A Great Empowerment Session for Coronavirus Prevention (Video)

A Message to Help Dispel Fear

By Kelly Brogan, MD

To shed some light on the current state of affairs and to help my community adopt a new narrative — one with self-empowerment is at the core — I recorded this video yesterday exclusively for my online membership, Vital Life Project, where we are incubating resiliency during this time of duress. 👊

I typically save my most personal video musings for VLP — a safe space where members are committed to the practice of personal inquiry, medical myth-busting, and radical responsibility.

Soon after recording this video, however, members started responding and sharing quotes on social media. And then I thought…

…maybe this video is an even more unusual (and refreshing?) message than I thought! 🤔

So, here it is…

We have the authority to choose the story that empowers our body with wisdom, quiets our nervous system, and affords us the opportunity to smile with a deep knowing that everything is unfolding exactly as it should to serve a collective return to love. I hope to help you make that choice. 🤗

For ongoing conversations and community built around this ethos of curiosity, self-ownership, and love over fear, join us inside my online community Vital Life Project. It’s a pretty special place, and all the more so in this moment in human history.


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