Donald Trump has not only irreversibly disqualified himself to run for POTUS…..

…he has insanely set himself up to be prosecuted by
the Left for perpetrating an intentional genocide of
the American people in collusion with his countless Operation Warp Speed co-conspirators.

SOTN Editor’s Note: Donald Trump profoundly violated his oath of public office in the most egregious manner by overseeing Operation Warp Speed.  For there is no greater act of treason that can be committed against the American Republic than one which deliberately mass murders and mass injures the U.S. citizenry.

Irrespective of why President Trump chose to zealously participate in this heinous genocide of the American people, he did it.  And, he still brazenly brags about it.  For those who vigorously defend this hapless traitor, you, too, are traitors to the Republic and to your fellow citizens.

Especially to those extremely juvenile MAGA apologists who continue defend Trump’s alleged ignorance of the COVID-19 ‘vaccine’ criminal conspiracy to systematically exterminate Americans in all 50 states, such a man has no business being anywhere near the Oval Office in the future, not even as a lowly janitor (no disrespect to janitors intended).

How, pray tell, could any POTUS ever plead ignorance of the obvious fact that the Covid killshots / bioweapons / clotshots / weaponized vaccines, etc. were specifically formulated to stealthily murder and maim and massacre as many Americans as possible without detection.

Anyone who is that dangerously stupid, who sits in a seat of great power, is truly the greatest menace to society.  In other words, ignorance of his own capital crime spree affords Trump absolutely no protection from his warranted prosecution … to the fullest extent of the law.  And you can be sure that more Covid-vaccinated Patriots are waking up daily to this grim reality … after each new vaccine-induced death, injury, illness, incapacitation, paralysis, debilitation, etc.

People, please wake up to this naked psyop.  Perhaps Trump’s single most important task undertaken on behalf of his Khazarian masters was to convince a maximum number of MAGA supporters to take the lethal jab.  For the Khazarian Cabal knew full well that a Democrat POTUS could never sufficiently con the Right into injuring and killing themselves with the hard-sold Covid injections.

For it’s the gun-owning Christian conservatives that that the Khazarians are the most hellbent on genociding, not the soyboy libs and progressive sodomites, gender-fluid reformists and transgendered binaries, hard-core feminazis and #MeToo lesbos, flaming gays and militant homos, virtue-signaling socialists and LGBTQIA social justice warriors, Antifa bolsheviks and BLM terrorists, self-righteous marxists and bomb-throwing anarchists, closet communists and covert cultural marxists, left-wing extremists and godless libtards, politically correct Democrats and woke leftists, mentally ill liberals and safe-spacing cisgenders.

Yes, it’s quite possible that Trump, himself, did not really know how harmful the Covid shots were in the very beginning (that was then, how about now?!?!?!).  However, as POTUS, it was his solemn responsibility to ensure that any ‘vaccine’ being rolled out so hastily and recklessly under EUA was absolutely “safe and effective”.  Otherwise, he risked killing and injuring millions of citizens, which he certainly did.

Trump Just Scrooched The Pooch

Trump instead chose to roll along with the DoD/DARPA mass liquidation plan by deploying the “extremely lethal and highly hazardous” Covid vax as a highly classified military black operation.  In other words, Donald Trump ended up being thee Bioterrorist-in-Chief prior to assuming his high command in a full-blown biowar waged against the United States of America.

Inasmuch as Trump has totally owned the Operation Warp Speed extermination scheme, whether he did so wittingly or unwittingly, he has proven himself to be an exceedingly dangerous bullshit artist.  Even worse, he still shows no conscience or remorse whatsoever for his major role in the most calamitous crime wave ever to wash over the 50 states and territories.

But why will folks on the Left soon become Trump’s fiercest persecutors and most vengeful prosecutors?! 

Because just as the vast majority of Democrats were easily stampeded into the pen of ‘vaccine’ compliance through their own irrational and hugely amplified fears, when they understand that they have been literally jabbed to death after first experiencing much vaccine-induced pain and suffering, they will vent their new justifiable fears and ensuing rage on the self-proclaimed “Father of the Vaccine”—THAT’S WHY!

State of the Nation
January 21, 2023


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