SOLEIMANIgate: Here’s how the ‘former’ Never Trumpers ganged up on Trump and won.

President Trump Likely Ambushed To “Prevent Another Benghazi”

Ed.’s note: We were waiting for better analysis than from what we’ve seen so far about the US assassinating Iran’s General Qasem Soleimani. Again, it looks as though President Trump has been ambushed. Now we see again in stark reality just how much criminal treachery is going on in Washington. A cesspool of deception, double dealing, criminal behavior, backstabbing and political corruption on an industrial scale.

Israel’s Fingerprint Are All Over the Assassination of Qasem Soleimani

SOLEIMANIgate: Was Trump blackmailed or bribed to assassinate the Iranian hero? Or, was he a willing co-conspirator in the murderous plot?

Source: Richard’s Writings

Trump drone crime was urged by Graham and McConnell — why?


Donald Trump was lured into killing Gen. Soleimani by Paul Singer’s Senate Republican club once led by John McCain and now led by Lindsey Graham and Mitch McConnell.

Both of these secretly anti-Trump Singer Senate Neocons were in the room hard-selling Trump on “not Bengazi” faster-than-thought retaliation by drone assassination with the sweetner that Israel was now providing it’s exclusive intelligence that Soleimani was planning to kill a U.S. Ambassador and that Trump, by pre-emptively killing Soleimani through this golden but short-lasting window of opportunity, could save an ambassador whereas Clinton had allowed one to die. IT WAS A SINGER STING. TRUMP WAS RUSH SOLD ON MAKING A FATAL FOREIGN POLICY BLUNDER.

Trump thinks Lindsey Graham is his best Senate friend on impeachment and his most informed source for post-Bolton foreign policy advice. But Graham was McCain’s sidekick and both McCain and Graham are owned by anti-Trump and “Never Trump” hedge-fund billionaire and arch-Zionist-hawk Paul Singer.

It was the very day after the election that Paul “Never Trump” Singer met with the new president and — was it with fingers crossed behind his back? — agreed to “make nice,” fooling Trump completely, and that was the day that both Graham and McConnell changed from publically hard anti-Trump to fake “best-friend-in-the-Senate” Trump “team members, “all the while an anti-Trump sleeper agent, now trying to sabotage Trump in the expected Senate trial, by insisting on trial rules that exclude the calling of witnesses so that the defense cannot expose the fraud, bias and perjury, even the conspiracy, of Trump’s accusers in the Shift House hearings.

Now these same false friends, Graham and McConnell, have advised Trump to unwittingly commit political suicide with a drone assassination of the man who really did defeat ISIS in Syria.

It was a dirty trick and now very hard for Trump to escape having swallowed the bait hook and all.

Focused on avoiding a second “Bengazi” Trump was suckered into his very own “WE-CAME-WE-SAW-HE-DIED” WAR CRIME AND MAD ACT. Too bad for us, because Trump really was our only effective protection against Deep State,[Peter Dale Scott] Soros, Singer organized crime and China’s asymmetrical warfare. Too late have we awakened to what’s going on.


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