Here’s what THE GREAT SCAMDEMIC has taught US.

COVID Taught Us: We Have No Human Rights

(Masks are mandatory everywhere in spite of being useless. 

The #Scamdemic is about CONFORMITY, not health.) 

The focus on why the coronavirus is a hoax 

and the tests are bogus, misses the point. 

The point is that the Illuminati bankers are 

deliberately destroying civilized society. The

“virus” is just a means to an end: A Communist

satanist world police state, i.e. the NWO.  

by Henry Makow PhD

The MSM is always talking about “human rights.”  

But only sexual and ethnic minorities have them, in order to sabotage and dispossess the majority.

Have you ever seen the MSM defend the “human rights” of Christians, heterosexuals, anti-vaxxers, or people of European descent?

Even COVID observes these laws. It infects Trump rallies but not BLM protests, truly a Communist virus.

I won’t sugarcoat this: Everyone who doesn’t serve the Illuminati will be dispossessed or worse.

Ultimately, “sustainable development” means substantially reducing the world’s population. An orchestrated nuclear war during Trump’s second term may accomplish this goal.

The COVID hoax has taught us that our government and MSM do not represent us. They represent the Illuminati — a satanic cult led by the world banking cartel –that regards humanity as redundant. 

They want us to be less of a burden on the world’s natural resources. Their world is a paradise for them but a nightmare for everyone else. This is their Agenda 30. 

(Solzhenitsyn confronted the Satanists in Russia)

The COVID hoax teaches us that we are essentially powerless. We have no human rights. They can destroy our livelihoods, force us to wear useless face diapers, tell us where to stand, and restrict travel. They can impose restrictions if we want to buy food.

The object is to teach us that we are powerless and must obey. The object is to train us like animals. Then they will introduce mandatory vaccinations that may poison us, reprogram our DNA, and identify if we are compliant or not.

We need to organize and demand our human rights. We need to flood our traitorous politicians with demands for:

  1. Freedom of speech
  2. Freedom of Information.
  3. Freedom of assembly.
  4. Freedom of belief & worship.
  5. Freedom of movement.
  6. Freedom from forced vaccination.
  7. Freedom from restrictions due to opting out of vaccinations.

These are human rights. They are given to us by God, not by subverted and corrupt governments.

They can’t take them away. But unless we fight for them, they will be gone permanently.


Mankind is the prize in an eternal battle with Satan.

God’s Plan is for human beings to know Him, become more God-like, and create Heaven on Earth.

Satan wishes to tear up God’s Plan, deny the Creator even exists, and whittle down the human race to Satanists and their servants.

God’s Plan is for humans to manifest their Divinity.

Satan’s Plan is for humans to be domestic animals.

We have lost our identity: God is our True Identity. But we can only know this by serving Him.

We are the prize.

Will we be like our Creator and flourish?

or like Demons and destroy ourselves?

We’ve reached the tipping point.


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First Comment from C

This news just came to my attention from the comments section of Garth Turner’s blog and I thought that I’d share it with you–note the sequence of the published dates:

Isolation Centres were approved in Toronto on July 2, 2020:

The Toronto Isolation Centre was officially opened September 12, 2020:

The Toronto Isolation Centre is the first of its kind in Canada. Tenders are now being accepted for Service Providers to manage Quarantine / Isolation Centres IN ALL PROVINCES. Just in case you miss it, the closing date for tenders is October 19, 2020:

It’s just my opinion, but no matter what pleasant words are used–whether ‘voluntary’, or ‘comfortable’, or ‘safe’–the reality is that these facilities are quite simply CONCENTRATION CAMPS. I’d like to say that the world’s gone mad, and to a certain degree it has, but it’s becoming obvious that the real madness is soon to come–unless people start waking up very fast.


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