Major Pandemic Control Development by NWO Globalists While No One Watches

March 1, 2022 MAX ALERT: Negotiations to fully lock man into the System and WWIII

Our Greater Destiny

International treaty on pandemic prevention and preparedness

12.21 The World Health Assembly kick started a global process to draft and negotiate a convention, agreement or other international instrument under the World Health Organization [WHO] Constitution, to strengthen pandemic prevention, preparedness and response.

Globalist’s prevention = man’s loss of rights and freedoms

An intergovernmental negotiating body meets 1 March 2022, and will eventually deliver a progress report to the 76th WHA in 2023, with the aim to adopt the legally binding instrument by 2024 enabling member countries to strengthen national, regional and global capacities and resilience to future pandemics.

If it passes

This instrument will over ride member state constitutions eroding individual rights and freedoms.

If it passes, the WHO can dictate draconian measures under a global legal agreement that uses a declaration of global emergency as cover to do what globalists order them to do.

If it passes, corporations can have police and military act against the people. If they resist, UN forces will be deployed to take action.

Signing such an instrument is an act of treason against the people.

Signing it nullifies any right to govern and calls for their immediate removal, to ensure the safety and freedom of member state nations and its peoples.

Distractions assist world government power grabs

New World Order

Informed individuals are asked to write to your government to avert this power grab.

Global geopolitical chessboard set up for WW III

State of the Nation

Major moves and massive maneuvers executed on the global geopolitical chessboard since 9/11 are similar to the naked warmongering by the Anglo-American Axis prior to both World War I & II.

As always, Europe is ground zero for this utterly manufactured armed conflict in Ukraine that will be used to incite a World War III scenario.

Whereas World War I was deliberately triggered in Sarajevo, Bosnia in southern Europe, and World War II was intentionally started in Poland (Eastern Europe), World War III is being quite purposefully provoked in Eastern Europe—the Ukraine.

Here’s why these world wars are always staged in Europe.

A closer look at the Ukraine – get ready

The ‘Cold War’ between US and Russia did not start, as the Western myth has it, with Russia’s involvement in the breakaway of Crimea and Donbass from Ukraine, after Ukraine — next door to Russia — had suddenly turned rabidly hostile toward Russia in February 2014.

Perilous change possible, so please share for people with open minds to know and prepare. TY!


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