Is this why The Powers That Be really concocted the COVID-19 pandemic?

Is there a Planet-Comet in the neighborhood?

It’s quite possible that the heightening hysterics by officialdom are actually a reaction to a planet-comet that passes through our Solar System on a recurring basis.  That planet-comet (or comet-planet) was first discovered by world-renowned astronomer and seismologist Carlos Muñoz Ferrada who warned humanity about Hercolubus—the Red Planet.

A detailed explanation of this celestial agent of periodic catastrophism can be found here: HERCOLUBUS: The Greatest Mystery of the Third Millennium.  The presence of a planetary/cometary interloper is one way to comprehend the “pandemic pandemonium and mass-produced panic”, especially in view of so many other indicators that there really is something very wrong on planet Earth.

In this particular context of a speedily approaching hyperdimensional heavenly body, perhaps we have been experiencing The BIGGEST Coverup in USA History in the form of OCPP.

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