PROJECT PORN 2023: A Cultural Marxist Psyop Carried Out To Further Pervert The Democrat Party And Normalize The Hyper-Sexualization Of Politics


A Very Stealthy Black Operation Designed To
Irreparably Tear The Fabric Of American Society

If it’s not clear already from reading the article posted below in its entirety, it will be now.  The Democrat Party has been transformed by its communist masters into the political party of extreme moral depravity and ethical debasement.  In point of fact, hardcore cultural marxists have been aggressively recruited into all of the key leadership positions in all 50 states.  Their explicit mission is to corrupt the Democrat Party to it core and normalize criminal conduct in all facets of it devastating operations nationwide.  In essence, the party now operates as a full-blown, RICO-level, international crime syndicate.

Toward that end, Democrat candidates are now being selected who simply have no conscience, who will do or say anything necessary to advance the odious New World Order agenda, and who will commit any crime when called upon to do so.  The methodical psychological use of pornography goes a long way in this process of compromising the most strategically positioned Democrats in the key states. (It’s also an integral technique employed in the ongoing collapse the American Republic on both a micro and macro level.)  The well concealed Uniparty decision-makers and countless Deep State perpetrators alike have all been mind-controlled through various pornographic techniques which make them completely malleable to executing the various nefarious agendas.

What’s the key point?

OPERATION SUSANNA GIBSON was launched for this very reason.  The following article makes it quite apparent that SuSanna Gibson deliberately failed to take down the pornographic content from the Internet she and her husband created to make money.  Gibson had a whole week to do so and yet kept it there ON PURPOSE … because her cultural marxist handlers told her to.  Not only did it serve to normalize that this scandalous conduct is now okay for Democrat candidates especially during campaign seasons, it also served to corrupt the entire electoral process.  And the Democrats purposefully pulled off this little ruse IN VIRGINIA—a critical bellwether state. (You remember, the VIP Virginians were key to that whole “Declaration of Independence” thing.)

The bottom line here is that everyone thought that this was a perfidious political ploy for Gibson to smear her Republican opponent for posting her own porno on the net as part of a campaign smear—IT WAS’T & HE DIDN’T.  What really happened here is that it got the electorate watching her salacious vids and looking at her lewd pics, which is exactly what the NWO perps wanted!  Mission accomplished by the Demoncrats!

Submitted by The Armchair Political Analyst
State of the Nation
September 17, 2023

Just The Tip: AP Gave Dem Porn-Wife Heads-Up Before WaPo Scoop, Allowing Her To Delete Videos

Democratic Virginia political candidate Susanna Gibson, who was outed by the Washington Post for performing sex acts online for cash – and instead of owning up to it cried ‘sex crime!‘, was actually tipped off a week earlier by the Associated Press, which didn’t run the story – allowing her to delete videos before the WaPo piece hit, according to the Daily Wires Luke Rosiak.

Gibson, a 40-year-old nurse practitioner and mother of two, streamed various sex acts on ‘Chaturbate,’ where more than a dozen videos of she and her husband were archived on a publicly available site, Recurbate, in September 2022 after she entered the race. The most recent were two videos archived Sept. 30, 2022, however it’s unclear when the live stream occurred.

Rosiak also reports that Gibson’s online sex acts could have exposed her to prostitution charges, lawyers say.

Virginia law states that “any person who, for money or its equivalent … engages in sexual intercourse” or other sexual acts with another person “is guilty of prostitution, which is punishable as a Class 1 misdemeanor.”

Shawn M. Cline, a former prosecutor and defense attorney in Virginia Beach who represents people charged with sex crimes, said in his view it’s a “chargeable offense.”

“The statute is very clear, you cannot for money or its equivalent perform sex acts,” Cline told The Daily Wire. “It doesn’t matter who’s paying for the act, if it’s an observer or the recipient. You can’t receive money.”

It would definitely be a chargeable offense,” Cline said. -Daily Wire

What’s more, she could be busted for deliberately causing hotel workers to see her performing sex acts.

“Tell him I want a bottle and have them bring it into the room and we’ll be naked and they can all watch. It’s gonna be great. I’m definitely a slut,” she told her audience in one video, adding “In order to leave the door cracked I need 500 tokens from 10 of y’all. 10. Otherwise not worth it. Don’t get me kicked out from my favorite hotel y’all.”

According to former Virginia public defender, Gretchen Tayllor Pousson, tricking hotel workers into seeing her acts could violate statutes such as indecent exposure, which applies to anyone who “intentionally makes an obscene display of her person in any public place or place where others are present.”

“I think it would be. It would all depend on how the court determines a ‘place where others are present,’ but given that she caused them to come in, I think that could easily be argued by the Commonwealth,” Pousson told the Daily Wire.

Speaking of tip-offs, after the Daily Wire contacted Henrico County Commonwealth’s Attorney Shannon L. Taylor, a Democrat, Gibson’s attorney contacted the Daily Wire to say that he learned that they were working on a story through a source he wouldn’t disclose. Taylor didn’t respond when asked if she had alerted Gibson.

The videos she streamed to Chaturbate took place throughout September 2022, shortly after she launched her Senate campaign. The last one on that platform was posted on September 30, meaning the statute of limitations would expire in two weeks.

Gibson has not dropped out of the race since her video exploits were exposed by The Washington Post, The Daily Wire, and other media on Monday. The leader of the Virginia Senate, Democrat L. Louis Lucas, said the behavior by Gibson was all the more reason to give her money — and without evidence, accused Gov. Glenn Youngkin (R-VA) of somehow being involved.

Gibson notably cried ‘sex crime’ after the Post article – accusing her opponents for “the worst gutter politics.”

Maybe don’t have sex for money over the internet if you plan to run for public office?



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