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Was digging deeper into today’s story of the day — Elon Musk & Sergey Brin & Nicole Shanahan — and quickly saw that Brin’s first wife was Anne Wojcicki, who he divorced in 2015.

Then quickly went to her curious background and work history and saw that Wojcicki is an American entrepreneur who co-founded and serves as CEO of the personal genomics company 23andMe.

Why is 23andMe really collecting the DNA
from so many unaware paying ‘customers’?!

Next, decided to do a deep dive into the real agenda behind 23andMe.  All kinds of stuff came up, especially about the dangers of casually giving up your DNA to Big Tech companies of which you know nothing about.

And, it was only yesterday that I saw this article posted at SOTN:

‘You can take someone’s DNA and
design a weapon that can kill them’

Then, today, a fellow investigator journalist — out of nowhere — sent me this quite revelatory video:

Something Strange Is Happening to Our DNA (Video)

Bottom Line

It really does all come down to our DNA.  The hardcore eugenicists who are running the Great Reset such as Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab are hellbent on getting a hold of our DNA anyway they can.  Which is precisely why the Covid criminals attempted to swab every sinus cavity and throat on the planet using a totally flawed PCR swab test kit.  They had those kits ready before the COVID-19 pandemic even started … … … and they’re still using them today around the world despite being told they do not provide accurate results.


Be very careful about who you permit to take your DNA.

Let’s face it, when a US Congressman warns us about this cavalier practice of extract DNA, you know it potentially very perilous.

House Intelligence Committee Member Warns People
Not to Share Health Data With Sites Like 23andMe

The Armchair Investigative Reporter
State of the Nation
July 25, 2022


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