OPERATION TERRORIZE IRAQ: A Trumpian Scheme Defined by a Series of War Crimes Staged in Iraq with Imperial Objectives


SOLEIMANIgate is just one of a Series of Black Operations
and Psyops Executed to Blow Up the Shia Crescent, Over-
throw the Iraqi Government, Maintain the U.S. Occupatio
of Iraq, Push the Greater Israel project and Thwart China’s
Belt and Road Initiative in the Middle East.  All of these Warmongering Schemes make up Operation Terrorize Iraq.
The Neocon Zionist’s Main Goal is Regime Change in
Tehran in 2020.

 — Intelligence Analyst & Former U.S. Military Officer

State of the Nation

President Trump has always wanted to steal Iraq’s oil (see tweet above).
Well, now we have proof from the Iraqi Prime Minister’s own testimony
that Trump wanted the oil and much more.  And that Trump was willing
to do whatever he had to to successfully coerce the courageous PM including
assassination. See: Repugnant U.S. Presidential Perogative: Declare Enemy
Leaders Terrorists, Assassinate Them via Predator Drones

The back story to Trump’s transparent war crimes actually goes much deeper than multiple illegal assassinations; it actually concerns the complete decapitation of the entire military field leadership of Iran and Iraq responsible for the neutralization of ISIS.

Rarely does this raw truth leak out, but the Zio-Anglo-American Axis will not tolerate anyone messing with their ISIS terror groups and countless terrorist cells.  Hence, Trump, acting as an agent of the real ISIS (ISRAELI SECRET INTELLIGENCE SERVICE), issued warnings to the Iraqi prime minster that served to blow wide open SOLEIMANIgate.  As follows:

Iraqi Prime Minister Indicts Trump for Murder One and State-Sponsored Terrorism

Every day that goes by reveals more about the complex and convoluted plot being carried out by the Trump administration to keep Iraq as a feudal state.

There are several reasons for this bellicose foreign policy being implemented throughout Iraq.  Not only will President Trump never speak about these, he has done his level best to deceive the American people as he misrepresents himself as a peacemaker when he is, in reality, a hardcore warmonger. See: Trump Illegally Waging Undeclared War in Iraq with Israel


Trump’s unveiled deceitfulness and treachery are best illustrated by his signature scandal known as SOLEIMANIgate.

Because Trump himself was the star of his own reality show — SOLEIMANIgate — his role from start to finish reveals him to be an extraordinary CON MAN.  A con man whose presidential actions have had awesome consequences for the entire Middle East.

The following 3 previous exposés lay bare the perfidious conduct that Trump is guilty of.  Until now he was able to always worm his wayout of his nefarious deeds.  This time, however, his own words and actions incriminate his as no other POTUS in history has ever done.

SOLEIMANIgate Blown Wide Open

SOLEIMANIgate: Was Trump blackmailed or bribed to assassinate the Iranian hero? Or, was he a willing co-conspirator in the murderous plot?

BLOWBACK COMING: The Illicit Assassination of General Qasem Soleimani by Trump Was an Act of War and Epic Blunder

The preceding photo says it all about Trump.

His MOSSAD handlers obviously staged the photo-op so that his base of Trumptards would be energized by his ‘cool demeanor’ in the aftermath of his cold-blooded assassination of the Iranian hero … who really defeated ISIS.

In hindsight, it’s now clear that Trump’s SOLEIMANIgate scandal was an extremely calculated black operation designed to remove a HUGE obstacle for the Neocon Zionists who want to conquer Iran.

Trump’s brash and illicit assassination of the Iranian Major General speaks volumes about what Trump is willing to do for his Zionist masters in Israel.  Shamelessly murdering the single greatest warrior who wiped out ISIS, while Trump himself claimed to do so, will define his disastrous legacy as it will inevitably produce some catastrophic instant karma.

Not only did Trump own the despicable killing of general Soleimani, he reveled in it as few world leaders have ever done in human history.

Shia Crescent

That his masters in Tel Aviv would order Trump to perpetrate such a heinous war crime is quite telling about the real mission.  Vastly disrupting the peace-making in the Shia Crescent that had been taking place was a primary Israeli goal.  For it is the Shia Crescent that poses the greatest threat to Israeli dominance in the Northern Levant.

Clearly, the Zionists know that a military and/or economic alliance between Iran and Iraq ultimately spells disaster for the apartheid state.  They also know that the systematic militarization of the Shia Crescent will introduce existential threats to Israel that cannot be tolerated by the grand poobahs in Jerusalem.

This is exactly why the MOSSAD, CIA and MI6 implemented the black operation and psyop now known as SOLEIMANIgate.  While it was a HUGE gamble, the perps knew they had a lot to lose were Tehran and Baghdad to make common cause.

As the following comment makes abundantly clear, Trump’s main mission in all of this was to blow up the Shia Crescent, and, boy, has he done that.

There is no greater danger to American domination than the Shia Crescent so Trump knew he had to pull out all the stops to wreck and ruin the ongoing peace initiatives.  With one twisted masterstroke he wrecked it all right, along with any hope of reconciliation with any of the profoundly aggrieved state actors in the region.

China’s Belt and Road Initiative

Make no mistake about it: Trump is being used majorly to shut out China from every market on Earth.  That especially means the highly lucrative redevelopment of the Northern Levant and North Africa battlegrounds that have been devastated by the U.S. Military and other Western Powers.

Toward that end, Trump has already proven that he will use his C.I.A. to overwhelm the once orderly city of Hong Kong into a perpetual protest battlefield.  Similarly, Trump has moved thousands of troops into Iraq over the past months with the intention of showing the Iraqi government that they should not even think about becoming a sovereign state on his watch.

Of course, the primary issue for the United States is the multi-billion dollar deal that Iraq signed with China.  That particular agreement cemented China’s place in the redevelopment of the shattered nation as well as advanced their intercontinental Belt and Road Initiative.  Disaster capitalism Yankee-style is not supposed to work that way.  The Yanks knock it down; they’re supposed to rebuild it on their terms not according to the host country.  Certainly, the world community of nations has suffered through that dynamic over the past 100 plus years as the Washington Consensus evolved and American Exceptionalism became de rigeur.

Trump appears to be so emboldened by his own brand of predatory capitalism that he feels he can threaten heads of state with assassination.  Only the Khazarian Mafia gets away with such chutzpah and hubris. See: Trump Threatened to Kill Iraqi PM and MoD Unless He Canceled China Agreement


Trump’s highly misguided and ill-fated warmongering in Iraq will bring ruin upon him, his presidency and his legacy.  That he has recklessly spoken and written about stealing Iraq’s oil only throws more fuel on the conflagration he just foolishly started.

Because he was selected to be installed as POTUS by Neocon Zionists domiciled in both Israel and the USA, he now has no choice but to MIGA, not MAGA.  His campaign contributors have him over a barrel right now because of how much he needs them for his re-election.

All the prosecutions launched against Trump since his election, both legitimate and fraudulent, are specifically designed to keep him on the Zionist reservation.  Should he attempt to leave and not follow through on his secret contractual obligations, Trump will face the wrath of the Khazarian Mafia.

Therefore, the American people can expect President Trump to become more erratic and tyrannical and out-of-control.  His handlers will use him during this final year of his term to destroy the American Republic while he “Makes Israel Great Again”. See: THE INCREDIBLY DANGEROUS TRUMP DECEPTION

State of the Nation
January 12, 2020


ISIS praises US murder of Iranian general Soleimani as ‘divine intervention’ that will help them rise again


[1] Trump’s own tweet

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