*Please post and send out this very serious warning for these
4 POTUS candidates because this really is America’s last chance
to reclaim the Republic, if it’s not already too late.

An Open Letter To These Four
Game-changing POTUS Candidates

Donald Trump

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

Ron DeSantis

Vivek Ramaswamy

First, may we sincerely commend each of you for speaking truth to power in way NEVER heard before in U.S. political history.

However, now it’s time to take off the gloves.

What we really mean by that is going full-on “Bruce Lee” … on all of them.  On every single Democrat and liberal, socialist and communist, leftist and wokester, bolshevik and anarchist, etc.

Like many of Bruce Lee’s opponents in the video above, all of the globalist candidates representing the New World Order cabal are both defenseless and powerless.

Powerless because they only use falsehood; and defenseless because who can possibly stand against the truth.

What are we talking about?

Take your pick.

Each of you four truth speakers can pick and choose whatever HUGE politically incorrect issue (listed below) you want to explode during this campaign season.  Such as:

• The criminal child mutilation, poisonous child drugging and child sexual abuse being permitted and often promoted in all 50 states

• The COVID-19 bioweapon and weaponized Covid vaccines launched to perpetrate a slow motion genocide against the American people 

• The illicit state laws now permitting infanticide whereby a newborn baby can be legally killed via a murderous abortion premeditated by mother and physician

• The burgeoning Transgenderism agenda and LGBTQIA+ movement which are designed to highly sexualize and stealthily groom even our youngest children

• The proven treasonous exploits and influence peddling of the entire Biden Crime Family especially Joe, Hunter and James Biden (including Joe Biden’s history of pedophilia and sexual assault)

• The multi-decade grand theft of taxpayers’ dollars from the U.S. Treasury warranting the immediate dissolution of the traitorous Federal Reserve System and Internal Revenue Service along with the annulment of the unconstitutional Federal Reserve Act of 1913

• The malicious weaponization of the DoJ, FBI, NSA, CIA, ATF, DEA (read: the entire US Intelligence Community) against the American people and friendly nations now demands their complete elimination. 

• The expeditious dissolution of these rabidly anti-health federal agencies — CDC, FDA, HHS & NIH — and investigation of their conspiratorial roles in the ongoing genocide of the US citizenry

• The vigorous prosecution of Big Pharma and all participating Medical Associations, every Hospital and Medical Center, which conspired to turn the American Healthcare System into a massive killing factory during this Covid era       

• The US government’s state-sponsored 9/11 false flag terrorist operation executed by the U.S. Military, CIA, NSA, FBI in collusion with the state of Israel, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom and NATO (as well as the continued cover-up)

• The state-coordinated assassinations of JFK, RFK and MLK by the FBI, C.I.A. and secret agencies of the U.S. Intelligence Community that existed in the 1960s  

• The state-sponsored terrorist attack known as the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing carried out by the CIA, ATF and FBI among other guilty institutional parties  

• The ongoing theft of many billion of taxpayer’s dollars sent to the Kiev’s Nazi regime to support proven war criminal Zelensky who is aggressively promoted by the Neocon cabal that controls the Biden administration 

• The most transparent POTUS election theft in American history which saw the communist-run Democrat crime syndicate outright steal 2020 from Donald Trump, among many other stolen elections  

• The naked gubernatorial election theft which saw Katie Hobbs overturn Kari Lake’s victory in Arizona among other thefts throughout that state in 2022 

• The hundreds of election thefts which are systematically executed by both Democrats and RINOs alike that occur each and every election cycle which are never talked about and easily covered up

• The ongoing chemical geoengineering  program that sprays toxic chemtrail aerosols in the skies of all 50 states to block the sun and to artificially induce warmer weather patterns through the constant generation of chemcloud cover which holds the heat close to the surface of the Earth  

Is that enough?

Do you four candidates need more to talk about that will captivate the attention of every voter and non-voter?

Do you want to grab some of those non-voters for yourself in 2024?

Now, please, cherry-pick the most explosive and radioactive from this list … or come up with your own.

Also, don’t even think about winning this election because The Powers That Be already have the outcome fixed, AS YOU ALL KNOW.

Just use the remaining 16 months to blast out these raw truths like never before.  After all, there’s nothing to lose since each one of you has already completely broken Overton’s window which you can never be put back together (and you know exactly what we mean).

Most importantly — Donald Trump, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Ron DeSantis, Vivek Ramaswamy — you can be sure there will never be another opportunity to do this — FOR ANYONE — given the rapidly accelerating downward spiral of the American Republic into a full-blown tyranny.

Now here’s the punchline.  Whereas you four truth-tellers are the lightning rods for disseminating hard truth throughout the realm, there’s a much greater task at hand WHICH MUST BE ACCOMPLISHED*.  For it is the job of the U.S. citizenry to reclaim the sovereignty of the American Republic, not yours.

*For example, by courageously speaking truth to power about the cultural marxist agenda to repugnantly corrupt and sexualize America’s youth, you four will show the parents across the USA how to speak their own powerful truth.  Every mother and grandmother and godmother and surrogate mother and child guardian will then find their own voices so they can roar like a lioness within their respective communities to shut down this abomination.

Similarly, all Patriots will rise to the occasion when they hear you four speak about the various crimes (described above) committed against the American people and this Republic over many decades.  Only then will the Second American Revolution begin in earnest, as it must if we are to survive as a free union of sovereign states.

In essence, you four POTUS candidates are leading the Patriot charge up the hill in this final battle of what will be the last war between the forces of light and the powers of darkness in this era.  We fully trust that each of you is up to the task.


Respectfully submitted by
Very Concerned American Patriots
SOTN Exclusive

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