-up of crimes against humanity.



  • The Press uses language designed to increase FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real).
  • Covid19 is a scarier name than Corona, SARS2 or Wuhan flu. Press renamed it.
  • The word Virus is scarier than Flu. Press insisted on it.
  • The Press makes no attempt to offer statistical perspective, in fact they push a panic narrative by using statistics wrongly.
  • You can know this is a manufactured crisis because, with the exception of one excellent article in AARP, there is ZERO focus on building immunity.
  • COVID19 is a media-generated FRAUD. Fauci, in the New England Journal of Medicine, originally said the death rate would be one-tenth of a percent, akin to the annual flu.
  • New Stanford & USC antibody data shows an infection rate 50-85 times greater than previously reported; therefore the fatality rate is about one-tenth of a percent, similar to seasonal flu.
  • Press hype destroyed the worldwide economy, is creating untold alcohol/drug addictions fear & deaths due to depression.
  • Media used to tell both sides, because people demanded balance. Now labels any information as “Conspiracy Theory”  that does not agree with their story.
  • Rahm Emmanuel infamously said “You never want a good crisis go to waste”, you can get away with things that would otherwise get opposed.
  • Irresponsible Media burdened future generations with crushing debt rather than allow the Trump economy to get Trump re-elected.
  • Stop giving credibility to “Fact Check” sites that are cleverly worded to cast doubt on valid counterpoints to Mainstream Media, Big Pharma, and Deep State.
  • Social Distancing is a farce. Taiwan with 24 million people has 7 deaths, Japan 124 million people 1000 deaths, Singapore 12 deaths.
  • Dr Richard Bartlett will be demonized and disparaged by Big Pharma, Deep State, and Democrats for bringing inhaled Budesonide to our attention.
  • Shamefully, Russia TV carries more truth than Fake News in America. Link exposes myths.
  • Roger Ails at Fox News admitted 70% of their ad revenue came from Pharma. He would NOT allow any of his shows to speak against vaccines.



  • “Resistance is futile” may apply to Borg, but not to Americans. There is still a core of alert patriots who will not yield to dictatorship.
  • The most educated people are TRAINED into a worldview of compliance and conformity to achieve success. Occasionally someone breaks free of groupthink to relentlessly pursue TRUTH.
  • Liberals who learn to discern Fake News half-truths & deliberate omissions, and begin their own research, are turning away from their formerly trusted sources by the millions.
  • The biggest lie is in what the Press OMITS.
  • Critical thinking requires us to examine the “Pandemic” premise. Easily available statistics show the 1968 widespread flu affected 500 times more people without a shutdown.
  • After the fall of the Soviet Union, psychologists marveled at how people disliked the freedom to make decisions, they preferred government tell them what to do.
  • Americans have been unwilling to hold complicit experts, government, academia, and media accountable for demonstrably bad advice and edicts, and arrests.
  • Figures don’t lie, but liars figure (and misuse statistics).
  • As I wrote in Fundamental LiberalismTRUTH has no agenda“, but sheeple “willingly accept authority as truth, instead of truth as authority.”
  • Hitler said: “If the lie is big enough and repeated frequently enough, people will believe anything.”
  • Sheeple bullied into wearing masks (especially driving & jogging) exhibit a compulsion to demonstrate their conformity by Virtue Signaling.
  • Sheeple have no desire to find or understand data.
  • Sheeple no longer know how to search for or discern truth, gullibly relying on BIASED fact-checkers.
  • Sheeple submit to fake news and rely on “experts” rather than look at data themselves.
  • Sheeple listen to TV personalities and one-sided “experts”, never demanding counter-opinions that used to be presented.
  • Sheeple give up freedom for safety;  and get neither.
  • Sheeple are now afraid of healthy people.
  • Sheeple gleefully dismiss any evidence labeled “conspiracy theory”.
  • Sheeple are vying to prove themselves virtuous, by competing to impose increasingly ridiculous ineffective “safety” measures.
  • Quarantine is when you restrict the movement of sick people; tyranny is when you restrict the movement of healthy people.
  • Americans are well-trained to accept Universal Mandated Innoculation Patented technology includes an injectable tracker to certify compliance before travel & gatherings. Gill Bates, World Health Organization, and the United Nations endorse the population control possibilities which proved successful in Africa and got Bates expelled from India and 21 other countries. (FB censors posts against B.G.).
  • U.N. forced to admit Bates’ vaccine causing polio in Africa. Half of all infections worldwide are from the vaccine.
  • Decide NOW – What you will do when mandated to take a jab or Microsoft tattoo to keep your job.
  • Learn how to Defend Your Legal Rights.
  • Gil Bates funds 10% of the W.H.O. budget and he mandates mercury-laden vaccines in Africa that wreck people’s immune systems.
  • The Bible says “Do not forsake the assembling of yourselves together.” There are no exceptions to that, but Christians and their pastors have demonstrated willingness to submit to panic rather than trust Jesus and rebuke satan’s disease and lies.
  • Psychologists say masks are damaging, creating phobias, especially in children.
  • Some people seem to like wearing the mask because it allows them to hide behind it.
  • You might say “It is a felony to wear a mask while carrying a weapon” Then smile. Carry the sword of truth.
  • You actually can say “I cannot wear a mask for medical reasons.” HIPPA regulations prevent anyone from inquiring further.
  • Charis worldwide Bible School, attacked by Colorado, pushed back toward liberty in their lawsuit.
  • “Unvaccinated” are increasingly afraid of mutants whose compromised immune systems are now highly susceptible to diseases, and whose spike proteins may be causing strange phenomena (especially sexual disfunction) in people near them.

Still to be Learned:

  • You cannot spend your way to prosperity.
  • Why was W.H.O. monitoring Wuhan so closely that an alert was issued after just 44 flu infections? Was China aware of dangerous research?
  • Inadvertent activation of a bacteria/wheat gene thru recombinant DNA caused unintended effects. How will it caution us against Chimera research?
  • Which politicians coached Fauci to re-characterize seasonal flu as a pandemic?
    1.  In New England Journal of Medicine published Feb 28  Fauci wrote ” …more akin to those of a severe seasonal influenza (which has a case fatality rate of approximately 0.1%)”
    2.  Just 12 days later, on March 11, Fauci testified to CONgress “… 10x more lethal than seasonal flu.”
  • Investigate the implications of COVID PATENT #0060257852 filed Nov 2006 by Chiron Corporation at the U.S. Patent Office covering virus, testing, and remedies. It would appear section [0172] violates the current law. “The invention also includes a method for creating an attenuated SARS virus comprising mutating a SARS virus by adding, deleting or substituting the viral genome…”.
  • Patents protect financial gain. Why would someone patent a virus kit containing virus, detectors, and remedy?
  • Did Chiron create a Chimera virus predecessor or COVID19?
  • In October 2014, the US government imposed a moratorium on federal funding of Chimera research. Was it violated?
  • Nature science journal Nov 12, 2015 posted a warning from Simon Wain-Hobson, a virologist at the Pasteur Institute in Paris on research dating back to 2013 saying, “If the virus escaped, nobody could predict the trajectory”.  Once released into the environment, viruses cannot be recalled.
  • Richard Ebright, molecular biologist and bio-defense expert at Rutgers University said: “The only impact of this work is the creation, in a lab, of a new, non-natural risk,”.
  • Senator Ted Cruz series Wuhan Cover-up Episode 24 revealed admission by NIH of a 6-yr $3.7mil outsourcing of Fauci-authorized research to EcoHealth Alliance, that would be illegal domestically because making CHIMERA (partly human) viruses is prohibited in the U.S. That amount of money would buy anything and anyone in China.
  • COVID19 is a chimera (manmade human-spliced ) Franken-virus
  • Was the Deep State complicit in creating the virus? Did Fauci initiate the research? He DID circumvent the Chimera prohibitions.
  • Why was outsourcing done in China, the country most likely to use bio-weapons against us? Treason?
  • Did Obama fund Chinese researchers in violation of longstanding prohibitions on who was allowed access to weaponizable research?
  • Should Fauci & Birx, be criminally prosecuted?
  • Is Gil Bates the #2 funder of the World Health Organization as a means to sell his vaccines thru Universal Mandatory Vaccination?
  • Ethical considerations of Chimera research.
  • Why would any human allow themselves to be injected with substances no scientist fully understands, on hope it might prevent sickness their body is already designed to combat?
  • Are asymptomatic people KEY to “herd immunity”? Our body is designed to develop defenses against infection. If asymptomatic people pass a LOW viral load to anyone, their body learns to develop strong immunity that NO VACCINE can produce.
  • Did God realize we weren’t sharing sufficient germs and then invent kissing? 😉
  • Why does UTube repeatedly delete Dr Daniel Erickson, (owner of 7 emergency care facilities) expose’ on corruptly-induced panic?
  • Why do UTube, Fakebook, Google, and Tweetie get immunity as a public platform, yet delete, warn, degrade, shadow-ban, demonetize authors and articles they disfavor?
  • What effect will President Trump’s May 28, 2020 Executive Order Preventing Online Censorship have on people publishing the truth?
  • Why did Johns Hopkins censor their own researcher who published stats showing same total deaths as prior years, but huge decreases in every sub-category?
  • Why does government pay huge premiums for Covid diagnosis? You get what you pay for – more cases reported.
  • How did all these stories get buried by Legacy Media?
  • Will Merck buy and bury this likely cure for HPV that threatens their $7billion Gardisil vaccine?
  • Will blood (& organs) from a mutant donor (jabbed with the spike protein) be transplantable to a :non-vaxed: recipient without inciting an immune rejection? Currently vaxed donors are rejected.
  • Microbiology tech advances proceed without ethical restraints barring likely damage to our DNA and freedoms.
  • Will an international tribunal #Nuremberg2 prosecute Gates, Fauci, Collins, Zingli and others found complicit in genocide?
  • How will society protect millions of orphan children from being raised by the corrupt government that caused this crisis?


On a lighter note, if we stop shaking hands during flu season, which do you prefer?

  • Elegant Bow from the waist
  • Elbow bump
  • Fist bump
  • Salute
  • Head nod
  • Wave
  • Sign of the Cross
  • Yoga namaste (praying hands)
  • Raise chin and say w’sup
  • I object, continue handshakes


The somewhat reliable statistic is deaths, because infection reports are widely variable. depending on depth of testing, era, method, country, state.
However, instead of reporting just those who died of COVID, doctors complain of pressure to include people who died with or were “suspected” to have COVID to boost reimbursement.
Reports of falsified testing are rampant. People who failed to show for tests got letters stating they were infected.
Fox35 in Orlando found 300 labs reporting 100% positive, but it barely raised an eyebrow.

Flu name

Worldwide Dead

Deaths Per Million Population

1918 Spanish Flu (Alaska) 50 mil. 27,000
1957 Asian flu 2.5mil 862
1968 Hong Kong 2.5mil 708
2009 H1N1 363,000 53
Typical Seasonal Flu 450,000 100
COVID 2019 Wuhan 452,000 58   Jun 18, 2020 total

For perspective: Worldwide deaths by abortion each year is 40-50 million.
Liberals call that a choice, yet they conspire to deny you the choice of using HCQ.

Using stats I extracted from Worldometers May 14, 2020, we see it is 3 times safer to live in a state with a Republican governor. It may be they are focused on residents, and less on creating chaos.
Cuomo in NewYork has 1,417 deaths per million, Florida, with a older and larger population has 89 deaths per million. Who do you want making decisions for you?

As of May 14, 2020 Deaths Deaths per Million pop
Republican Governors 24,662 132
Democrat Governors 62,513 300

“My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge” Hosea 4:6 NKJV

“… For your merchants were the great men of the earth, for by your sorcery all the nations were deceived.” Revelation 18:23 NKJV
The word translated SORCERY is pharmakeia in Greek. This prophesy looks highly relevant to today.

“If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives to all liberally and without reproach, and it will be given to him.” James 1:5 NKJV

“Wisdom is the principal thing; Therefore get wisdom. And in all your getting, get understanding.” Proverbs 4:7 NKJV

Psalm 91 is a powerful standard in God’s love-letter, the Bible, that serious Christians believe, stand upon, and receive as their protection. At a large revival in Tampa on May 23-30, 2021 the assembly was asked how many people had experienced COVID19. Not one hand went up.

Good Sources for Understanding:

Wikipedia Influenza (unless it got changed since this writing).

WorldOmeters.info/coronavirus  sort by deaths per million and notice that currently (other than tiny populations) the 3 highest death rates (as of May 4, 2020)  in the southern hemisphere are 51, 41, and 32 per million. Summer! It will probably rise in their winter. Contrast with Belgium at 665 per million, the U.S. at 193 and sunny Florida at 62. Don’t shelter, Get outdoors!!!

Eminent epidemiologist, Professor Knut M. Wittkowski 

Dr Shiva, MIT Biological Engineer, focuses on immunity, and views the body as a designed system.

Much-maligned by Deep State, Dr Rashid Buttar exposes shocking truths. You decide.

Great wisdom of Dr VernonColeman.com from the U.K., the first to explain why we see simultaneous clots and bleeding.

I will add to these lessons as you contribute comments and evidence. Thank You.

Richard Webb is a researcher, not an MD or PhD, and this information is not medical advice, and is not intended to treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Use as a springboard for your own research. We recommend no controlled substances whatsoever, We sell nothing, and take no revenues from any source.  This is a curated collection of research from reliable Web resources, combined with experience and discernment of many experts. New content added several times a week.
Click the links and do your own research to confirm what I wrote to help you. If you find more studies, or have useful information to help others, please send me your comments.

BOOKMARK this page :  4Brevard.com/corona.shtml

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