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Not sure it gets any bigger than this!

When’s the last time any major organ of the CIA’s Mockingbird Media ever published a piece extremely critical of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL)? 

Well, guess what, just posted an opinion piece that excoriated the ADL for what it has always been—an extreme hate group and illicit global censorship platform.  As follows:

MSM SEA CHANGE: Even the corporate media is turning against
the ADL hate group and censorship platform

There’s been a well-known saying throughout the Alt Media for decades: “Whoever controls the media controls the world”.

There’s another lesser known truism that acknowledges that only six major corporations control virtually the entire mainstream media space.  And, that the Khazarian Cabal has always exerted complete command and control over those 6 media behemoths via their captured shareholders, bondholders, option-holders, derivative-holders, real estate ownership, interlocking directorships, etc.

However, nothing lasts forever as we have seen throughout 2023.  The higher one’s platform, no matter how powerful and seemingly invincible, the farther they fall when they’re knocked down.

It seems that the ADL is about to get knocked off its VERY high perch in a way never seen before in American history.  That’s because: whoever has the biggest dog in the fight wins the fight, especially in today’s American junkyard.

In other words, Twitter is a LOT bigger than the ADL. (See: ADL FINALLY EXPOSED AS HATE GROUP & CENSORSHIP SCAM! Elon Musk Slams Anti-Defamation League With Unprecedented Ban Proposal)

And, Elon Musk is a LOT bigger than Jonathan Greenblatt, the current puny CEO of ADL.

Yes, the Khazarian Cabal is all-pervasive and all-powerful in it own unique and covert ways.  However … … …

At the end of the day, WHOEVER HAS THE BIGGEST BALLS IS THE BOSS, especially if they can avoid being suicided as Musk has quite cleverly done by his daily domiciling in different places routine.

Guess what, Elon’s cojones right now are looking BIGGER than even of King Kong’s and Godzilla’s combined.


Love or hate ’em, Elon Musk is justifyingly terrorizing the Khazarian’s Media Mafia as never witnessed before.  This is gonna be like King Kong and Godzilla each grabbing an arm of the epitome of weasels — Jonathan Greenblatt — and then beating him over the head with them after the monsters have torn both off. (Sorry, but this op-ed is for adults only.)

Once this monumental media war was triggered, there’s simply no putting the genie back in the bottle, only in this case Musk is a good genie.  Just read the tweets that have been posted at the following article since this truly “Epic Media War of the Millennium” first blew up:

TWITTER vs. ADL: Elon Musk decides to get in the ring with
CEO Jonathan Greenblatt instead of Mark Zuckerberg 

Yeah, yeah, yeah, we’ve heard it all about how Elon is one of them; he’s a corporate welfare giant; that every company he started was a secret DARPA enterprise, he’s another fake savior here to con US into believing he’s going to save the day …. yada, yada, yada.

So who the f*ck cares at this critical point of world history as long as Elon is graphically and irreversibly exposing the 800-pound elephant IN EVERYONE’S FRIGGIN’ LIVING ROOM?!?!?!

Really, who the eff cares?!

Just go get ’em Elon, while you still have Twitter to finish the job.

What job?


Elon Musk Threatens to Sue the ADL and Release Communications
Between ADL and Other Groups Pushing to Censor Twitter-X Accounts

Oh, and by the way Khazarian Mafia lovers, Elon Musk is just the tip of the flippin’ spear.  Behind him stands millions upon millions of angry armed Patriots who will make their move when the right time comes.

The patently unconstitutional, unlawful, illegal, illicit  censorship that has been systematically carried out against Patriots, Christians, Conservatives, Libertarians, Tea Partiers, Constitutionalists, etc. — at the direct instigation of the Anti-Defamation League — is such that the ADL has totally pissed off the entire Right—FOREVER!!!

No one ever wants their voice shut down the way that the ADL has gotten away with.  And all the while, as they spew their hate and venom and fear and rancor and enmity and loathing and terror across the planet, Jonathan Greenblatt stands behind this totally false front of:


There should be no doubt in anyone’s mind at this late date, that the ADL = House of the Father of Lies.


Lastly, don’t forget where this pernicious and perfidious cancer originally came from as always:

The Anti-Defamation League: Britain’s Zionist Gestapo

The Media Analyst
State of the Nation
September 6, 2023


X = CANCEL: After ADL attacks Twitter, Musk set to cancel Greenblatt’s extreme hate group

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