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Eugenics and Capitalism

[We are pleased to announce that our book, 7 Steps to Global Economic and Spiritual Transformation, is now available online at Amazon and at Barnes and Noble.] Given the daily reports of massive global deaths from war, starvation, and poisoning of our air, water, food, and medicine, one would think that a vast majority of people would begin to catch on to a key objective of the .000001% who pull the strings at the top of the planetary power pyramid.

(Left to right) David Rockefeller and George H.W. Bush,
both of whom used the term “New World Order” to describe their cabal.

Perhaps it is difficult for most folks, who see themselves as moral beings, to imagine how amoral beings—sociopaths and psychopaths (and here)—see the world. As we have noted (here and here), the principle objectives of those who operate the criminal corporate crime syndicate that controls most of the world can be summed up in this simple mnemonic: power, profit, propaganda, and population reduction. Often, specific strategies of the Anglo-Euro-American banking cartel and its corporations incorporate more than one and sometimes all of these objectives.

For example, take the war in Syria, a sovereign nation that controls its own central bank and currency, possesses substantive oil deposits, and, presumably, has its fair share of gold bullion. Looking only at public documents from the U.S. government and statements from its embedded corporate executives, one can trace the financiers’ goal to take down this nation back to 1949. The cartel’s “reasoning” for this objective has not changed in the subsequent 69 years.

To successfully build a corporate empire that counts formerly sovereign nations as its assets, consolidation of power is essential, and the means by which capital gains power over labor is via private control over money creation and the call of the fake value of interest on collateralized assets, the value of which is derived from actual labor. While the initial profit derived from monetizing time by charging compound interest for credit (advances on future labor) is the poison pill of the cartel’s parasitic strategy, profiteering on war, healthcare, education, and energy, as well as on armaments, are not only welcome supplements to compounded interest income, they are also additional means of stealing the income of labor, promulgating PSYOPS, and substantially reducing global population. Thus, the current war crimes perpetrated against Syria fulfill all cartel’s objectives at once: military power that pays no heed to international law; profiteering on armaments; promulgating lies regarding gas attacks and other false-flag incidents; and slaughtering millions.

(Left to right) Thomas Malthus and Karl Marx

But the depopulation agenda of and the use of eugenics by the .000001% is much broader than just producing war casualties; it goes back, as a historical issue, to Thomas Malthus’ 1798 book, An Essay of the Principles of Population. Basically, Malthus framed the issue as geometric population growth versus the arithmetic growth of food supplies. This was later disputed by Karl Marx—who characterized the issue as one defined by ownership of the means of production and distribution; in other words, scarcity is manufactured—but the financiers’ interests are better served by promoting Malthus’ faulty suppositions (and herehere, and here). It was fifty years after Malthus’ musings on population when Charles Dickens created the character of Ebenezer Scrooge, who represented the central bankers as being formally on record for suggesting that the poor should die, “… to decrease the surplus population.”1

As it turns out, the principal funding for population reduction via eugenics, comes from the U.S., just as does the use of war to achieve the same purpose. As we have often noted, this is because the Federal Reserve System prints currency (private bank notes called “Federal” Reserve Notes) for the world’s largest economy, which also serve as the world’s reserve currency (for 80% of global transactions, despite its declining use for such, and 58% of selective drawing rights [SDRs]). The Fed has only been audited (partially) once in its 105 years of existence, which accounts how it is used as the printing press to surreptitiously buy up key assets and governments. One of the key families who own the Fed is the Rockefellers, the other is the Rothschilds.

The Rockefeller Foundation was founded the same year that the Federal Reserve System
was underhandedly approved by Congress, during Christmas recess

A Google search of “Rockefeller + eugenics” turns up plenty to choose from. It’s worth noting that John D. Rockefeller commissioned the Flexner Report, that created the AMA, which the Rockefellers essentially control, along with the pharmaceutical and insurance industries. The Rockefellers also funded Joseph Mengeles before he worked for the Nazis, as part of Hitler’s “Final Solution” to “the Jewish Problem,” exterminating millions. Since the UN (begun with major funding from the Rockefeller Foundation) and the CIA (which, when it was created from the OSS after WWII, doubled in size with the addition of former Nazi agents) control population statistics, and they are both public sector subsidiaries of the cartel, it’s difficult to know what population statistics are currently valid, but the .000001% is definitely reducing the population by all possible means at its disposal, while pretending, like Malthus, that population is the problem, rather than, as Marx pointed out, the issue being forced scarcity.

In Chapter 5 of his seminal work, Seeds of Destruction: The Hidden Agenda of Genetic Manipulation, William Engdahl traces the implementation of the Rockefellers’ vast depopulation scheme:

    • The chapter begins with sterilization experiments on unknowing populations, mostly on peoples of color in the third world, beginning in the 1920s in Puerto Rico.
    • Following this, the Rockefeller Foundation then began funding for Planned Parenthood, created by Margaret Sanger, a eugenist and racist who railed against “inferior classes,” and was obsessed with “how to limit and discourage the over-fertility (sic) of the mentally and physically defective.” (Later, in 1933, the head of the Nazi Physician’s Association, Reichsärzteführer, Dr. Gerhard Wagner, praised Sanger for her stringent racial policies asking fellow Germans to follow her model.)
    • From 1922 to 1926, the Rockefeller Foundation donated, through its Paris office, $410,000 to fund hundreds of German eugenics researchers.
    • In 1926, it awarded $250,000 for the creation of the Berlin Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Psychiatry. That was the equivalent of some $26 millions in 2004 dollars. The leading psychiatrist at the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute at that time was Ernst Rüdin, a man who went on to a career as the architect of Adolf Hitler’s systematic program of medical eugenics. The Rockefeller-financed Rüdin was named President of the world Eugenics Federation in 1932. Their platform was openly advocating the killing or sterilization of people whose heredity made them a public burden.

Adolph Hitler
    •  He wrote, “There is today one state in which at least weak beginnings toward a better conception of
      • • Hitler personally was a great enthusiast of American eugenics (as funded by the Rockefeller Foundation), praising US eugenics efforts in 1924 in his tome,

    Mein Kampf immigration

      are noticeable. Of course, it is not our model German Republic, but the United States.”
      • • By 1940, thousands of Germans from old age homes (

    as is happening today in a different manner in the U.S.

      ) and mental institutions had been systematically gassed, as had been advocated twenty years earlier in the United States by Popenoe, if with limited success. In 1940, just back from a tour of the German eugenics institutes, Leon Whitney, Executive Secretary of the Rockefeller-funded American Eugenics Society, declared of the Nazi experiments, “While we were pussy-footing around … the Germans were calling a spade a spade.”
      • • In 1942, in the German Nazi eugenics journal

    Der Erbarzt

      , edited by Otmar Freiherr von Verschuer, advocated a “total solution to the Jewish problem.” In 1936, still receiving Rockefeller funds, Verschuer was called to Frankfurt to head a newly established Institute of Genetics and Racial Hygiene at the University of Frankfurt. The largest of its kind, the Frankfurt institute was responsible for the compulsory medical curriculum on eugenics and racial hygiene.

Otmar Freiherr von Verschuer
    • Von Verschuer’s long-time assistant was Dr. Josef Mengele, who headed human experiments at the Auschwitz concentration camp after May 1943. Von Verschuer was delighted when Mengele, who won the name, “The Angel of Death” for his deadly experiments on human prisoners, was put in Auschwitz. Now their scientific research could continue uninhibited.
    • Never one to place principle before pragmatism, the Rockefeller Foundation ceased its funding of most Nazi eugenics, but not until the Nazis invaded Poland in 1939. By that time, what had been established with their money over a period of more than 15 years was consolidated. After the war, old Nazi friends managed to whitewash Verschuer’s Auschwitz past, for which all records had been conveniently destroyed.
    • In 1949, Verschuer was named Corresponding Member of the American Society of Human Genetics, a new organization founded in 1948 by leading eugenicists hiding under the banner of the less-disgraced name, genetics. The first president of the American Society of Human Genetics was Hermann Josef Muller, a Rockefeller University Fellow who had worked at the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Brain Research in 1932.
    • Part of von Verschuer’s re-packaged identity was a position he got after the war with the newly-created Bureau of Human Heredity in Copenhagen. The Rockefeller Foundation provided the money to found the new Danish office where the same eugenics activities could be more quietly advanced. The Bureau of Human Heredity received a letter from von Verschuer mentioning that he had the results of Auschwitz research moved to Copenhagen in 1947, to the care of Danish Institute Director, Tage Kemp, also a member of the American Eugenics Society.

John D. Rockefeller III
    • In 1931, John D. Rockefeller III joined the board of the Rockefeller Foundation itself. There, eugenicists like Raymond Fosdick and Frederick Osborn, founding members of the American Eugenics Society, fostered JDR III’s interest in population control.
    • In 1937, Osborn personally praised the Nazi eugenic program as the “most important experiment which has ever been tried.”

Frederick Osborn
    • John Foster Dulles, then chairman of the Rockefeller Foundation and later Dwight Eisenhower’s Secretary of State, played a key role in establishing John D. III’s new Population Council along with Osborn, first director of the Council.
    • Over the following 25 years, the Rockefeller Population Council would spend a staggering $173 million on population reduction globally, establishing itself as by far the most influential organization to promote the eugenics agenda in the world.
      • • Rockefeller shrewdly repackaged his discredited eugenics race and class ideology as “population control.” Instead of focussing on domestic issues such as American poor immigrants or the mentally challenged, he turned his sights on the entire developing world, a vast sea of humanity which stood between the Rockefeller family and the realization of their ambitious postwar designs for

    a new American Century

      (the term used by those who called for and planned 9-11).
    • The strategists around the Rockefeller eugenics organizations explicitly set out to pursue the same agenda as essentially von Verschuer and the Nazi eugenics crowd had, but under the deliberate strategy of what they termed “crypto-genetics.” The key American proponent of hiding the eugenics nature of their work under the name “genetics” and “population control” was Rockefeller’s head of the Population Council, Osborn. Osborn pointed to studies indicating that, with the proper approach, “less intelligent” women can be convinced to reduce their births voluntarily. “A reduction of births at this level would be an important contribution to reducing the frequency of genes which make for mental defect.”
    • The architect of the American reshaping of the elitist eugenics agenda into the new garment of population control was, again, Osborn, who faced a significant problem after the Second World War: the very name eugenics had been thoroughly associated in the public mind with Nazi racist extermination programs, the definition of a Master Race and other human atrocities.
    • Osborn proposed a change in packaging. Eugenics was to be mass-marketed under a new guise. Instead of talking about eliminating “inferior” people through forced sterilization or birth control, the word would be “free choice” of family size and quality.
      • • Publicly, Osborn appeared to purge eugenics in the postwar era of earlier racism. In reality he applied the racism far more efficiently to hundreds of millions of darker-skinned citizens of the Third World. Osborn also secretly held the office of President of the infamous white-supremacist Pioneer Fund from 1947-1956. Among other projects the Pioneer Fund supported highly controversial research by a dozen scientists who believe that blacks are genetically less intelligent than whites, according to a December 11, 1977 article in

    The New York Times

    • Among recipients of Pioneer Fund money was Stanford University Nobel laureate, William Shockley, who advocated forced sterilization of all persons with an IQ below 100. He got more than $1 million in research funds from Osborn’s Pioneer Fund.

William Shockley
      • • Rockefeller’s Population Council gave grants to leading universities including Princeton’s Office of Population headed by Rockefeller eugenicist, Frank Notestein, a long-time friend of Osborn, who in 1959 became President of the Rockefeller Population Council in order to promote a pseudo-science called demography. Its task was to manufacture projections of horrifying statistics of a world overrun with darker-skinned peoples, to prepare the ground for acceptance of international birth control programs. The Ford Foundation soon joined in funding the various Population Council studies, lending them an aura of academic respectability and above all, money. Today,

    the Gates Foundation has become a key advocate and contributor for a variety of vaccines

      that are destroying health at the altar of Big Pharma profits.
    • Less than a decade after the revelations of eugenics and Auschwitz, population control was again becoming fashionable in certain American elite circles of the 1950’s. It was a testimony to the power of the US establishment to mold public opinion and encourage fears of exploding populations of poor, hungry peasants around the world.

Fast forward to 2018

By installing an actor with a well-polished image of instability in the White House, along with well-coordinated PSYOPS in the mass and social media, the financiers are creating the illusion that Trump and his xenophobic, racist followers are responsible for the cartel’s increasingly murderous strategy. As the cartel has freely admitted during a more forthcoming and arrogant time—when the Robber Barons flaunted themselves in the Guided Age—these are planned distractions:

Donald Trump

“We must keep the people busy with political antagonisms. We’ll therefore speed up the question of (fill in the blank) within the Democratic Party; and we’ll put the spotlight on (fill in the blank) [for] the Republican Party. By dividing the electorate in this way, we’ll be able to have them spend their energies at struggling amongst themselves on questions that, for us, have no importance whatsoever.” —US Bankers magazine, 1892 (Sarah E. Van De Vort Emery, Imperialism in America: Its Rise and Progress, Emery & Emery, 1893, pp. 71-72, as quoted in the Chicago Daily Press)

In addition to this purposefully divisive script that Trump is following, population reduction is being carried out on multitudinous fronts, ordered by those who control the privately held holding companies much higher up the food chain.

Here’s a short list, with many more examples readily available:

Poisoning the food chain

    • • Let’s start with the most obvious, since this involves multiple ingestions of various harmful chemicals on a daily basis. Even the so-called “organic” grocers are controlled by the cartel and used to enable this crime against humanity:

Whole Foods Quietly Halts GMO Labeling Requirements

5G EMF bombardment

      • • Publicly available military and civilian intelligence documents note experiments going back many decades that involve the use of concentrated electromagnetic propagations to affect the physical and mental well-being of large-scale populations:

    5G is a Sterilization & Eugenics Program

     (Video), posted on May 20, 2018 by State of the Nation.

SES SERCO “WET-WARE” Soft Kill Plan Is Happening

5G from Space

US Patent 6506148 B2 Confirms Human Nervous System Manipulation Through Your Computer & TV

5G Health Hazards: Factual Microwave Radiation Research

Cell Phone Companies Warning Shareholders of Harm Caused by Cell Phone and WiFi Radiation Exposure

Planned Obsolescence of Health

FCC Chair, Ajit Pai to Congress: No Wireless Exposure Risk Even Though FDA’s $25M Study Found Exposure Causes Cancer. 5G Cell Tower Installation Continues.

Cancer Link Confirmed in Largest Ever Cell Tower Radiation Study

Veteran MD Drops Bombshell At Michigan’s 5G Small Cell Tower Legislation Hearing

Bay Area city halts 5G development over health concerns

Senator wants FCC to prove 5G wireless technology is safe

Senator Calls Out Feds, Demands Answers on 5G-Cancer Link

Britain’s First Court Case Against 5G — And The People Won

Trump Looks to Nationalize 5G

US, China Compete to Build World’s First Nationwide Cyber-Gulag

Mill Valley, California, blocks 5G cell tower implementation

Polarization: A Key Difference between Man-made and Natural Electromagnetic Fields, in regard to Biological Activity

Scientists call for a moratorium on 5G citing potential serious health hazards from its use

5G Roll-Out Facing $1 Trillion Class Action Lawsuit

Brussels Becomes First Major City to Halt 5G Due to Health Effects

Geneva blocks the erection of 5G mobile antennas

5G Opposition Increases in the Pacific Northwest

5G as a Globalist Tool

5G Was Tested in Russia on Humans & Animals with Disturbing Results

Japan abandoned the development of 5G networks for the health of citizens

We Have No Reason to Believe 5G Is Safe

Kalamata, Greece Joining Other European Cities in Suspending 5G Deployment

5G Roll-out Facing $1 Trillion Class Action Lawsuit

Google, Facebook, Neuralink Sued for Weaponized AI Tech Transfer, Complicity to Genocide in China and Endangering Humanity with Misuse of AI

Brussels and Geneva ban rollout of 5G for health reasons and call for investigation

Scientific American, the Oldest US Monthly Magazine, Issues Chilling Warning on 5G

Switzerland’s Environmental Agency Restricts 5G Deployment and Calls for Studie  (and here)

The 5G Trojan Horse (Documentary)

A History of Electricity and Life—Radiation Sickness Explains All Past and Present Flu Outbreaks

5G AirGig: What is It and Should You Be Worried?

How Surveillance and 5G Are Being Fast-Tracked Under the Pretext of Fighting Coronavirus

Slovenia Halts 5G To Investigate Health And Safety

This Particle Physicist Believes that 5G Is a Directed Energy Weapon Designed for Control

Explains 5G Propagation Into Every Orifice of the Head

5G isn’t the only trigger for COVID-19 infections, 4G is an even bigger culprit

Nigerian Senate Asks Federal Government to Suspend 5G until Health and Safety Risks Are Investigated

Submissions to FCC on Human Exposure to 5G

Canadian Experts Call for Halt to 5G Due to Health Issues

Hawaii County Council to Vote on Resolution Banning 5G Until Independent Studies Prove It’s Safe

1984 EPA Report Reveals Major Health Hazards from Exposure to Cell Phone and WiFi Radiation

Studies show cell phone towers inflict significant damage to trees and human healthHomelessness, shredded safety nets, and euthanasia of the aged and infirm

As noted in many of our posts, the central bankers who control the Federal Reserve System have crashed the economy of the U.S. and much of the world on the average of once every five plus years since their private central banking system was created in 1913. The cartel uses the term “business cycle” to fool the public into thinking that such crashes are an unavoidable part of any economic system, which is a lie, as we prove in Step 4—Making money a public utility through sustainable economics—of our book, 7 Steps to Global Economic and Spiritual Transformation. Then, the sociopaths and psychopaths at the helm of the cartel’s death ship shame those whom they have displaced and discarded, claiming that those they have marginalized are unemployed by choice.

Source: Keystone Research Center based on National Bureau of Economic Research data
      • (and while the Trump circus distracted us and the corporate mass and social media promulgated fabricated optimistic statistics regarding the state of the economy,

    key peer-reviewed studies here

      ) clearly show that the gap between the 1% and the rest of the world is growing at an unprecedented rate. The financiers’ irrational, but rationalized “business cycle,” steals the assets created by labor, and has now transformed much of the world’s economy into a highly stratified system, where the executive and managerial class of the cartel’s puppets rule over specialized forms of labor and its adjuncts—including machines, computers, robots, and artificial intelligence—while the rest of humanity is identified as “useless eaters,” soon to be exterminated.
      • • While the Trump circus distracted us,

    37K eviction notices went out to nursing homes in Louisiana

      , mimicking the Nazi extermination of those living in nursing homes and mental institutions during the Third Reich.

Cancer, vaccines, and suppressed medicine

As detail above, in excerpts from William Engdahl’s and our own research, the Rockefellers’ control the AMA, Big Pharma, and the insurance racket. We are now beginning to see legally prescribed and required injections of “vaccines,” which contain known pathogens.

Chemotherapy Fails Almost 97% of the Time Yet Doctors Still Recommend It, Why?

Shocking New Study Shows Half of Cancer Patients are Killed by Chemotherapy, Not Cancer

Cancer Institute Finally Admits Marijuana Kills Cancer

Molecular Biologist Explains How Cannabis Kills Cancer Cells

CDC Report: ‘Breast Milk Inhibitory Effect On Vaccine’

U.S. Opposition to Breast-Feeding Resolution Stuns World Health Officials

Rockefeller Foundation Sued: $1 Billion For Infecting Citizens With Syphilis

ID2020 and partners launch program to provide digital ID with vaccines

The American History Of Compulsory Vaccination and its Ties to Eugenics

Homeland Security Stockpiling Billions of Dollars of Experimental VaccinesThe manipulation of the weather and weather-as-a-weapon sold as climate change

    1. • While the burning of fossil fuels is clearly having an effect on the climate, there is a large elephant in the room that no one is talking about and that must be addressed first: scientific method and empirical reasoning require that all relevant data must be considered. However, no “climate scientist” has ever mentioned weather modification and weather as a weapon, despite the fact that

the U.S. government has published various documents detailing the development and use of these weapons


The original HAARP array in Alaska.
      1. • In the late ’90’s, the EU Parliament asked the U.S. to come clean on HAARP, which is used to warp the ionosphere and move the jet stream, thus providing a mean to re-route weather cells. The Canadian Broadcasting System produced a documentary on HAARP around the same time. Also at this time, the U.S. Air Force published its white paper on “

    Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025

    1. • For a more detailed look at weather-as-a-weapon, see our posts, “

Weather modification, climate change, catastrophic events, and advanced weapons technology

      1. ” and

    U.S. Government Weather Modification and Weaponization Assessment

      1. • While awareness of these programs among the general population has increased since 2015, when the U.S. government and the U.N. admitted to the use of these weapons, the intelligence assets that control corporate media are still attempting to convince folks that: chemtrails are actually contrails, extreme weather (weather-as-a-weapon) is caused by global warming; and,

    contrails are causing global warming

      1. • Another aspect of chemtrails is that

    they are “legal” biological weapons


Population reduction via sterilization and abortion

Exposing the Global Population Control Agenda

The U.N. is a party to world population reduction

In this light, the seemingly irrational actions taken by Trump and his “cabinet” are actually the naked face of fascism dressed up as an aberration. The cartel is rubbing our faces in our own annihilation. Their actions belie any presumptions they make concerning their own entitlement, as they alternately describe themselves as the Illuminati, the best and the brightest, the smartest people in the room, the New World Order, etc. Rather, their delusions of grandeur are just one more symptom of their sociopathology. Their lack of consciousness in their right brain disconnects them from the fundamental unity of the universe; thus, in such dis-integration, they are planting the seeds of their own self-destruction.


By its very nature, capitalism engenders and embraces eugenics because it is a system that necessarily elevates a small group of financiers and their minions to power at the expense of labor, which is eventually marginalized and culled. Those at the top of the power pyramid justify these crimes by imagining themselves as superior beings, using technology that they claim is a benefit of capitalism as examples which they believe turn their tautological errors into truth; instead, such “reasoning” actually provides a perfect example of their sociopathology and inversion of values, as it was credit, not capitalism that produced these assets. That this credit was extended in a capitalist system is why most of the assets ended up in the possession of the 1%.

For example, in their system based on private control over money creation, one way to increase profits is to automate production via machines, computers, robots, and artificial intelligence. In such a system, as automation becomes widespread, unemployed labor is characterized as “surplus eaters” who must be killed off.

On the other hand, if money were a public utility, then reducing the work week, a long-time human objective, would provide folks with more time to focus on the personal aspects of evolution that are required at this juncture in human history, which is explored in detail in our new book.

# # #

1 Dickens’ character, Ebenezer Scrooge, is a usurer in the City of London (the private financial district in the U.K.’s capital city), from A Christmas Carol, Dickens’ personal favorite among all his works. He toured and read this novella in the U.K. and the U.S.

[We are pleased to announce that our book, 7 Steps to Global Economic and Spiritual Transformation, is now available online at Amazon and at Barnes and Noble.]


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