No one died at the Texas school except maybe the disturbed trans kid in the parking lot. He never got into the school because security is way too tight for anyone to slip through.

Let’s begin with this firsthand testimony from a knowledgeable Texas mom:

Jim, my youngest son (who is 19 years old now) went to elementary, middle and high school in TX. Three different cities.

By the time 2014 rolled around, ALL schools in our area had been retrofitted (and new schools designed with) buzz- in systems, where you could not walk into the school without being buzzed in by the front office. Parents would literally have to give their name, the name of their student, and the reason for their visit. You would sit outside and wait a couple minutes while the administration and staff verified that your student was a real student at the school.

Once inside, the only place accessible to any visitor was the front office. There was bulletproof glass and / or heavy locked doors leading to all other areas of the school, and this was at multiple schools throughout the years that my son attended. All schools were designed this way! It was done intentionally to stop mass shootings.

There is no way that in 2022 the shooter had access to a classroom.

Now here’s the real short story for an investigative journalist:

It is aggravating to see Alex chase a snipe with this one lemmetellya! First, no one died. A trans was shot in the parking lot by concealed carry and the police took him away. Then 17 people died. Then 21 people died. 3 teachers and 18 students. And they were clear on that and posted everyone’s photo. Now I just hit Drudge and 19 people died. So whatever.

— Jim Stone

Then there is this anonymous submission:

What a horribly planned attack. The guy wore a protective vest. Where’d he get that from…. hmmmm?! The guns from where? He knew exactly where and how to get into the school. He knew how to do the most damage. And he was killed…. bye bye. No words about his parents. Former classmates say vague nothings.

Everything points to a two-staged black operation as follows:

First, a terribly distressed and mentally ill transgendered Latino kid — 18-year-old Salvador Ramos — was either apprehended or killed in the parking lot of the Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas.

Next, an armed and ammoed up look-a-like was sent into the school to prowl the halls and take over a classroom.  If any school children died, it was likely from a planted assassin in that school room.  On the other hand, it’s quite likely nobody died and, therefore, everyone one involved in this hoax was a paid crisis actor or willing drama queen.

Since the post-mass shooting press conferences have produced no hard evidence whatsoever that anyone died in that school, this entire event may have been staged exactly like the Sandy Hook Elementary School hoax.

Lastly, this entire CIA-coordinated, false flag, mass shooting hoax has all the elements of an NDAA-permitted terror event and propaganda psyop which can be ‘legally’ conducted by the Department of Defense for reasons of ‘national security’.  See: “FALSE FLAGS” are LEGAL PROPAGANDA Produced by the Department of Defense

KEY POINT: In this particular case, ‘national security’ means conducting a “gun control” propaganda psyop designed to take away firearms from all gun-owning, law-abiding, American Patriots who are [PERCEIVED] to pose a threat to the illegitimate Biden administration that seized power by stealing the 2020 POTUS election.  These DoD and Deep State psyop perps also believe the same Patriots must be stripped of any weaponry that could be used to prevent a violent bolshevik-style takeover of the American Republic by the communist-controlled Democrat Party and their fascist RINO co-conspirators.

Please see the following exposé for a more in-depth treatment of this transparent government-directed, gun-grabbing MCE hoax: The Uvalde Texas School Shooting is a Complete and Total Hoax 

State of the Nation
May 25, 2022

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