BREAKING: ‘Foreign, Dark Money Group’ CCDH Behind “Disinfo Dozen” Campaign Indirectly Funded by US Government

Written By: Sayer Ji, Founder

A TWITTER FILES bombshell just dropped revealing how a foreign, dark money group (CCDH) targeting the free speech of US citizens was indirectly funded by the US government, military, and tax-payers themselves. Moreover, CCDH is part of a vast Censorship Enterprise which knowingly called for the suppression of true stories and content related to injuries from the experimental mRNA jabs.

In a remarkable example of the media acting as a proxy for NGOs like the Center for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH), newly released emails show that the Financial Times gave Twitter until the end of the day to provide a “steer” on whether the so-called “disinformation dozen,” of which I am included, should be deleted from their platform as urged by CCDH.

The clear message in the email above from the Financial Times/CCDH: either Twitter delete the twelve accounts held by the so-called “disinformation dozen,” or brace for bad headlines. Incidentally, our 13-year old Twitter account was deleted only two weeks earlier immediately after I called out CCDH for publishing a digital hit list with my name on it. Moreover, CCDH’s campaign to deplatform 12 US citizens was revealed to be a  ‘faulty narrative, without evidence,’ on August 18th, 2021, when Facebook VP of Content Policy revealed that CCDH’s statistics were inaccurate by anastronomical margin of 300 fold. It should be noted that not a single retraction or correction from CCDH, a government agency, nor several thousand media outlets has occurred since this came to light.

Matt Taibbi, the four time NY Times bestelling author and American journalist, has done extensive reporting on the so-called TwitterFiles, revealing a ‘vast Censorship Industrial Complex’ at play between the US government, NGOs, and the commercial media, together which conspired against and succeeded in depriving countless US citizens of their first amendment rights.

Taibbi gave testimony on the subject to the House Judiciary Committee on March 9th, 2023, at the Hearing on the Weaponization of the Federal Government on the Twitter Files, summarizing his findings as follows:

“We learned Twitter, Facebook, Google, and other companies developed a formal system for taking in moderation “requests” from every corner of government: the FBI, DHS, HHS, DOD, the Global Engagement Center at State, even the CIA. For every government agency scanning Twitter, there were perhaps 20 quasi-private entities doing the same, including Stanford’s Election Integrity Project, Newsguard, the Global Disinformation Index, and others, many taxpayer-funded.

A focus of this fast-growing network is making lists of people whose opinions, beliefs, associations, or sympathies are deemed “misinformation,” “disinformation,” or “malinformation.” The latter term is just a euphemism for “true but inconvenient.”

Undeniably, the making of such lists is a form of digital McCarthyism.

Ordinary Americans are not just being reported to Twitter for “deamplification” or de-platforming, but to firms like PayPal, digital advertisers like Xandr, and crowdfunding sites like GoFundMe. These companies can and do refuse service to law-abiding people and businesses whose only crime is falling afoul of a distant, faceless, unaccountable, algorithmic judge.

As someone who grew up a traditional ACLU liberal, this mechanism for punishment without due process is horrifying.

Another troubling aspect is the role of the press, which should be the people’s last line of defense.

But instead of investigating these groups, journalists partnered with them. If Twitter declined to remove an account right away, government agencies and NGOs would call reporters for the New York Times, Washington Post, and other outlets, who in turn would call Twitter demanding to know why action had not been taken.

Effectively, news media became an arm of a state-sponsored thought-policing system.”

In Tweet 24 of yesterday’s TwitterFiles release, Taibbi revealed that this elaborate network of state-sponsored censorship was, in cases, tax payer funded:

“The difference is, these campaigns are taxpayer-funded. Though the state is supposed to stay out domestic propaganda, the Aspen Institute, Graphika, the Atlantic Council’s DFRLab, New America, and other “anti-disinformation” labs are receiving huge public awards.”

Remarkably, this tweet helps to answer an ongoing question as to who is behind the CCDH’s defamatory campaign to target US citizens like myself for villification, deplatforming, and threats of class action lawsuits; a campaign so powerful and well funded that it recruited 14 state attorney generals, the CEOs of Twitter, Facebook, and Google, the White House press secretary, the Surgeon General, and the president of the United States (Biden), as well as the entire world’s mainstream media outlets to attempt to cancel twelve US citizens. Watch our mini-documentary on this deplatforming campaign here.

Watch our mini-documentary on this deplatforming campaign here: VIDEO: Who’s Behind The Global Censorship Campaign of Natural Health News and Information and What We Can Do About It

Learn more about CCDH’s ‘Digital Hate’ Campaign against US citizens by reading: BREAKING: “Disinformation Dozen”: A ‘Faulty Narrative’ With No Evidence, Says Facebook, Despite 16,000 News Headline

CCDH, the ‘Foreign, Dark Money Group,’ funded by the US Government and Tax-Payers?

CCDH’s Chair of the Board, both in the US & UK, is Simon Clark, a resident senior fellow at the Atlantic Council’s Digital Forensic lab, which describes itself as an organization which “has operationalized the study of disinformation by exposing falsehoods and fake news, documenting human rights abuses, and building digital resilience worldwide.”

As you can see above in Table 2, the Atlantic Council is literally paid by the US government and defense contractors tax-payer money. This is all the more concerning given that the CCDH has been identified as meeting the Commission on Countering Extremism’s own definition of so-called “hateful extremists.” You can learn more about this by reading the investigate series here: The Center for Cancel Culture and Digital Hypocrisy Part 1 and Part 2, itself

CCDH’s suspect behavior, e.g. a foreign NGO producing a digital hit list and orchestrating the defamation and canceling of American citizens, was called out by Senator Josh Hawley on July 20th, 21, when he tweeted “For days now, the Biden’s Administration has said 12 people are “guilty” of spreading #COVID19 “misinformation” on social media. Who compiled this list for them? The Center for Countering Digital Hate. A foreign dark money group”.

Indeed, the answer has now been revealed, but strangely and sadly that “foreign” dark money group has domestic financial ties to the US government and it’s taxypayer base via the Atlantic Council, and perhaps still as of yet unknown actors.

BOMBSHELL: True Content About Vaccine Side Effects Targeted for Suppression

Perhaps even more newsworthy than a foreign influence operation to crush free speech being enacted against US citizens funded by their own government, is the revelation that a project called the “Virtality Project” created in partnership with Stanford Internet Observatory, NYU, University of Washington, to name a few, recommendced that multiple platforms take action against “stories of true vaccine side effects,” and “true posts which could fuel hesitancy.” [Tweet 32, March 9th TwitterFiles] Taibbi notes: “None of the leaders of this effort to police Covid speech had health expertise.”

In tweet 33 of yesterday’s TwitterFiles release, Taibbi writes: “This is the Censorship-Industrial Complex at its essence: a bureaucracy willing to sacrifice factual truth in service of broader narrative objectives. It’s the opposite of what a free press does.”

Indeed, what we see here is an unconscionable example of an agenda that I have been speaking out about since I created in 2007, namely, the underreported and unintended, adverse effects of medical interventions such as vaccination, and the intentional suppression of information on their risks, without which informed medical choice and consent is not possible, and the violation of our basic human rights inevitable. More specifically, I raised awareness about the anticipated harms associated with the mRNA jabs on Dec. 6th, 2020, reporting on the FDA’s “DRAFT Working list of possible adverse event outcomes” associated with the imminent rollout of COVID-19 vaccines subject to FDA safety surveillance, showing that death, as well as 21 other conditions (most of which are possibly life-threatening), are listed as possible adverse outcomes of the COVID-19 vaccines.

Source Article.

This attempt to warn the public, no doubt, put me and my organizations in the cross-hairs of an international agenda to suppress the speech of not only twelve named individuals, but literally millions who were later subject to both human-mediated and algorithmic suppression of their speech. Learn more at Stand for Health Freedom’s “More Than 12” campaign.

Below is a video excerpt from yesterday’s House Judiciary Hearing where Matt Taibbi and Michael Shellenberger, MD, expose how true stories of vaccine injuries were censored:  “They believe that ordinary people can’t handle difficult truths and so they think that they need minders to separate out things that are controversial or difficult for them.”

Ultimately, these latest revelations validate what millions around the world now know to be true: the mRNA experimental vaccine agenda has caused a massive submerged iceberg of vaccine injuries unacknowledged and even actively denied and suppressed by the media, government, corporations, and NGOs, where gaslighting and ‘blaming the victim’ continues to be the explicit policy upheld and distributed universally by the very organizations and institutions whose mandate or public relations positions are to do the opposite. Learn more about the true extent of mRNA vaccine injuries at the OPEN VAERS project.

The good news is that after many years of being villified, threatened, suppressed, and deleted from the internet, individuals like myself are finally being vindicated. We chose to put our necks on the line, early on, and despite being labeled “killers” and “dangerous conspiracy theorists” for simply advocating the precautionary principle, informed consent, parental rights, and the basic human right to bodily sovereignty, we have been shown to have been factually correct about a wide range of related issues. Best of all, instead of there only being handfulls of us, we are now joined by hundreds of millions who have been made aware of how things actually work behind the normally veiled inner corridors of power. Yet both the internet and human spirit are just too powerful to be controlled, forever, and eventually truth makes it into the light of day, no matter how hard even the most powerful individuals and groups in the world try to hide or suppress it.

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