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SOTN Editor
State of the Nation
February 1, 2023


By far the weakest link in the Covid criminal conspiracy chain is the DOCTOR.  For it is the doctor who has actually committed the crime of homicide/genocide.  In point of fact, physicians across America willfully deprived ‘Covid’ patient of the vital medicines and protocols that would have saved their lives.  Likewise, it was the doctors who instead administered lethal drugs such as Remdesivir as they vented their patients to death.

As for the various weaponized Covid ‘vaccines’, it was again the doctors who injected those extremely hazardous and deadly poisons into their unsuspecting patients.  Which means that doctors everywhere participated in nothing short of a highly organized genocide.  And yet, to this very day, the doctors continue to perpetrate this mass murder even in the face of so much evidence proving that the Covid jabs are fastidiously formulated bioweapons.

What this really means is that, the further away we get in time from the very first Covid injections, the more culpable the doctor class becomes in this national depopulation scheme.  Given the compelling data provided by VAERS, it is clear that the Covid shots were originally designed to murder and maim, disable and debilitate.  But when the doctors will wake up to their part in this crime against humanity remains to be seen.

However, one thing is for certain, this unparalleled tragedy can only go on so much longer.  And, it will be the doctors, because they are “the weakest link in the chain”, who finally break the chain for good.  That will occur when a critical mass of doctors leaves the Big Pharma reservation and permanently stops giving the Covid vaccines.

When a critical mass of doctors then comes together and collectively tells the raw truth to the American people about the highly injurious vax, everything changes.  For this chink in the Big Medicine chain link armor will immediately expose the entire medical profession.  The remaining jabbers will no longer be able to inject their patients without either experiencing pangs of conscience or hearing a blood-curdling outcry from the previously vaccinated.

In short, the whole scheme falls apart when the doctors cease and desist from vaxxing their unsuspecting patients.  Once that happens, a domino effect will begin which further exposes the entire Covid criminal conspiracy as a well-planned and -executed biowar waged against the American Republic.  But it will be the truth-telling doctors who get the snowball rolling down the mountainside before it crushes the many Covid criminal co-conspirators at the bottom.

Therefore, the link posted above and shown again below ought to be sent to every doctor in America before they recklessly kill many more of our fellow citizens.



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