“Any POTUS Who Continually Brags About
Leading the Covid Vaccine Depopulation
Scheme is a Genocidal Maniac, a Traitor to
the Republic, and a Complete and Utter Fool.”

The Armchair Political Analyst (December, 2021)

Submitted by The Armchair Political Analyst
SOTN Exclusive

Let’s be very clear, any former POTUS who takes credit — UP TO THIS VERY DAY — for ordering Operation Warp Speed, the most injurious and deadly vaccination program in world history, is nothing but a highly dangerous MENACE TO SOCIETY.

In light of so much hard scientific evidence that the Covid vaccines are lethal bioweapons which actually cause AIDS, now known as VAIDS[1], one would think that former President Trump would take after his fellow conservative leader in Brazil—President Jair Bolsonaro.  As follows:

Now here’s Trump’s real problem; political problem, that is.

The Left despises him with an extreme passion and that will never change.  However, when they start dying by the tens of thousands due to the Covid killshots and/or getting deathly ill from the clotshots, the crazy liberals will hold him directly responsible for this greatest health catastrophe in U.S. history.

And that’s the good news…for him!

As for the Right, they now know that Trump was really installed in the White House by his  Zionist masters, Bankster financiers and GOP handlers to Make Israel Great Again, not America!  Which he dutifully spent four years doing quite well.

However, his most serious problem with his conservative base is that many folks are now aware that the Covid injections were formulated to be exceedingly poisonous and frequently fatal.  As POTUS, he’s ultimately accountable for this ongoing egregious crime against humanity, as is POTUS imposter Joe Biden.

Quite astoundingly, Trump still loves to boast about Operation Warp Speed at every rally, before he encourages his diehard fans to quickly “get the vaccine”.  Which many of them have done, but only because President Trump highly encouraged them to get it.

What this means is, when the folks on the Right start dropping dead and falling ill after their Covid jabs (which is already happening at an increasing rate), who but Trump will there be to blame.  After all, they all trusted him with the single most important medical decision of their lives.  And, he betrayed them, as he continues to do so today. See: 5 times Donald Trump encouraged his supporters to receive mRNA or viral vector DNA injections since leaving the White House

Not good, President Trump!  Not good at all, and there will be hell to pay.  Like never before in American history.

Bottom Line: As for 2024, how can Trump even run when he totally capitulated to the Democrat communists who outright stole 2020—IN BROAD DAYLIGHT.  Trump’s own people have provided mutually corroborating testimony and irrefutable evidence that he gave up the fight with extreme cowardice.  Hence, Trump has no business running for any office in the land ever again.  And, his main concern should be staying out of “prison for life” in view of his Covid vaccine crime spree that amounts to nothing short of mass murder of the American people.

KEY POINTS: JEFFREY EPSTEIN!  What’s recently come out of the Ghislaine Maxwell trial is that, for several years, Trump and Epstein were thicker than thieves—FOR REAL!  These two preyed on young and underaged women as much as any two hustlers in Palm Beach, Florida.  There’s also now court testimony as well as confirmed proof that Trump flew on Epstein’s Lolita Express.  The only reason why Trump was told to distance himself from Mossad’s primo blackmailer and honey-trap artist Epstein is because the Tel Aviv-based Khazarian Mafia would eventually install him as POTUS to Make Israel Great Again.

State of the Nation
December 4, 2021

SOTN Editor’s Note: There’s only one way that Trump will ever be allowed to run for POTUS again by his Zionist masters; he must become the greatest salesman in the world for the weaponzied Covid vaccines.  Which is why he’s still pitching them like a mad man!  This is Trump’s only way back into the Oval Office, and most assuredly why he still promotes the illusory success Operation Warp Speed like here’s no tomorrow.  Because if he doesn’t, there won’t be a tomorrow for him.


[1] VAIDS PLANDEMIC: The Real Pandemic Caused by the Bioweaponized Covid Vaccines

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