By James Bennett

I know many of us are very worried about what appears to be a stolen ‘election.’ After all Trump conceded, right? Actually, he didn’t. Did you hear him say the word concede? He definitely gave no congrats to Biden either. Trump said, ‘There would be a smooth transition to the next administration.’ Hmmm 🤔🤔 Transition to what? Well, if Trump has a different VP (and what little staff remains!) that’s a new administration. Trump is playing high level chess. Semantics and dates are very important right now. Trump has NO intention of going anywhere. He’s playing them like a piano. This pause serves many purposes. There are even MORE traitors implicating themselves. Sedition is rampant! And that’s just what we can see.

Let’s go back to the last time the Deep State wanted to get rid of a President. John F. Kennedy was loved by the people. He loved America and had a spine. He opposed the Bay of Pigs, wanted to get back to sound money, and rid us of the Federal Reserve. JFK was also speaking out against the Deep State and their insidious, nefarious plans to enslave us. He had a handful of confidants and generals around him. They started to formulate a plan to cleanse our Country of this Shadow Government. They have been quietly working on a plan to save our Country for 58 years!

This chapter represents a culmination of careful planning on BOTH sides. One was to usher in the dark and one to bring in the light. The dark Satanic international crime syndicate had a 16-year plan (8 years of Obama and 8 years of Hillary.) Then the death of America would have been complete. Thankfully that didn’t go as planned in 2016.

Programming the Smartmatic / Dominion voting for a 20% steal wasn’t enough! Even combined with other tricks they employed. Actual organic Democracy showed itself. It was 2:00 AM, the whole world was watching, and it got away from them. It was beautiful.

Meanwhile, Trump and loyal insiders planned the biggest, most comprehensive sting operation in history. He didn’t have to be a benevolent dictator to pull it off. He allowed the light to expose the dark. He LET TRUTH DICTATE so the People could see. He has been allowing the Deep State plans to unfold while following Constitutional mechanisms to the letter. Look at how independent media’s popularity is exploding, while the MainStream Media (MSM) is experiencing an unprecedented rating exodus.

During this period, the LAST thing we want to do is to look to the CIA’s Mockingbird Media for answers. Look at the MSM’s decorum right now, fear! Look at Trump, Scavino and Pompeo’s calm in recent pressers. Who do you think is in control? Why the immediacy, the obvious panic to remove Trump by military force or the 25th Amendment? He’s only got days left, right? The People are waking up. They are awakening to this ‘Plan-demic” and all the instruments of division (identity politics) that dilute our culture by dismantling family, patriotism, and religious freedom (especially Christianity.)

Everything most Americans hold dear has been under attack by these instruments of ‘societal sabotage.’ Satan must kill all that is good. Their plan is to take our freedoms, our financial abundance, our health, our sovereignty over our bodies, and our Constitution. The first two Amendments were written to ensure we were anchored in Liberty forever. Now they were caught trying to steal our election too. In fact, they have been stealing many elections worldwide for decades, and the world (including California) is realizing this. As the balance of good and evil seems to slip away from us, good is stepping in.

I have no doubt that the political landscape will change. Even in this moment, as you read this, a storm is coming. TRAITORS ARE GOING TO PRISON (en masse.) THERE IS NO WAY BIDEN WILL BE PRESIDENT!

China was hijacked a generation ago. That’s what the Deep State does. It takes over countries. Not long ago China was isolated and not even a player in the geopolitical and trade arena. The Deep State deliberately enriched China at America’s expense. Doing this was an instrument to bring down the US (again, CCP and Deep State are synonymous) and carry out their Satanic goal of a One World Government / New World Order. In an attempt to collateralize us and make us beholden to China, the Deep State exported America’s production, stole our technology, using that technology against and attempted to use debt as an instrument of control. That’s their MO.

Then they created and released a manmade bioweapon, COVID-19! This was an act of war, although the virus is not nearly as dangerous as their bought-and-paid-for media portrays it as. (An Amish leader was recently asked why they don’t get COVID-19. He said it was because they don’t watch TV.)

A virus rollout was planned years ago to serve different purposes. Next on their agenda was to start a war as a justification for their ‘currency reset.’ However, their change agent wasn’t in the White House. Trump has been pulling out of wars, so COVID-19 served as Plan ‘B.’ COVID-19 was to be the new excuse for the ‘great reset’ and an instrument of depopulation, although affecting mostly those with compromised immune systems.

It will become clear to most that ALL of our ‘problems’ owe lineage to their manipulations as they employ their formula for control: Hegel’s Dialectic – Problem/Reaction/Solution to help achieve their ends. Reaction=fear, the 2nd component of the equation. Although COVID-19 would not kill in significant numbers, their horrible vaccines would. The vaccine uses nano-technology, interfacing with 5G in our bodies (allowing for control through remote means) along with evil ingredients which together are like some bad sci-fi movie. We have been at a disadvantage as good people find it so difficult to relate to such profound evil.

It’s as if these globalists are on a different radio station, a different frequency, in which we don’t reside. This is largely what this chapter of show and tell has been about – to allow People to see the evil for themselves. Trump has been stepping back for the show part, soon to be joined by the tell part. SO much to tell (now the efforts to prevent the telling). It’s been about allowing the Deep State to implicate themselves and to show who they really are. Try to imagine being sworn in to uphold the Constitution then selling us out to tyrannical Communist China for financial profit and power. To say they don’t care about us is an understatement. They were complicit in an Agenda to engineer our decline (in every way you can apply the word.) Treason brought to new heights. I trust you won’t feel bad when they are brought before Military Tribunal and sentenced to death!

It’s impossible to overstate the significance of this point in history. It IS Biblical and epic. Most of the World is under the Cabal’s oppression. As we go dark, so does the illumination to Peace and Freedom for billions. We are moving toward the light – illumination from God – not toward those that regard themselves as the Illuminated Ones.

Trump and the loyal Patriots around him know what’s at stake. FAILURE WAS NOT AN OPTION! Patriots used meticulous planning, supercomputer modeling (AI), irrefutable intel, our Constitution, and God – THE Illumination. Despite current appearances, Trump’s plans went perfectly. He hasn’t yet needed to pull the several Trump cards he is holding. The Patriots planned for all contingencies. This frustrating intermission right now is also planned. The (death march) music is playing. The pain and pressure has been prolonged deliberately as the traitors implicate themselves and give up information. Epstein sang like a bird (He’s alive), as did the CIA head and demon Gina Haspel, as well as many others. As for those in D.C., Trump didn’t want to catch them only conspiring. He wanted them to follow through with committing the biggest political crime in history.

And they did. Think about the legal language Trump has been using as he gives the traitors every chance to do the right thing. Trump created an Executive Order (EO) in 2018 that was custom made for this exact time. It designates those complicit in the Chinese (Deep State) theft of our election as foreign enemy combatants.

His statement after Capitol Hill security let Antifa into Congressional chambers was, “Go home in peace.” Saying that was a proclamation to disperse and was meant to set the stage to evoke the Insurrection Act! This Act empowers the POTUS to deploy US Military and National Guard troops within the US to suppress civil disorder. He did it Saturday night!

The Insurrection Act gives POTUS another layer of emergency war time powers, along with his 2018 EO. We are in a military dynamic at this time. Trump has designated Antifa as a terrorist organization. Those stealing our election are foreign enemy combatants and as such both are subject to different treatment in a time of war. Trump took an oath to protect us from enemies foreign and domestic! That is just what he is doing. How novel. How awesome!

In addition to labeling those who engage in foreign interference in our elections as engaging in acts of war, the EO also provides for forfeiture of assets (many accounts have already been frozen) from those complicit, including media outlets. He opened the door, and they walked right into their jail cell as planned. Like martyrs for Satan, they know they’re done!

Trump has an avalanche of conclusive evidence from MANY different angles. The Deep State knows it and that’s why evidence was never heard in court, at the Rally or anywhere they can prevent it. In addition, the timing of the (false flag) ‘break in’ of the Capitol building occurred before Senators could articulate, in front of the cameras, their objections to accepting fraudulent votes. Plans are in place to likely employ the Emergency Broadcast System very soon at this writing.

Most all who are reading this know about the Globalist’s horrible plans (China is their template), UN Agenda 21/2030, and their draconian technocracy, etc. However, that is the OLD WORLD ORDER, as we will see! This construct of all manner of deceit and poisoning, with a captured healthcare landscape run by Big Pharma (part of the Cabal), censorship, lack, scarcity, and debt is coming to a close! No more Central Banks (the head of the snake). There is an entirely new financial system to be rolled out shortly, backed with the stolen gold, which has been recovered!

Trump made two promises that are the understatements of the Century: ‘I will drain the swamp’ and ‘The best is yet to come.’ His plans are further along than is being portrayed to us at this time. Many arrests have already been made. Air traffic to Guantanamo is WAY up and its capacity has been greatly increased, as is traffic to similar facilities. Arrests in the thousands have happened and will escalate.

Over 200 countries are set to participate in a new financial system. It is called NESARA, the National Economic Security and Reformation Act. The global engagement is called GESARA. It employs unhackable, blockchain technology called the Quantum Financial System. It provides immediate, private transacting – a straight line (not a triangle) between both parties. It’s a reset, but the FED and the New World Order are out not in the picture! All bank debt, such as mortgages, credit cards, etc., will be erased. It abolishes the Federal Reserve and its collection agency, the IRS. IRS employees that remain are to be retrained and be transferred into the US Treasury. The only tax revenue needed for NESARA is reportedly a 14% flat rate tax on non-essential new items.

We have been in an Oligarchic Kleptocracy for many years. They’ve been robbing us into serfdom! What could be worse than our leaders masquerading as ‘public servants’ while stealing and putting us in debt? Answer: Charging us interest on that which they steal.

NESARA provides all kind of windfalls and it will spread all over the World as GESARA. It will return the US to Constitutional law (no more Maritime, Admiralty law) and bring us back to Common Law. It also provides for new Presidential and Congressional elections within 120 days after NESARA’s announcement. After this announcement and its fantasy-like benefits, how do you think Trump would fare in an authentic election in the wake of the arrests and all this life-changing news? A new election will be necessary, as we are in a new system!

Reportedly there are new currency notes called ‘Rainbow Currency’. The plan is to take the FED’s debt notes out of circulation in 2021. It also dissolves the US bankruptcy of 1933 as well as the US Corporation DBA USA, Inc. (hence the new vote). The Shadow Government is no longer in control! This Corporation was another deception imposed on our young, struggling Republic after the Civil War. It reduced us to a corporation as a means of collateralization and made us indebted and beholden to the same people the Pilgrims we’re trying to get away from!

This ends the birth certificate scam (Search this.) It aligns the US Treasury with Constitutional Law and restores financial privacy. It requires that judges and attorneys align with Constitutional Law. It ends all wars because in order to be a part of GESARA, countries must cease all aggressive military actions! GESARA will established peace throughout out world!

In addition, NESARA will make available enormous amounts of money for humanitarian purposes. These funds are not a part of any Globalist plan for wealth redistribution.

NESARA/GESARA will also release thousands of patents, sacred knowledge, technology, real health cures (including sonic healing called ‘Med Beds’), and life changing information that has been hoarded from us (and that we’ve often funded). Finally, it releases Tesla’s free energy! (Search NESARA Trump 2021.)

What is coming has been called many things such as “The Great Awakening” and “The Shift”. It seems God is finally stepping in. Just in time! Our Founding Fathers were far from perfect men, but they had Divine help in the creation of our Constitution. We now are feeling the hand of God in the creation of this new world.

Does “The Truth will set you free” ring a bell? We ALL have been deceived beyond our current understanding. This will become more evident as 2021 progresses. The days of our division need to be over. We can all prosper. We are now engaged in the process of waking up the masses. It is natural for us to be scared when we are awakened too quickly. Trump knows this. That’s why optics have been so important. It will be a difficult process for many, yet we needed to see the evil in our midst. We needed to go to bed at night imagining our Country and Freedoms gone – like a loved one we took for granted. This angst will turn to joy this year!

The Globalists’ agenda was being imposed on us at an accelerated rate. If you thought the most evil, richest, and most powerful people in the world were going to give up and go away, you were wrong. They will do anything and everything possible to hold onto power. They will pull whatever levers they still have their hands on. Aside from not seeing their Agenda come to fruition, those who took an oath are facing the death penalty for treason. This is life or death. Others are facing the same fate for crimes against humanity as so many are involved in pedophilia, human trafficking, and child sacrifice. Over 650,000 people go missing in the US every year. Most of these are children and women. Trump’s administration already has made arrests. When the scope and depth associated with this Satanic cult comes out, many will be astonished.

Our Country was inches away from a successful takeover! 100% of the Democratic Party, and most all of the Republican Party were involved!!! They were all on China’s payroll, including our MSM, most of Hollywood, and many in the music industry. This includes many who have a high profile and are prominent in the entertainment and music industry as well as heads of major corporations.

This is the year of disclosure. That’s what this chapter is about. Have you been losing sleep? I can assure you that the traitor’s sleep patterns are not what they were. The change millions have been craving is coming. We’re so lucky to be here at this time to witness this transformation take place.

Take care of yourselves, have Faith, pray, relax. We deserve it. God knows we’ve paid our dues. There’s a time for everything. This IS our time!

The show will begin shortly after this intermission.

And don’t forget to grab that popcorn.

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