WINTER STORM ELLIOTT: Yet Another American Genocide via Weather Warfare & Geoterroism

This late December 2022 North American winter
superstorm is a highly organized and purposeful geoterrorist operation designed to mass murder
as many
Americans as feasible, as well as to create
as much travel chaos, holiday misery and national
hardship as possible.  In other words, this ongoing weather war being waged against both the United
States and Canada is designed to, in furtive ways,
greatly advance the Great Reset.

Submitted by The Weather Warfare Watchers
SOTN Exclusive


In spite of this reality, the CIA’s Mockingbird Media is falsely reporting that only “19” deaths have been linked to this manmade weather cataclysm.

“Nearly 250 million are affected, and at least 19 deaths have been linked to the storm that extends more than 2,000 miles (3,200km) from Quebec to Texas.”[1]

Oh, really, a ginormous “bomb cyclone” triggered by a humongous polar vortex profoundly disrupts life for nearly 25o million people and only “19” are dead.  A once-in-a-generation “deep freeze” paralyzes life across vast swaths of North America but millions of the most vulnerable are still somehow alive and kicking.

Do you see how they do this during and after each and every major geoengineered weather disaster that aimed at the USA?

The “19 deaths” quoted above will slowly inch upwards over the coming days regardless of the fact that the accurate mortality rate explodes by the hour.  The government is well aware of the true statistics in this respect but will always mislead the general public.  The county coroners across the USA see virtually every dead body directly caused by a devastating event such as Winter Storm Elliott.

KEY POINTS: The uninitiated are surely unaware that every single major geoengineered weather attack produces thousands of unreported fatalities and injuries.  There are several reason for this predictable stark reality.  Perhaps the most important is that the higher the number of actual deaths, the more it is viewed as a massive failure of government at all levels and especially the criminally negligent U.S. Federal Government.  Secondly, the less serious the weather event, the less obligated the US government is to formally declare an official federal emergency that would automatically qualify states, counties, cities and citizens for LOTS of emergency funding.  Thirdly, the greater the mass death and injury caused by as well as sheer size and magnitude of the weather catastrophe, the more reprehensible it is in the eyes of the US taxpayer to repeatedly send tens of billions of dollars to Ukraine’s war crime-committing Nazi regime while Americans freeze to death, have no heat, water or electricity, etc.  Then there is the malicious intent on the part of the NWO geoterrorists whose explicit goal it is to mass murder as many “useless eaters” as possible, in which case they don’t want anyone to know just how extremely dangerous this ongoing superstorm really is.

Many folks remain willfully ignorant of the weather wars and geoterrorism taking place around them and across the country on a weekly basis.  In spite of the sky above them showing nearly a score of crisscrossing chemtrails on any given day when it was forecasted as clear and sunny all day long, they refuse to face the raw truth about the extremely perilous weather modification and climate engineering occurring nationwide–24/7.

But how do the NWO geoengineers really do it?  How are the able to create these immense weather calamities?!

The four articles that follow flesh out the skeleton of this highly organized criminal conspiracy to regularly wage weather warfare and perpetrate acts of geoterrorism against the American people.

GEOENGINEERED “Winter Storm Elliott”:
The latest chemical ice nucleation cloud-seeding operation on a mass scale.

Here’s how the geoterrorists manufacture so much snow
so quickly after geoengineering really deep freezes.

This is how they NWO geoengineers systematically create
our Wacky Winter Weather.

Chemical Ice Nucleation & The Engineered Winter Deception

As for why the US citizenry was targeted by Elliott during this Holiday season, the exposé below reveals the various hidden Deep State agendas, NWO objectives, globalist goals and WEF ambitions.

Why & Who?

Certainly, The Powers That Be will milk this national cataclysm for all that they can … and will likely follow it up with a similar ruinous weather event while the winter is still young.

The Weather Warfare Watchers
State of the Nation
December 25, 2022

UPDATE (12/25)

Now we’re up to “23 dead”.

UPDATE (12/26)

Only “37” have died in the worst Christmas snowstorm and extended deep freeze on record.


[1] Mainstream Media Grossly Misrepresents the Number of Deaths Directly Caused by Winter Storm Elliott


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