Colorado Senate Bill 163: Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccine Passes Health Committee on a Sunday, Curiously No Media Report

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This is what you WON’T see on mainstream media. It’s by design my friends to just slip this one under the radar.

Coming to a state near you 👀👀👀

On a SUNDAY afternoon they passed this…

On Sunday June 7th, Colorado worked to pass bill SB-163, pushing through health committee, effectively eliminating exemptions for vaccines. Covid-19 vaccine, along with the Flu and HPV will be mandatory. Many are surprised that it passed based on powerful testimonies given. Next steps are assembly and senate before being signed into law.

Did you see this on MSM? Of course not.

Colorado Senate Bill 163:
🔺Removes religious exemption for vaccinations.
🔺Requires students to take Flu, HPV and COVID-19 vaccine once released.
🔺Puts children into a database.
🔺Forces parents into taking an “education model.”
🔺Removes legislative process of mandating future vaccines (including covid).
🔺Gives all future power to the Health Department.

The writing is so clearly on the wall. There are 200 more patented vaccines waiting to be pushed through!! 🤑💵

Once all vaccines are mandatory, we will have ZERO say over our bodies and our children’s bodies. And it’s happening now!

— You’re pro vax, but don’t do the HPV.
— You’re pro vax, but want to spread them out.
— You’re pro vax, but delay MMR.
— You’re pro vax, but this Covid vaccine scares you.
— You’re pro vax, but don’t do the flu shot.
— You’re pro vax, but don’t do adult shots.
— You’re pro vax, but are for freedom of choice.

Now it won’t matter, you will be FORCED to do them.

Now is your time to step up and say NO.

Start fighting for everybody’s RIGHT TO CHOOSE for their own family based on their individual needs.

Your right to educate your children in the public education system. Your right to homeschool your children. Your right to bodily autonomy!

I am fighting for everyone’s right for informed consent. For their GOD given right to their OWN BODIES, and for medical FREEDOM.

Forced drugs for everyBODY is not okay. Where there is risk there must always be choice.

Vaccines are a liability free product! Meaning IF something bad happens, companies are NOT held responsible.


Colorado, and every other state, now is the time to show up and UNITE!

Even Alan Dershowitz changed his tune on mandatory COVID vaccines once he realized they are not safety-tested on children and seniors…only on super healthy individuals which don’t represent the larger actual population. But I bet you didn’t hear that on the news.

Thank you for sharing these words Lauren, I couldn’t agree more.

#Righttochoose #medicalfreedom

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