Even astrologers are saying ‘that humans were ‘definitely’ involved in unleashing this pandemic’

by Bud Barber

The reason I posted here about CV19 a few weeks ago in the first place is because many people were asking me as an astrologer what do the planets show? Here is an update from my previous answer:
One interesting question I received was: “Does Astrology show that there was any human intervention for possibly political or other reasons in the introduction of this virus? I’ll answer this one now and then some others over the next few days:
Yes, definitely! What clearly shows astrologically is, that humans were involved in unleashing this pandemic. (the Pluto conjunct Saturn Mars and Jupiter stellium in Capricorn – one also must consider not only Saturn is in it’s own sign Capricorn but the sign that each planet in the stellium rules for instance; Mars is the ruler of Aries, Pluto Scorpio etc.). However, whether it was the US, China, the Democrats, Republicans, Trump, the Nationalists or New World Order Globalists I honestly cannot tell you. What I did see is, that planning of this event probably took place well in advance of the present time (based on the 7/14.5-year Saturn cycle). Plans to put the pandemic into action were organized probably around Nov. as Mars began to approach the other three planets clustered in Capricorn. To figure out who was responsible you’d have to ask, “Who had the most to gain from this pandemic?” Logically that would rule out Trump and makes collusion between China and others highly suspect which doesn’t exclude rich powerful people in the US. Also, the United Nations is highly suspect and to understand this you’d have to become familiar with “Agenda 21” and their scheme for One World Government. – You’d have to research the United Nations astrology chart and the date that Agenda 21 took place. – Part of that plan (the UN’s globalist plan) as is clearly stated in their charter is to reduce the population of the world by at least 70% which is where the planet Pluto and it’s history with the HIV virus comes into play. If you do not already know about that, then this reduction in world population probably includes YOU!
So at this point astrologically speaking things, as I predicted last year, should be starting to get slightly better. The threat of the CV19 pandemic will reduce drastically over the next few months however the greater threat is the danger of our civil liberties that are already being taken away from us in the process. For example when 9/11 which also occurred on the Saturn Pluto cycle (Saturn opposition Pluto) the same people brought in the ‘Patriot Act’ and now long afterwards it is still around allowing the NEC & CIA to spy on all of us all of the time


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