Radiofrequency/Microwave/Millimeter-Wave Engineer Explains Radiated and Conducted Emissions

Submitted by a Radiofrequency/Microwave/Millimeter-Wave Engineer

In “Can 5G cause flu-like symptoms and can it be used to activate the Coronavirus?” we are discussing topics on deliberate radiation from things that are supposed to transmit Radio Frequency (RF) energy. In this article, we are going to look at unintentional RF radiation from electronics commonly known as EMI or Electromagnetic Interference.

In this article we are going to look at a world within EMI known as Radiated and Conducted Emissions. Conducted Emissions are unintentional currents that escape from electronics on the wires (power cords, USB cables, etc.) that are connected them. These currents have a tendency to be low frequency, on the order of 10s and 100s of KHz. These currents will eventually turn into radiation once they get to a physical structure that is physically large enough to support resonance at their frequency. From this point forward, Conducted Emissions will be covered by Radiated Emissions since they are one in the same. The difference is where the actual radiation occurs. Radiated Emissions are the unintentional Radio Frequency Radiation from electronics. This includes Integrated Circuits and supporting circuitry, as well as Power Supplies.

EMI is as bad or worse than intentional radiators such as a 4G LTE transmitter in a smart phone. EMI is broadband, meaning it consists of many frequencies. A typical EMI profile for a switching power supply will consist of a fundamental frequency and harmonics. It will usually be 200 KHz, 600 KHz, 1 MHz (or 1000 KHz), 1.4 MHz and this will usually extend well into the 10s of MHz. Power supplies are usually significant power sources, such as those in microwave ovens, refrigerators, electric clothes dryers, very large TVs, etc.

EMI is a well understood topic, and the science behind it is very well understood. Unfortunately, many EMI Engineers don’t understand EMI for some reason that is beyond my level of comprehension. They took the job for a lot less money than a real expert, were given the title “EMI Engineer” by management, and now they are the expert. These guys don’t know any better and it’s not really their fault, but they are ultimately blasting you with more RF radiation than you need to be blasted with. What really happened here? Management saved the company money and they are profiting from it. More on this later in the article.

For the EMI Engineers who do understand EMI, they are often forced by management to allow some radiation to reduce the cost of a product. If I am a Director at a multibillion dollar multinational corporation and I can convince my EMI Engineer to cut some corners, I promote him for doing so and I get paid big bonuses. Say WWHHAATT?!?!?! Here’s how this works. If a company manufactures 100,000,000 smartphones a year and a Director can show his boss on paper that he “Saved the company $0.02/smart phone x 100,000,000 smart phones he gets 10% to 30 % of the “savings” in the form of a bonus. That’s right, his bonus is $0.02 x 100,000,000 = $2,000,000. 10% of this is $200,000 while 30% of this is $600,000. Do this in a couple different situations and you are basically retired. This is the game they play in Corporate America. It is pure greed with no regard for anyone or anything.

This director is creating an absolute mess for everyone to deal with, but he doesn’t care!! He is going to show his boss on paper that he is a genius, then he is going to get his big ass bonus. And then he is going to either get promoted or take another job at another company because “he knows how to reduce manufacturing costs”.

What does this mean to you the reader?


This scenario is the source of many recalls in the automotive industry, and the government can’t legally do anything until bad things happen to the end user.

There is also the case of the Defense Industrial Complex. In this industry, many EMI Engineers don’t have a clue about what is going on. Say WWHHAATT?!?! Yes, and MANAGEMENT LOVES IT!!! Say WWHHAATT?!?! Because electronic systems fail EMI testing and then the government actually pays the Defense Contractor to fix what is wrong. It’s all by design, my friends. Then there are the EMI Engineers who do know what they are doing and they deliberately insert, or turn a blind eye to, “design flaws” that are known to cause EMI because it is ultimately job security. This is why the design cycle of many defense electronics programs are on the order of 10 and 20 years. The Defense Contractors literally turn on a fire hose of money and they are laughing all the way to the bank, because approximately 10% of every dollar they get paid is profit. Lockheed Martin and Raytheon have consistently been the most profitable companies on Wall Street for quite a few years now. They deliberately screw designs up and then the government pays them to fix it! That’s great… for them… very bad for our national debt and the taxpayer who is footing the bill.

There is another major downside to this that is killing our nation. Other countries, like China, do not do this kind of stuff and the end result is their technology is far more advanced than ours is, as is the pace of development. They also have 10 times more engineers and scientists than we do. Our defense contractors deliberately slow programs down because it allows them to monopolize the defense industry and take a bigger piece of the pie. Government and Defense Contractor employees who attempt to do anything about this have their careers and livelihoods ended abruptly. You either go along with it, or you face a certain demise. The Defense Contractors have a lot of money and a lot of power and they call the shots. The government is powerless in Defense Contracting, and this is all happening in secret that is well protected from the prying eyes of the public. All of this is well protected by law enforcement and government security agencies as well.

You are paying federal law enforcement to protect government contractors who are committing completely unethical acts and ultimately dragging our country down. This is happening everywhere, not just in EMI. The Program Managers “Take Risks that don’t turn out so well” and you pay their handsome salaries and benefits in the form of your taxes.

If you are unfamiliar with “Animals” by Pink Floyd, you should familiarize yourself with it and the story behind it. Here’s the gist of it. There are 3 songs, Dogs, Pigs and Sheep and these represent the 3 members of society. The dogs are the law enforcement types and all those people who work in criminal justice. The Pigs are the people at the top of society who have all of the money and all of the power. The Sheep are the masses, herded by the dogs for the Pigs. This has been going on since the beginning of civilization. What has changed is your awareness of it. You were not aware of this when you were young and it may seem like this is new. It is not new.

Back to EMI. All modern electronics radiate RF energy. This includes TVs, computers, smartphones with the transmitters turned off, washing machines, dryers, ovens, refrigerators and every other electronic device in your house. Digital Power Supplies are notorious for radiating all kinds of very strong RF fields because they have all of the power concentrated in them. They are also relatively low-frequency designs and they “switch” in the 100’s of KHz to 1s and 10s of MHz. These are long wavelengths (see “Can 5G cause flu-like symptoms and can it be used to activate the Coronavirus?” for discussion on wavelength) that penetrate deep into your body.

As discussed in “Can 5G cause flu-like symptoms and can it be used to activate the Coronavirus?”, the best way to reduce your exposure is by converting the RF energy into heat. DO NOT USE METAL and attempt to build Faraday Cages. A single metal panel between yourself and your microwave oven used to reflect energy away from you may be okay, but stay away from multisided metal enclosures. You can set up resonances and ultimately very strong RF fields that are far more dangerous than the original RF field. You do not want to be inside a resonant cavity (a homemade “Faraday Cage”) that is being driven by a 1 MHz 1000-Watt digital power supply. Also, avoid two metal plates being in parallel. This can be a metal plate that you want between yourself a microwave oven, and the metal side of the microwave oven. Be careful with metal and use it sparingly.

Physical distance is your best friend in all of this. For intentional radiators such as smartphones, we try to keep about 2 feet of separation. Use your speaker phone. When you hold your phone next to your head, a lot of the RF Energy couples right into your head and is turned into heat. It also induces currents into nerves, bones and other tissue. When you keep your smart phone about 2 feet from you, you are illuminated with a plane wave that is much smaller in strength, and your cross section that receives the signal is greatly reduced.

Power Density in mW/cm2 is reduced as 1/distance2. What does this mean?

Let’s start with a separation distance of 1” between your head and your smart phone.

Using the above equation, 1/12 = 1 and this is our starting point.

Let’s increase our separation distance to 2”. 1/22 = ¼

Let’s increase our separation distance to 4”. 1/42 = 1/16

Let’s increase our separation distance to 8”. 1/82 = 1/64

Let’s increase our separation distance to 24”. 1/242 = 1/576

At a distance of 24”, the RF field strength is 1/576 lower than if it was 1” from our head. Calculating the exact field strength is a very complex set of mathematical calculations that requires a lot of graduate level coursework and we aren’t going to get into that end of it. We want to be practical and use common sense to protect ourselves as best as possible. 24 inches is the magic number, and don’t use earbuds. The wires can act like antennas and defeat the purpose of the 24” separation distance.

All electronic products are required to meet FCC Part 15 before they can be sold in the United States. Even if a product meets it’s FCC Part 15 requirements, who is there to watch over the company to ensure they don’t start cutting corners in their Chinese Manufacturing Facility? Do you honestly believe that you can stop a corporate officer who has a multimillion dollar bonus plus a major promotion within arm’s reach?

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