Was Biden really reading form a special teleprompter-like contact lenses?!

Biden May Have Been Reading Answers From Special Teleprompter-Like Contact Lenses

by Jeff Rense

While pondering what Creeper Joe’s two pieces of revealed wiring and electronics were doing to assist him in the ‘debate’ with Donald Trump, the idea of him being able to read a statement, or a changing script,  that can appear right on a contact lens he was wearing came up.  Some quick research produced one of  several stories about this very technology.   One story in ‘GIZBOT’ from December 13, 2012 that discussed  exactly how such contact lenses technology was already being developed back then.

The article is titled…
Contact Lenses That Can Display Text Messages
https://www.gizbot.com/tech- biz/new-contact-lenses- technology-for-receiving- textmessage-009392.html

Here’s an excerpt…

“Belgian scientists have invented a new technology by which text messages from phones can be projected directly to the contact lenses placed in the user’s eyes. The telegraph reported that the centre of Micro-systems Technology at Ghent University has invented the spherical curved display which can be embedded within contact lenses that can receive messages through wireless technology. “

Now, remember that was nine years ago. Let’s fast forward through those years to this article from WIRED, January, 2020, titled…

The Display of the Future Might Be in Your Contact Lens
https://www.gizbot.com/tech- biz/new-contact-lenses- technology-for-receiving- textmessage-009392.html

Note…The advancement of this technology is very likely far beyond that which is revealed in the WIRED article.   Here’s an excerpt…

“One of my favorite demo apps is Speech. Using only my eyes, I opened a prewritten speech, scrolled through it, and read it aloud. This app alone opens up a myriad of possibilities. Imagine sitting in a taped interview but, instead of looking at notes, you can pull up your next question with a flick of your eye without having to look down.  Or if you’re filming a video, you may not need to shoot multiple takes because the script is in the dead center of your eye.  Who needs teleprompters? “

Who needs  teleprompter, indeed…

So, with some practice and a big pre-debate dose of Methamphetamine to jack up and focus his degenerating brain function, the Creeper could have been pharmaceutically ‘energized’ enough to read the text in his contact lenses well enough to sound quasi-functional.  And that is very likely what may have happened.  How else could he go from a nearly babbling, vapid, demented, deranged idiot who just recently said on the camera, ‘Hey, everybody, I’m Joe Biden’s wife’…to a boring, semi-competent debate participant…

seemed as ‘competent’ as his did during the ‘debate.’


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