It’s absolutely brilliant! Trump stacking the Senior Executive Service with nationalists in key positions within the US Intel Community and DoD

Remember, SES employees are virtually impossible to fire or retire.

President Trump’s late-term appointments are also setting the stage for a second term that will see many powerful appointees placed in critical positions who are well-equipped and determined to DRAIN THE SWAMP.

SOTN Exclusive

What follows is just one of many examples of the latest gambit by Team Trump where it concerns using the Senior Executive Service as a weapon against Deep State’s largest group of high-level SES government employees.

“If you can’t beat, join ’em like a Trojan horse to take them all down—for good!”

The excerpt below encapsulates Trump’s present Trojan horse strategy.  It’s the only way to effectively insulate the swamp drainers from so much Deep State interference.

(Source: The Needed Purge by President Trump of Deep State Traitors Begins In Earnest!)

The upshot of the preceding excerpt is that Team Trump will spend the next 2 months appointing every swamp creature killer they can throughout the most important organs of the U.S. Federal Government.  In this way, win or lose, these strategically positioned Patriots can serve to drain the swamp regardless of the election outcome.

In other words, should Tump stay in the Oval Office as he really did win by a landslide, he can finally fulfill his overwhelming mandate to eliminate Deep State and eradicate every swampster inside the Beltway.  Should Biden temporarily get away with the steal into 2021, well-placed agents of MAGA can make his life miserable.  The same goes for the installed communist Manchurian Candidate Kamala Harris.

At the end of the day, there’s no question that this STEALECTION will be reversed by the American people should the SCOTUS fail woefully in carrying out its constitutional duties.  After all, “FRAUD VITIATES EVERYTHING”.

State of the Nation
November 15, 2020

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