They’re calling every case of influenza and flu death—COVID-19.

And they don’t even have a reliable
diagnostic test for determining the
presence of this particular coronavirus.

Nor have the medical authorities provided
the precise coronavirus identification and
quantification data that proves COVID-19
actually exists.

But why?

Here’s why: PLANDEMIC! Forensic and Circumstantial Evidence Proves Multiple Acts of Bioterrorism…
… to Manufacture an Apocalyptic Pandemic and Stage an Unparalleled Panic

KEY POINT: Given the reality conveyed by the title of the preceding link, it ought to be obvious why the authorities cannot release a single fact or vital truth about COVID-19.  To do so would incriminate the perpetrators who are behind this global tidal wave of bioterrorism.  Were they to provide the scientific details about this particular coronavirus, the entire official narrative would fall apart in a New York minute.  The London-based International Banking Cartel and their NYC financial terrorists (e.g. Goldman Sachs) know this full well.  After all, it’s their fiat money that funds all the scientific research institutions, medical centers, university laboratories and testing facilities that could ferret out the truth and tell humanity.

Everything now points to multiple bioterrorist attacks being conducted around the globe—24/7.  China, Iran, Italy and South Korea were the initial targets of these naked acts of bioterrorism for obvious reasons. See: Dates of first COVID-19 infection and chain of transmission point to 3 separate bioterrorist attacks in China, Italy and South Korea

There’s another reason why both government officials and medical authorities have been so evasive about COVID-19; it’s the integral piece of CORONAVIRUS SYNDROME: The Ultimate Genocidal Bioweapon System

State of the Nation
March 22, 2020

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