NEURALINK? – World Economic Forum to accelerate push for global ‘Metaverse’ surveillance network at Davos 2023

Submitted by Harold Saive

Davos turns to the Metaverse as the next frontier for technocratic tyranny.

Jordan Schachtel

During its 2023 Davos conference, the World Economic Forum will host a press conference on its “Building The Metaverse Initiative,” and release key “studies” and details about its efforts to further facilitate what appears to amount to a global surveillance network, according to documents reviewed by The Dossier.

The Metaverse, a buzzworthy bumper sticker slogan that refers to a whole host of ideas in the technology space, has potential current and future applications both for private and governmental entities. It will be featured as one of the core staples of the 2023 Davos conference.

What is the Metaverse, exactly?

The term Metaverse was invented by author Neal Stephenson in his 1992 sci-fi novel Snow Crash, in which citizens used digital avatars as a means to escape their dystopian reality.

Today it can be defined as “a vision of what many in the computer industry believe is the next iteration of the internet: a single, shared, immersive, persistent, 3D virtual space where humans experience life in ways they could not in the physical world.” Before its expanded definition, the Metaverse encompassed a technologically advancing virtual and augmented reality space.

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To entrepreneurs and technology companies, this computer world can serve as a potential revenue and data harvesting stream. For the committed forces of technocratic tyranny, the Metaverse can act as a global surveillance network that can keep tabs on anyone with an internet connection. A Metaverse-adopting society can make it much easier for ruling governments to track the movement, behaviors, and activities of its citizens.

For the World Economic Forum, the narrative and ideas shop of the ruling class, the latter applications are more aligned with their feudalistic ambitions.

The WEF is the chief coalition builder for what amounts to the modern depopulation movement.

Over the years, they’ve partnered with Big Tech, central bankers, governmental, and international organizations to facilitate their feudalistic vision for the future, which involves deliberately rolling back human progress, innovation, and flourishing, under the guise of saving the planet from a “climate emergency.”

While various WEF “partners” have different motives for joining the ruling class alliance, they all have an incentive to cater to the WEF’s most prized climate hoax narratives.


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