Deep State Is In Deep Sh*t

2024 POTUS Campaign Season
Is Shaping Up To Be — BY FAR —
The Most Truth-Telling And
System Busting In U.S. History

The Armchair Political Analyst
SOTN Exclusive

Already the 2024 election cycle has shattered all of the historical expectations of what the American electorate has come to expect from the quadrennial mud-wrestling match.

Never before have there been so many falsehoods flying in the very same space as truth bombs dropping.  And, both major parties have HUGE uninvited skunks at the picnic who simply refuse to leave.

Now this poses a HUGE problem for the Deep State control freaks.  For they already had their hands fulls with trying to control the massive daily data dumps by the Alt Media.  Even with AI monitoring every keystroke of every digitally connected person on the net, The Powers That Be are still being overwhelmed.

Not only that, but every Conservative, Christian and/or Patriot digital soldier and keyboard warrior on the Internet has seemingly singled out their Deep State enemies for total and complete destruction between now and Election Day.

You really gotta love it!

The whole Deep State is collapsing faster that the Twin Towers on 9/11.

Now, if you really want to understand where this election cycle is heading, read this:

The Nuclear Truth War Begins


There can only be one conclusion to this compelling analysis: Either there will be no election in 2024 or the Democrats will attempt to carry out multiple steals (including POTUS) for the third election cycle in a row.

Joe Biden obviously cannot win a second term if he even lives that long.

Deep State’s other Democrat frontrunner, Gavin Newsom, has wrecked and ruined California so much that he’s now unelectable.

Of course, there’s always “Big Mike” from Team Obama, but he/she/it will not risk the national exposure of her truly twisted relationship with Manchurian Candidate Barack Hussein Obama.  Also, voters on both sides of the aisle now understand what the shockingly horrific Obamanation was really all about.

What the foregoing state of affairs means for the Democrats is that any type of steal in 2024 will appear as yet another naked election theft.  Which translates to: “Three strikes and they’re out!”  The Right will not allow another outright steal of the White House, we think … we hope … we…..

Therefore, if, in the final analysis, the Deep State believes that their man will not win even after using every means necessary to stealthily steal POTUS, their one and only option is to cancel Election Day via some sort of fake national emergency.

For example, staging the often referenced Operation Blue Beam is something they are just stupid and desperate enough to do.

NASA’S PROJECT BLUE BEAM: Here’s what you need to know

Is the Khazarian Cabal so desperate that they’ll try to
pull off Project Blue Beam?

PROJECT BLUE BEAM: Brought to you by NASA (Video)

These are the 4 major phases of PROJECT BLUE BEAM.

Remember, these are G-men we are dealing with—the stupidest and most reckless crew of criminally insane psychopaths on the planet. Which means they would think nothing of triggering a nuclear World War III if they felt that was their only alternative.

BOTTOM LINE: Truly, Deep State is in deep sh*t.  After all, what can they possibly do with the 2024 POTUS election?  Due to their serial election stealing, We the People have them dead to rights before, during and after their long-planned theft.  There are now some very smart and competent people watching every move the Democrat thieves make.  These patriotic cyber-crackerjacks will grab every digital signature and fingerprint left at the electoral crime scenes…in real time, and with definitive date stamps.  Which means the NWO perps either have to cancel the election via the false pretext of an even bigger crime wave against humanity, or they’ll need to work triple time to take out the most popular candidates.  And by the way, CIA-coordinated assassinations won’t work this time as everyone now knows their MO; neither will poisonings and Covid bioweapons, car crashes and cancer weapons, etc. to permanently incapacitate.  There are simply too many anti-NWO POTUS contenders for those juvenile ploys to plausibly work in 2024.

The Armchair Political Analyst
State of the Nation
July 2, 2023

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