NWO Cyber-Terrorists Launch Major Attack on SQUARE & CASH APP Right After CEO Jack Dorsey Started Retweeting Content by VIP Truth-Tellers

SQUARE & CASH APP Payment Platforms Taken Down Nationwide Via Massive Cyber-Attack

SOTN Editor’s Note:  The Tyrannical Technocracy just leapt to a new plateau of brazenness and recklessness in the their perpetration of cyber-attacks on any major platform that does not conform with their woke New World Order agenda.

Truth-telling Alt Media websites such as ZeroHedge, Natural News, Infowars, Steve Quayle, Gateway Pundit, Rense, Mercola, Citizen Free Press, Whatfinger, The Liberty Daily, Rumor Mill News, The Burning Platform, All News Pipeline, State of the Nation, etc. have all undergone massive censorship campaigns and periodic takedowns over the years.  But now the Deep State cyber-terrrorist are targeting HUGE payment platforms like Jack Dorsey’s Square payment platform and Cash App mobile payment service.

As seen in the screenshot above, both Square and Cash App services were totally disrupted on Thursday, September 7th.  For many of us Alt Media users, we were not able to access any service or product on those two websites.  This deliberate cyber-attack caused major disruptions and inconveniences across the country which users are still very affected by.

The following MSM article regarding that brutal takedown of SQUAREUP.com makes it quite clear this was a revenge attack against CEO Jack Dorsey.  There is no question that Dorsey has been leaving the NWO reservation ever since he resigned as Twitter CEO.  With his recent embrace of RFK Jr and retweeting of Glenn Greenwald, it appears he has left the Woke reservation for good … but not without great consequence to his primary business enterprise—SQUARE & CASH APP.

It’s important to note that Squareup.com had been down all day Thursday with disruptions to all services in a way never seen or experienced with any major payment platform.  Therefore, it’s quite likely that highly trained cyber-terrorists, operating under the direction of the U.S. Intel Community, perpetrated this bold cyber-crime.

What follows is an MSM report on this event, which was actually a naked assault on Freedom of Speech, that also gives the clues to who the real perps were.

State of the Nation
September 10, 2023

SF-Based Square and Cash App Experience Widespread Outages, Leading to Widespread Headaches


If you were trying to pay for something with Square or Cash App today and had a problem, you’re not alone.

Square, and its Cash App, both apps were experiencing major issues Thursday.

The website Downdetector was showing over 18,000 reports of Square being down on Thursday just after noon.

Similarly, Cash App was being reported down by more than 8,000 users and counting.

“Our engineers are all actively working on a fix to address this disruptions [sic] and have now received confirmation that Balance and Transfers are currently affected by this disruption,” Square said in a statement.

CashApp tweeted, “We’re aware of an issue that’s affecting multiple features of the app and are actively investigating. Please visit https://status.cash.app for the most recent updates.”

An update at that link as of 2:51 p.m. PT says, “Your patience is greatly appreciated while we work to investigate this issue. As a reminder, please do not attempt to log out of your Cash App account in the meantime.”

Bet that message really made it to many users!!

It’s unclear whether this rolling into a full-blown crisis, and the tech pubs haven’t even reported on it yet.

KRON4 was the first outlet to report on the outages locally.

It is clear these outages are having real-world consequences in the age of widespread digital payments for everything.


Square changed its name to Block back in late 2021, signaling co-founder Jack Dorsey’s increasing focus on crypto and blockchain technology.

Cash App, originally called Square Cash, first launched in 2013.

Meanwhile today, Dorsey has been retweeting shit from Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and increasingly right-wing (or anti-left-wing) culture warrior Glenn Greenwald.

Photo: Clay Banks/Unsplash


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