D.C. Descends Into Near Total Insanity

Goleta, CA
January 24, 2020

by Rich Scheck

Like the spreading virus from China, Trump Derangement Syndrome has descended full-blown into the bowels of the White House itself.

It is now difficult to discern who is more crazed, Adam Schiff or Trump himself.

Truth has evaporated from all considerations of policy in the surge to see who can be more divisive and partisan during the current impeachment frenzy.

Schiff’s distortions and obscene Russiaphobia are matched by Trump and Pompeo’s besotted version of reality regarding Iran, Iraq and Syria with threats of assassination now ostensibly including Putin and Xi. http://themillenniumreport.com/2019/03/the-secret-back-story-behind-the-outright-treason-of-adam-schiff/

No wonder the folks in West Virginia are reaching out to their neighbors calling for secession.

The extreme irrationality in domestic politics we see with gun confiscation echoes the blurred focus of those in DC whose foreign policy has gone “off the rails!”

Whereas Schiff appears to be pathological in his perverted twisting of the truth about the Zelensky phone call, the Bidens complicity in criminal behavior and all things Russian, Trump has come close to matching him, especially when it comes to Iran.

His latest antics mimic Hillary’s famous bragging about the death of Gadaffi when he recounts in ghoulish detail to the delight of his financial backers at a recent Mar-A-Largo fundraiser the assassination of Iranian General Soleimani earlier this month. http://www.realjewnews.com/?p=1419

It’s bad enough President Trump has refused to comply with Iraq’s request to remove our troops from their country or to stop stealing Syria’s oil. This latest gesture of apparent glee at murdering an international figure that risks escalating regional tensions takes his conduct to a whole new level of impropriety.

Between the Trump Deranged Democrats and Deranged Trumpsters like Pompeo and Trump himself, the public is left with little room for anything short of dread at the fate of the Nation.

We have reached a point of extreme peril that is not likely to be resolved by either the impeachment process or the 2020 election 10 months from now. It may very well be that America has finally reached the breaking point and that secession both individually and by local communities like we see unfolding in Virginia is the only sane outlet for building a free and healthy society.

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