FIGURES! Some of the most corrupt and reviled Soros-supported Federal Prosecutors, DAs and State’s Attorneys in the country are on Meg Reiss’s “Advisory Board”

*Click on the graphic below to enlarge.

This assemblage of Soros-installed lawyers in key positions, whose endeavors promote utter lawlessness and criminal chaos nationwide, is as dangerous to the American Republic as it gets.

Cyrus Vance Jr.
Former District Attorney of New York County

Kim Foxx
State’s Attorney, Cook County, IL

George Gascón
District Attorney, Los Angeles County

Karen Friedman Agnifilo
Former Chief Assistant District Attorney of the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office

Katherine Fernandez Rundle
State’s Attorney, Miami-Dade County, FL

Roy L. Austin
Former Deputy Assistant Attorney General, Civil Rights Division, DoJ

Paul Butler
Former Federal prosecutor with the U.S. Department of Justice


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