50 million Americans May Die This Fall From Taking Karen Vax (Video)

June 15, 2020 https://youtu.be/mQGhH1q9Zrg

Narrator: Fauci, Bill Gates, they’re pushing this mandated vaccine. What would happen if they were successful in this current vaccine schedule, and in mandating it?

Dr: If they were successful in mandating it for everyone, at least 50 million Americans would die probably from the first dose.

Narrator: And they know this. You’re saying they know this?

Dr: They know this because those are the contaminant, those are the vaccine injured. 50 million Americans have the gamma retroviruses we discovered that we’re coming through vaccines in a contaminated blood supply, and these are the clinical symptoms we’re seeing, and so they are going to bury the evidence, kill the victims, and call it COVID19.

They know this, and that’s why he’s in such a hurry to do it. Once it’s in there you can’t get it out of there, and these are the victims, these are our military, these are our first responders, these are our lab workers, and our health care workers, they will be the first victims.

Narrator: This is criminal.

Dr: It is criminal. There are 100 vaccines on the schedule, and 110 planned, and never have they been tested together, and when they combine them, they combine the contaminants, they add more contaminants because for instance there’s a vaccine called TWINRIX hepatitis A and hepatitis B. They don’t develop them together, which is the right way to purify. They just make one, make the other, and throw them in the machine. They never look at what the interactions are.

01:38 mins They never consider the blood pressure medicine, and all the other medicines the elderly are on. No elderly person should ever get a vaccine of any kind. In fact, nobody should get a vaccine of any kind if they want to be healthy in this country, and that’s what I hope President Trump will just – a five year moratorium on all vaccines until the vax/unvax study, until every safety test is done, everything, and that’ll take a lot longer than five years, and you know what we’ll get, huh, we’ll get healthy kids, we’ll get our lives back. We’ll realize healthy people don’t make healthy people sick.

The following is based on a small scale study [2,000 people]. Dr. Hooker wants CDC to do a large scale vaxed/unvaxed study drawn from their massive data bank, which may be Judy Mikovits referred to in the above video.

Environmental Biologist, Brian Hooker PhD, who has published over 60 peer reviewed scientific articles, shares data from his newly published study comparing the health of vaccinated kids to unvaccinated kids. https://youtu.be/57a9Psb59IU


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