Each and every doctor, who administered the
extremely dangerous and deadly Covid ‘vaccines’,
needs to be sued out of their medical practices
before they are criminally prosecuted to the
fullest extent of the law for conspiring to commit
genocide against the American people.

Submitted by A Covid ‘Vaccine’ Injury Consultant
SOTN Exclusive

KEY POINTS: Operation Warp Speed was purposefully run by the Pentagon after being planned as a DoD fake emergency response to the COVID-19 bioweapon which was actually created by an ultra-secret joint US-UK-Israel project not too unlike the Manhattan Project (e.g. DARPA was the US arm).  Physicians everywhere were then conscripted to the front lines of this fabricated biowar after the stealthily bioengineered ‘SARS-CoV-2’ (it’s not a coronavirus) was first launched by the U.S. Armed Forces at the 7th Military World Games in Wuhan, China held October 17-27, 2019.  Not only were these physicians highly incentivized to prescribe perilous pharmaceutical drugs such as Remdesivir to treat so-called Covid cases diagnosed via an extremely unreliable PCR test, they also put their patients victims on ventilators and other unsafe medications which often sealed their deaths.  But the real coup de grâce of this long-planned and highly organized Plandemic extermination plan occurred with the illicit administration of the deviously weaponized mRNA ‘vaccines’ BY THE COLLUDING  DOCTORS.

There should be no question about the dire necessity of the harsh penalty stated above for doctors who killed and injured their innocent patients.  For all physicians across the USA, who chose to obey their Big Pharma and Big Government masters before they served the needs of their trusting patients, are guilty of nothing short of mass murder.

Truly, the entire American Healthcare System is culpable of perpetrating the most complex and convoluted criminal conspiracy — EVER — to both murder and maim the U.S. citizenry.  Physicians in every major medical center and community hospital, urgent care facility and walk-in clinic, doctor’s office and participating pharmacy carried out this massacre by way of weaponized Covid injections and with seeming impunity.

Not only was this crime spree executed with extraordinary premeditation, speed and efficiency, it has been remarkably covered up by many institutional co-conspirators throughout the Mainstream Media, Big Social Media and Big Tech.  In point of fact, the cover-up of this ongoing genocide has been so effective that the “family doctor” is not even yet suspected of being the primary hitman for the all-powerful Medical Mafia.

Much of Corporate America colluded with doctors everywhere to inject the lethal Covid ‘vaccines’ into their employees as did most colleges, private universities and public university systems.  Likewise, virtually every major NGO throughout civil society coordinated with the local medical community to ensure that every employee and volunteer was jabbed, willingly or unwillingly.

The profound level of betrayal committed by medical professionals nationwide through the administration of the Covid killshots and clotshots is such that only swift and severe justice is now in order.  Having opted to take the unconscionable financial incentives for injecting the patently poisonous shots, these doctors must now be held fully responsible for their odious wrongdoings and egregious malpractice.

Because of the sheer enormity and gravity of this Covid killshot crime wave, every collaborating medical doctor is now vulnerable to serious retribution, particularly from their awakening victims.  In some places around the world, vigilante justice has already been exacted with shocking effect.

Surely, both the Criminal and Civil Justice Systems will eventually be overwhelmed, if not paralyzed altogether, by the profusion of future criminal prosecutions and civil lawsuits.  And, anyone who points to the illicit legislation that was unconstitutionally passed by the US Congress known as the PREP Act, which granted total immunity from liability “if something unintentionally goes wrong” with the Covid ‘vaccines’, should be aware of this ruling handed down by the US Supreme Court in UNITED STATES v. THROCKMORTON.

To paraphrase that landmark SCOTUS decision, particularly where it concerns the administration of an injurious ‘vaccine’ by a physician: FRAUD VITIATES EVERYTHING.  Which means that there is now a whole new legal reality in light of the proven outright fraud committed by the Covid ‘vaccine’ manufacturers.  In so doing, those Big Pharma companies completely rendered the PREP Act null and void.  Furthermore, because there was also clear corporate intent to put toxic and detrimental ingredients in the injections, an immense crime against humanity has been carried out.

Therefore, any family doctor or physician specialist who participates in such a harmful fraud can be similarly held liable for all injuries sustained by their victims.  For it was the doctors and their staffs who injected the often lethal formulations.  Inevitably, both the ‘vaccine’ makers and the vaccinating medical personnel will be held fully responsible for all of the compensatory and punitive damages awarded under the law in the aftermath of this global depopulation scheme.


In light of the easily accessible VAERS data, it should have been apparent to every doctor that they were perpetrating an extremely hazardous series of highly toxic vaccinations which would inflict serious vaccine-induced injuries or, much worse, bring about vaccine-induced deaths (aka “homicide by physician”).

The COVID-19 ‘Vaccine’ Genocide Now
Confirmed By VAERS 2022 Year-End Data

Ignorance of the law — any legitimate and necessary law — is never a justifiable excuse for breaking it.  And, the greater the harm caused by transgressing certain laws, the greater the consequences will be.  The referenced universal, natural and scriptural law, of course, is “THOU SHALL NOT KILL”.  This most essential of the Ten Commandments should have been stated as: “Thou shall not murder”.

In other words, because doctors across America knowingly chose to remain in a state of willful ignorance about the extreme risks and dangers associated with the highly experimental EUA Covid shots, they unwisely exposed themselves to the punishments commensurate with such an unparalleled capital crime spree.

What else can be said about those countless genocidal doctors who profoundly violated their Hippocratic Oath except:

“If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime.”

While it’s quite unlikely that those doctors who systematically carried out their Covid killshot missions will ever see the inside of a prison cell, they will eventually end up in a HELLish penitentiary to suffer the karmas they inflicted on their countless biowar casualties.

A Covid ‘Vaccine’ Injury Consultant
State of the Nation
January 27, 2023

SOTN Editor’s Note: The doctors are so indoctrinated by Big Pharma, after spending their entire careers as nothing but “glorified pharmaceutical salesmen”, that they have completely lost their way.  Forget the once sacred Hippocratic Oath, physicians across the USA are merely the medical muscle employed by Big Pharma to conduct untold experiments on the American people over many decades.  Were those unsuspecting human guinea pigs to understand the degree of iatrogenic disease and death, harm and injury caused by their doctors, they would shut down every hospital and physician practice in the 50 states—YESTERDAY!!!

Iatrogenic defined as follows:

SOURCE: Iatrogenic


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