Dr. Ryan Cole under serious attack by the Washington Medical Board for Covid truth telling.

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Posted by Jeff Childers

🔥 Medpage Today ran a story Thursday headlined, “Medical Board Takes Action Against Misinformation Doc.” The subheadline explained, “Pathologist Ryan Cole, MD, is facing discipline for negligence, spreading false statements.”

Idaho doc Ryan Cole is a hero. He is one of the original and most active warriors against the military-pharmaceutical complex’s jab operation. Cole is courageous, charismatic, and well-spoken, effective not just in getting hard information out during the entirety of covid censorship, but in successfully treating hundreds or thousands of covid patients.

Now a bunch of drooling morons on the Washington state Medical Commission who wouldn’t know how to treat a covid patient without using a CDC checklist has sent Dr. Cole a nasty letter giving him one chance to explain himself before taking “disciplinary action” related to his Washington state medical license.

The gist of their two main complaints is that Dr. Cole was negligent, because he (successfully) prescribed ivermectin to his patients instead of Remdesivir and the ventilator, and second that he “injure[d] the public health” by telling people about alternative treatments and running down the vaccines.

They especially seem chuffed that Dr. Cole called the jabs “clot shots.”

Dr. Cole and I have spoken together at numerous events over the last two years and I have found him to be serious, thoughtful, precise, and extremely careful in his opinions.

So. Two can play at this game.

I am hereby giving the Washington Medical Commission one chance to explain itself for negligently spreading false information about the safety and efficacy of the mRNA injections. The doctors on the commission are dangerous idiots. They are $2,500-a-night WEF “consultants” for big pharma. They probably wasted the whole weekend at the puppy convention in D.C. They are drunken chimpanzees playing with needles.

I would go so far as to say, using my best professional judgment, that the Commission’s ‘doctors’ are even more dangerous than a two-year-old with a permanent marker.

Here’s the Commission’s contact info for complaints: Telephone 360-236-2706 or email medical.complaints@wmc.wa.gov. And here is the Medical Commission’s odious chairman, Jimmy Chung, MD, if that’s his real name.

Chung’s twitter handle is @JimmyChungMD, and Google says his office number is (360) 565-0550. So-called doctor Chung only scored a 1.5 out of 5 on his reviews:

If anything, the reviews appear to be over-stated, since there was no option for ‘zero,’ according to one reviewer:

On the other hand, Dr. Cole has a 4.9 rating with 139 reviews:

I’d be grateful if you could take sixty seconds today and let someone at the Washington Medical Commission know who you think is actually the disinformer here.


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