Why was Democrat Steve Scully even chosen to moderate the 2nd POTUS debate, especially after Tweet fiasco?!

“Fix” – Trump Slams Next Debate Moderator As “Never-Trumper” After Tweet Debacle


Update (1135ET): President Trump has jumped into the discussion, and rightly so, blasting Scully as a “Never-Trumper” and calling the debates a “fix”…

This follows Scully’s deletion of his clearly unintended public tweet (which some Democratic operatives have attempted to claim was a ‘hack‘).

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As Summit News’ Steve Watson noted earlier, Steve Scully, the C-SPAN employee chosen by the Commission on Presidential Debates to moderate the second presidential debate (now in jeopardy), has a long history of anti-Trump tweets and comments. During his college days, he even interned in the Senate office of Sen. Joe Biden.

But in a strange tweet that may have been intended as a direct message, the next presidential debate moderator asked former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci for advice about whether to “respond to Trump.”

CSPAN’s Steve Scully was recently chosen to host the debate, which now won’t be happening as scheduled, prompting Trump supporters to monitor his activity more closely.

On Thursday night, Scully tweeted out the weird question directed at Scaramucci, to which the former comms director responded “Ignore. He is having a hard enough time. Some more bad stuff about to go down.”

Neither Scaramucci nor Scully have further commented on the tweet at time of writing.

Other Twitter users wondered what the hell this was all about:

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