OPERATION DESTROY AMERICA : The Sinister Khazarian Plot To Collapse The Republic

The Well-Concealed Khazarian Back Story

Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg (left) and his chief prosecutor Meg Reiss


Here is Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s chief handler and Democrat driving force behind the political persecution and malicious prosecution of President Trump in NYC.

Submitted by The Armchair Political Analyst
SOTN Exclusive

Behind every single black mayor, county administrator, district attorney, state’s attorney, etc. in America, there is a Khazarian handler.

The only reason why the most corrupt and incompetent, compromised and therefore easily manipulated blacks are installed into their respective offices is because they will do ANYTHING their Khazarian masters tell them to.  Here’s how it’s done: Jewish Billionaires Use Blacks to Oppress Others, says Indian-American Lawyer.

In this way, the Khazarian Cabal has been extremely successful hiding behind their black frontmen especially when undertaking the political prosecutions of their enemies in the US government and throughout Corporate America.  After all, anyone who criticizes any black leader, politician, or government official these days is called a racist.

KEY POINT: When President Trump recently stated that “he would solve Russia’s yearlong war in Ukraine in 24 hours if he’s reelected to the White House”, he made himself an arch-enemy of the Khazarian Cabal.

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SOTN Editor’s Note: The complex criminal conspiracy to falsely indict President Donald Trump actually has its roots in the final days of the Obama administration.  The key institutional players are the John Jay College of Criminal Justice and the Obama White House.

At that time, hardcore liberal prosecutor Meg Reiss was appointed the Executive Director of the INSTITUTE FOR INNOVATION IN PROSECUTION, which operates under the auspices of the John Jay College of Criminal Justice.  It should now be abundantly clear just how innovative Ms. Reiss has gotten in criminally cobbling together indictments that have absolutely no basis in law.

In point of fact, Meg Reiss’s entire career smacks of a Khazarian Mafia legal hitwoman whose only mission is to irreversibly destroy the rule of law across America.  In her eyes, the civil and criminal law of the land — also known as the United States Code — simply doesn’t exist.  As follows:

See how corrupt the collusion is between the White House and
JJCCJ’s Innovation in Prosecution whose Executive Director
Meg Reiss is Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s
secret handler pushing the false indictment
of President Trump.

As for insider information that corroborates the deep “Meg Reiss” connection to the malicious Democrat prosecution of Trump, the following tweet posted by a former New York police officer captures the essence of this collusive witch hunt.


Then there is the following hard evidence of extremely anti-Trump tweeting by Meg Reiss, which she quickly tried to disappear from the Internet after being revealed by the Alt Media.

Less than 24 hours after the Gateway Pundit exposed Manhattan Assistant District Attorney Meg Reiss’ public hatred of Donald Trump on Twitter, Reiss – who’s been accused of masterminding the case against the former president, locked and then deleted her account.
(Source: Manhattan Assistant DA Disappears Her Twitter Account After Anti-Trump Bias Exposed)

BOTTOM LINE: If there is one George Soros-backed prosecutor in the country who is leading the charge to establish the rule of the communist jungle in all 50 states, it is the incorrigibly corrupt prosecutor Meg Reiss. (See: “Reiss has probably had more impact on radical weaponized prosecutors around the country than any other single individual.”)  Which means that a Patriot APB needs to be disseminated, post-haste, concerning the extraordinary menace to society pictured below.


The Armchair Political Analyst
State of the Nation
March 31, 2023

Recommended Reading

FIGURES! Some of the most corrupt and reviled Soros-supported Federal Prosecutors, DAs and State’s Attorneys in the country are on Meg Reiss’s “Advisory Board”

Special Note

The following exposé posted in its entirety explains the highly organized and sinister Khazarian scheme to completely destroy the rule of law across the USA.  Basically, the Khazarian Cabal uses white, rich and powerful cultural marxists like Khazarian George Soros to fund the election of fake Jewish attorneys who then act as the handlers of the very easily manipulated and stunningly ignorant black District Attorneys, State Attorneys and lower-level prosecutors as described above.  Of course, the black attorneys are also elected with the full financial and moral support of the Khazarian billionaires as well.  Which brings us to the central purpose of this post: Indian-American Attorney Lays Bare the MOST DANGEROUS Khazarian Conspiracy to Collapse the American Republic.  For only in this stealthy manner will a sufficient degree of lawlessness and chaos prevail throughout the 50 states so that the rule of the jungle provides the cover necessary for the next stage OPERATION DESTROY AMERICA.

Jewish Billionaires Use Blacks to Oppress Others, says Indian-American Lawyer


‘The problem is, Jews and Blacks work together, in tandem (I call it the “gangster nightclub model”) wherein Jews act as the brains/organizers/money power, while their Blacks operate as the “bouncers”or the “muscle.”‘
by RS
I applaud your courageous stands, day after day, hour after hour on Twitter and other platforms, where you fight against and expose the complete and total hypocrisy of Zionist Jewish enslavement of the USA but also its use of American Blacks as their “muscle” and “shield” to get away with everything that they do to American citizenry not sharing this Jewish faith.
Being an Indian-American lawyer in New York City, I see first-hand the con-artist chicanery of the Jewish billionaires who run this city (and country) and how they, in order to avoid getting exposed, install the cruelest, dumbest, most incompetent, and unethical money and power hungry Blacks into positions of authority, (of course where a Jewish Communist is always at the top of that agency) in order to do their bidding.
Who can accuse a Black judge of being racist?
Or a black police officer of being a racist thug?
Or a black administrative government worker of violating your civil rights or being corrupt, incompetent, inefficient, or unfair?
The problem is, Jews and Blacks work together, in tandem (I call it the “gangster nightclub model”) wherein Jews act as the brains/organizers/money power, while their Blacks operate as the “bouncers”or the “muscle.”
The vast majority of people that these two races oppress, hurt, exploit, extort, target, steal from, threaten, terrorize, humiliate, torture are non-Jews and non-Blacks.
In other words, the people of New York City who get destroyed by this “model of repression” are American citizen descendants of  India, China, Mexico, Arab/Muslim nations, Koreans, Asians, Philipinos, Albanians, Latinos, Hispanics, and everyone else (including Christian Non-Jewish Whites).
These two races (Blacks and Jews) have pound for pound, chosen/elevated ALL of the elected officials in New York City (and State) including all of the federal/state judges, congress and senate, and executive branch of the richest most powerful city in America, New York City, which acts as a progressive, communist, socialist trend-setter for the rest of the nation.
After the Jewish Mafia in 1994 gave then New York U.S. Attorney Rudolph Giuliani, all of the physical evidence that he needed to convict and incarcerate the entire Italian (Catholic) Mafia in New York, the Jewish Mafia became totally unopposed in their Khazarian Mafia rule over New York City, and the rest of America.
Then the Jews began to actively and aggressively recruit and elevate corrupt, stupid, and easily controllable Blacks as the city’s judges (federal and state), legislative and executive, and have been robbing and oppressing everyone else, ever since.
The Jews in the federal and state courts use the Blacks to undermine the U.S. Constitution and to then elevate their own Talmudic, Noahide, Torah-based Jewish laws instead of the U.S. Constitution.
No one apparently sees this, and it’s totally frustrating.
Furthermore, no one is talking about the hundreds of thousands of non-Jewish and non-Black American citizens, that are getting killed or murdered or cheated or having their civil rights violated, every single day, by Black police officers, black judges, black administrative workers, black immigration officers, etc.


(Indian American issues a call to arms to whites)
It far outweighs any civil rights being perpetrated against blacks, who, along with American Jews, completely DOMINATE the U.S. Congress, Senate, Judiciary, and Executive Branch of the United States, while the Indians, Chinese, Koreans, Asians, Arabs, Muslims, Latinos, Mexicans, and poor or non-Jewish Christian Whites, have NOBODY protecting/defending their interests in case they are targeted or oppressed by out of control Blacks and Jews in government, or the private sector.
Please spread this information, and bring this to the attention of your millions of readers/followers.
This “white guilt” has to stop, as we are doing their job to destroy us, for them, with this defeatist, resigned, weakling attitude.


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