Here’s how one Tribe used Cultural Marxism to irreparably destroy the American Republic!

What follows is an astute comment posted under an article titled:

School In Brooklyn Hands Out “Drag Queen In Training” Stickers To 4-Year-Old

The current ruling class is Jewish, and they are protecting the interests of their people extremely well. The principles of the Left and Right are all Jewish values.

On the Left, the Jewish principles of tolerance, diversity, multiculturalism, normalization of the extreme outliers, and the opposition to White cohesion are the foundation of Progressivism. These principles are to destroy group cohesion so that they can flourish in the chaos. The tools they use to destroy homogeneity are pornography, Marxism, degeneracy, Feminism, and eroding the family.

On the Right, the Jewish principles of free markets, unrestrained capitalism, debt, materialism, globalism, constant warfare in the Middle East, low regulation of businesses, and allowing corporations to overpower national governments are the foundations of Conservative, Inc. These principles are to allow for banking, business and finance to have priority over nationalism, nativism, community, and heritage.

None of the above are Western values in their current forms and priorities. The values of the West used to be Truth (Logos), honor, family, achievement, useful work, nation, beauty, and God (Christianity). These are nowhere to be found on the Left or Right.

The philosophical model of the Kosher Sandwich is much simpler, and a much more useful way of looking at our politics.

We are in a struggle between Zionist Jewish Power and Bolshevik Jewish Power. Each election cycle, one side wins and advances their agenda. If the other party gets in power, it switches. In either case, the West and White nations lose.

The point is that no matter which side of politics wins, White nations lose.

Most Whites simply don’t operate on the level of Narrative that is being used here, and with Jewish power controlling all the Narrative Institutions in the nation (academia, media, Hollywood, news), there is no option to change any of this, because any effort by Whites to change this and take power away from the Jewish Elite is countered with “Nazi, Nazi, Nazi” and “Muh White Supremacy”.

Until this entire financial/political system falls apart, I’m not sure how this will change, because even if you move to a White state like New Hampshire, start a farm, and attempt to live apart from the system, the system will come and find you and destroy your community.

I’m not sure how to change this corrosive dynamic we are in, but without a change this nation will be finished and become a vassal state of Israel, which it already is, and Whites will be relentlessly persecuted and hounded.

Sorry, but all this is simply the Truth, and there is no Hate in what I said. A collapse of the financial and banking system is our only way out of this.

— Pollygotacracker


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