Deep State Launches an All-out COVID-19 Bio-attack on the White House!

26 Now Infected In White House Covid Outbreak As Photos Show Glimpse Of Trump’s Hospital Stay

We strongly suspect Saturday will forever be remembered for the controversy surrounding White House Chief of Staff’s “off-the-record” comments to the White House press corps. The backlash was predictably intense – and revealing: it prompted Ryan Lizza and a handful of his colleagues to ‘out’ Meadows en masse, and somehow triggered a flurry of morbid rumors, attributed to “anonymous” senior administration officials, claiming Trump’s condition was “much more serious” than the administration was letting on, leading to percolating suspicions that Trump might be on his death bed.

Vaity Fair’s Gabe Sherman led the pack with this snippet of “reporting”.

That led to rumors that Trump would somehow try to tap Ivanka to lead the country in the event of his incapacitation, bypassing the 25th amendment.

In response, the White House rallied Trump to appear for a 4-minute speech where he explained that him getting ill was simply fate, and that as president, he had a responsibility to stay out front, and in the public eye, not simply hide out in the White House.

Critics tore apart the footage, and within 30 minutes of the video’s publication, amateur film analysts had zeroed in on one editing break where a cough was clearly edited out.

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