There’s perhaps no better example of Queen Elizabeth’s sense of royal humor than this……

…where she made sure that POTUS Imposter
Joe Biden would be seated at her funeral service
at Westminster Abbey.

Submitted by The Court Jester

Photo of Joe Biden seated well behind all the heads of state of many small African and South American nations.

“The alleged President of the United States — “Joe Biden” — was made to wait for his seat, and then placed 14 rows to the back, with the potentates of the Third World, in behind the president of Poland! This humiliation of “the leader of the free world” the head of state of a country with a “special relationship” with the UK.” [1]

Like we said, the Queen had a jolly good sense of humor … … … and her loyal staff performed swimmingly.

And then the Queen’s court said (quite jokingly) that the Bidens were merely seated in the back according to ‘funeral protocol’.

How’s that for a “Special Relationship”?!

The Court Jester
State of the Nation
October 2, 2022


[1] Queen Elizabeth II Dead An End of An Era

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