Uvalde School Shooting Hoax Exposed By One Discrepancy After Another

The following excellent analysis was submitted by an anonymous investigator.

A few obvious issues with the media narrative that I’d like to point out….

Regarding the Uvalde school shooting….
I posted some interesting discrepancies with the photos of the shooters truck a while back that were in the media.
If you look at where the truck came to a stop—-after apparently being chased by police—-it makes absolutely no sense that he ran towards the school to avoid capture.
And the fact that he just happened to stumble upon the one door that was unlocked?
He jumped a fence carrying a rifle?
With police in hot pursuit?
And they didn’t shoot an armed dude running towards a school?
Let’s see a floor plan of the school, and where the shootings occurred.
Did he enter the first classroom he came across?
Teachers were texting their loved ones, but no one had their camera recording?
Some woman ran in and saved her two kids and just left all the other kids there?
She just happened to find her two kids (I assume in different classrooms), and left all the others behind?
On what planet does that make sense?

Looked it up….
Seems she says that she parked her car and immediately confronted the police about not going in to the school and remarked about the snipers….
How could she possibly have known whether the police were inside the school or not?
And she was confronted by police for parking in the wrong spot?
Would the police not have blocked off the entrance to the parking lot with their cars to make sure that the gunman couldn’t take a teacher hostage and go outside and drive away ?
They were just letting people drive into the school parking lot, eh?

Did anyone hear that there was missing keys and faulty radios being blamed for the failure to react quickly?

They said they decided to wait “for protective equipment” after two officers were grazed by bullets after peeking in the windows, huh?
This random kid was a good enough shot to graze two officers —-who QUITE OBVIOUSLY would have been extremely discreet about exposing themselves peeking in the windows—-that you’d have to have some real sniper skills to be able to hit a surprise target like trained officers discreetly looking through a window for an armed and dangerous killer, no?
….I mean, I’m pretty sure the killer wasn’t standing in direct view of the windows knowing there were police all around, no?
But he somehow managed to have the expert rifle skills to snipe two stealthy peeking cops from an assumed covert position?

But only managed to hit 19 of 33 kids in TWO CLASSROOMS?

He’s in two CLASSROOMS full of children…with shitloads of ammunition…on a rampage…and only hits 19, huh? 🤔🤔🤔 But manages to snipe two cops peeking in the windows???

And if he shot the cops peeking in the window (using a rifle), would not the windows have been shattered? (This is an actual question because I’m not familiar with the weapon used).

One more thing….

If all this took place over an hour and 15 minutes….where’s the videos?

Surely if parents were parking at the school all willy-nilly, they were recording the events, no?


Take a look…where’s the dashcam footage?

Where’s the videos from all the scared parents waiting outside?

Not ONE SINGLE PERSON got video of that “hero mother” running out of the school with her two kids?


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